March 18, 1901


Robert Laird Borden (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. BORDEN (Halifax).

The chairman of that committee should be in a position to give sufficient time to have the committee meet at least twice a week. I brought the matter to the attention of the hon. gentleman last week, and 1 understood that we were to have regular meetings that often. If the hon. member lor Guysborough is not able to give the necessary time to call regular meetings of the committee possibly some other mode may be found of dealing with the matter. Perhaps he could appoint some one to act as his deputy when he is compelled to be absent from the city, or is not able to And time to deal with the matter himself. But if we are to expedite the business of the House, we must have arrangements made for calling this committee, and we cannot accept as an excuse the statement that the hon. member for Guysborough is prevented from dealing with it. Although I am ready on all occasions to make all reasonable allowances. the hon. member for Guysborough, who is a personal friend of mine, we must

have some one as chairman of the committee who is prepared to deal with it. I have heard this excuse given on his behalf, not only in this parliament, but in former parliaments. All I ask is that whoever is chairman of that committee will give sufficient time to it, so that we shall not have to stand up in this House and inquire day after day why meetings of the committee have not been called. I do not want to be put in the position to have to cast reflections on the hon. member for Guysborough or anybody else ; but I do desire that meetings of that committee shall be called, and called regularly, and I think the right hon. leader of the House and the hon. Minister of Finance will agree with me that in asking that I am not asking anything unreasonable. I would also like to ask whether we are to continue the debate from day to day for the present. I understand that we are.


Motion agreed to, and House adjourned at 10.30 p.m.

Tuesday, March 19, 1901.

March 18, 1901