May 23, 1901

and Tignish Train Accommodation : Ques. (Mr. Hackctt) 3450 (ii).

See 'P. E. I., &o.' Sunny Brae and Country Harbour Ry. Subsidy: prop. Res. (Mr. Blair) 5300 ; in Com. on Res., 5472 (ii).


Supply B.

Subtopic:   CXX1V INDEX.

Stratford P. O.@

, Salary of Postmaster, 5458 (ii). McGrady, H. A., Salary, 5459 (ii).

Mail Service, 501 (i).

Miscellaneous, 501 (i).

Train Porters, Appnmt., 5401 (ii).

Subtopic:   CXX1V INDEX.


Committee-Con. Collection of Revenues-Con. Public Works : .. Harbours, Docks and Slides, &c., 3535 (ii). Slides and Booms, St. Maurice District, 5767. Telegraph Lines of Eastern Provs., 3535 (ii). Telegraph Lines of Yukon, &c., 4303 (ii). Weights and Measures, Gas, &c.: Further Amount required, 4936 (ii). Salaries of Officers, Inspectors, &c., 3864, 4935 (ii). Dominion Lands-Capital: Further Amount for Surveys, 5450 (ii). General Vote, 1371 (i). To build Fence, Ridingstone and Milk River, &c., 5451 (ii). .. To complete Surveys, 4925 (ii). Dominion Lands-Income : Board of Examiners, Dom. Land Surveyors, &c., 1387 (i). General Vote, 4921 (ii). Inspectors' Salaries, &c., Timber Agents, &c., 1374 (i), 4925 (ii)% _ Contingencies, 1387 (i). . Patents for Railway Land Grants, 1388 (i), 5450 (ii). Tree Culture and Protection of Timber Lands, 1338, 2670 (i). Dominion Police: Canal Protection Service, 4636 (ii). Excise. See 'Collection of Revenues.' Fisheries : Biological Laboratory in Georgian Bay, 5197. Can. Fishery Exhibit, 314 (i). Cold Storage for Bait for Deep-sea Fishermen, 315 (i). . Fish-breeding. Establishments, &c., 310 (i). Fisheries Protection Service, 312 (i). Fish Hatcheries, B.C., 4588 (ii). Whitefisn Hatchery, N.W.T., 5197 (ii). Legal Expenses, 313 (i). Oyster Culture, 314 (i). Salaries, &c. of Fishery Officers, 294 (i), 4587. Seizure of Can. Sealing Vessels by Russian Cruisers, 5197 (ii). Gas and Electric Light Inspection: Purchase of Electrical Instruments, 5778 (ii). Geological Survey: Compiling of Surveys, &c., 5315 (ii). Govt, of North-ivcst Territories : Expenses of Exhibit at Pan-American Exposition, 4918, 5456 (ii). Grants for Schools, &c., 1368 (i), 5782 (ii). Insane Patients, 1367 (i). . School in unorganized districts, &c., 1367 (i). Govt, of the Yukon Provisional District: Salaries and Expenses of Administration, 1369. Further Amount required, 4918 (ii).

See * Yukon. ' Immigration: Agents' Salaries, Can., G. B,, and Foreign Countries, 4818 (ii). Contingencies, Agencies, &c., 4869 (ii). Gratuity to Mrs. D. L. Cavan, 4916 (ii). Indians: British Columbia: _ Industrial and Boarding Schools, 2772 (i). Miscellaneous, 2773 (i). Indian Dept., General, 2774 (i). ^ Allowance to J. A. Macrae, 4935 (ii). Manitoba and N. W. T., General Expenses, 2771 (i). General Vote, 2761 (i). SUPPLY-Con. Committee- Con. Indians- Con. Manitoba- Con. Grist and Saw-mills, 2771 (i). Industrial Schools, &c., 5321, 5447 (ii). Purchase of LiveStock for Reserves, 5320 (ii). Relief to Indians, 4933 (ii). New Brunswick, Medical Attendance, 2760 (i), 4932 (ii). Miscellaneous and Unforeseen, 2761 (i). Relief and Seed Grain, 2760 (i). Salaries, 2759 (i). Nova Scotia, Salaries, 2758 (i). Seed Grain, 2758 (i). Ontario and Quebec: Blankets and Clothing, 2753 (i). Caughnawaga Mission House, Repairs, &c., 5319 (ii). ^ _ Indian Lake Management Fund, 2755 (i). Legal Expenses, 5320 (ii). Medical Attendance, 2753 (i), 4930 (ii). Oka Indians, Removal, 2754 (i). St. Regis, Salaries, 2754 (i). Lock-up, 2756 (i). Survey of Reserves, 2755 (i). Yukon : Education, &c., 5449 (ii). Inspection of Staples: Additional Amount for Salaries, 4938 (ii). ^ Expenses of Grain Inspection, &c., 4936, 5779. Grain Commission, Montreal, 4936 (ii). Purchase and Distribution of Grain Standards, 3865 (ii). Insurance : General Vote, 323 (i). Justice, Administration of: Circuit Allowances to Judges ad hoc, 2647 (i). Divorce Court Judge, N.B., 5778 (ii). Enforcement of Alien Labour Law, 2648 (i). General Legal Expenses, 4634 (ii). Miscellaneous, including N.W.T., 2647 (i). Supreme Court, R. G. Davis' Salary, 5777 (ii). Travelling Allowances, Man., 2647 (i). Legislation: House of Commons : Contingencies, &e., 194 (i). Franchise Act, Printing of Voters' Lists, 5310 (ii). General Yote, 4640 (ii). Increases to certain Officers, 546(5 (ii). Newspapers, Additional Amount for, 54(54. Printing, Additional Amount for, 5464 (ii). Printing and Binding of Laws, &c., 3910 (ii). Publishing Debates, 195 (i). Sergeant-at- Arms' Estimates, 196 (i). Voters' Lists, 3910, 5310 (ii). Provincial Voters' Lists, 3911 (ii). Senate : Salaries, &c., 5782 (ii). Sessional Indemnity, Senator Ross, 5781 (ii). Lighthouse and Coast Service : Agencies, Rents and Contingencies, 279 (i). Construction of Lighthouses, 282, 286 (i). Improvements to St. Lawrence Navigation, &c., 5188 (ii). ^ Lower Traverse Light, &c\, 5187 (ii). Lurcher Shoal Lightship, 284 (i). Maintenance, &c., 282 (i). Maintenance and Repairs to Lighthouses, 280. Middle Ground Lighthouse, &c., 5187 (ii). St. Lawrence Navigation, Improvement, &c., 4585 (ii). . Salaries and Allowances to Keepers, 270 (i). Salaries of Temporary Officers, &c., 284 (i). Wharf Repairs, 289 (i).


SUPPLY-Co??. Coil MITTEE-Con. Mail Subsidies and Steamship Subventions: Annapolis and London, 4789 (ii). Baddeck, Grand Narrows and Iona, 4788 (ii). Can. and Great Britain, 4771 (ii). Can. and South Africa, 4788 (ii). Great Britain and P.E. L, 4787, 5776 (ii). Halifax and Canso, 5776 (ii). Halifax, St. Johns, Nfid., and Liverpool, 477*2. Manchester and Canada, 5768 (ii). P.E.I. and Great Britain, 4787, 5776 (ii). Quebec and Blanc Sablon, &c., 5767 (ii). Quebec to Lower St. Lawrence Ports, 5777 (ii). St. Croix River Points and St. Stephen, N.B., 5767 (ii). St. John, Dublin and Belfast, 4773 (ii). St. John and Glasgow, 4773 (ii). St. John and Liverpool, 4772 (ii). St. John, &c., and London, 4781 (ii). St. John, <fec., West Indies and South America, 4783 (ii). Sydney and Bay St. Lawrence, 5768 (ii). Victoria, B.C., and San Irancisco, 4787 (ii). Marine Hospitals : Louisburg, 5194 (ii). Sick Seamen, 293 (i). Militia-Capital : Anns, Ammunition, &c., 5314 (ii). Govt. Cartridge Factory, 5892 (ii). Rifle Ranges, 3787 (ii). Militia- Income : Annual Drill, 3406, 3421, 4346 (ii). Clothing and Necessaries, 3771, 4350 (ii). Defences of Esquimalt, 3785, 5313 (ii). Dom. Rifle Association Grant, 5313 (ii). Extension of Ry. to Rockcliffe Rifle Range, 4348 (ii). Government Cartridge Factory, 3784 (ii). Grants to Associations, 3774 (ii). Gratuities, &c., 4353 (ii). Halifax Piovisional Garrison, 5314 (ii). Militia Properties, 3436, 5313 (ii). Monuments for Battlefields, 5314 (ii). Pay, Allowances, &c., 3383 (ii). Provisions Supplies and Remounts, 3772 (ii). Royal Military College, 3782, 4351 (ii). Salaries and Wages, 3435, 4347 (ii). Transport and Freight, 3774, 4638 (iil Warlike and other Stores, 3439, 4351 (ii). Work Point Barracks, 4352, 5314 (ii). Miscellaneous : Academy of Arts, 3452 (ii). Arbitration re Out. and Que. Accounts, 3452. Assay Office, B.C., 5783 (ii). Astronomical Work of Interior Dept., 4928. Observatory, Telescope, &c., 5784 (ii). Canada Gazette, 3448 (ii). Canada Temperance Act, Expenses re, 3449. Canadian Law Library, London, Eng., 4637. Chinese Commission, 5311 (ii). Compensation to N. W.M.P. for Injuries, 3447. For Relief to destitute Half-breeds, 5311. Compensation to Win. Purdy, 4928 (ii). Distressed Canadians in Eoreign Countries, Relief, 2698 (i). Dominion Statutes, Consolidation, 2667 (i). Engraving, &c., of Dominion Maps, 5452 (ii). Expenses of Hon. Win. Muloek to Australia, _ 4638(H). Gibson, Jas., Payment to, 462 7 (ii). Half-breeds Claims Commission, 4929, 5453. Interest on Amounts contributed to Superannuation Fund by Messrs. Ryan and Kelly, 5312 (ii). ' Interior Dept., Litigation, 2099 (i). SUPPLY-Con. Committee-Con. Miscellaneous-Con. International Boundary, Demarcation, Ac 5454 (ii). International Catalogue of Scientific Literature, 3453 (ii). Keewatin Govt., Expenses, 2G98(i). Maintenance of Lunatics, 26 18 (i). Labour Gazette, 3787, 4789 (ii). Legal Expenses re 'The King vs. British American Bank Note Co., 5457 (ii). -77- 'Qu'Appelle vs. The King,' Costs, 5451. Litigation of Justice Dept., 4342 (ii). Maintenance of Roads, Banff, 2698 (i). Nelson, H. A., Refund to, 4626 (ii). N.W.T. Exhibit at Buffalo Exposition, 4918, 5456 (ii). Paper Combine, Judicial Inquiry, 5783 (ii). Paris Agency. Salaries, Ac., 3449, 4342 (ii). Parliamentary Guide, Purchase of Copies, 5457. Plains of Abraham, Purchase, 5809 (ii). Printing Bureau, Additional Plant, 5456 (ii). Printing Dr. Rand s English-Micmae Dictionary, 5456 (ii). Printing, Miscellaneous, Ac., 3448, 4626 (ii). Privy Council Records, Classifying of, 3453. Seed Grain to Settlers, 4927 (ii). S. A. War Maps, 3787 (ii). Survey of Boundary between B.C. and Yukon, 2699 (i). To pay J. Beatty, Gratuity, 5312 (ii). To provide Aid to Cottage Hospitals, N.W.T,, 5155 (ii). York, Duke of, Provision re Visit to Canada. 5457 (ii). Mounted Police: Clothing, Arms. Ac., 3444 (ii). General Service, 4622 (ii). New Buildings and Repairs, 3447 (ii). Pay of Force, 3442 (ii). See Yukon. Ocean ami River Service: Cattle I nspection. 268 (i). General Vote, 210 (i), 4584 (ii). Govt. Steamers, Repairs, Ac., 4584 (ii). Long Point Life-saving Station, 5187 (ii,. Marine Biological Station, 266 (i). Masters and Mates, Examination, 259 (i). Registration of Shipping, 261 (i). Rewards for saving Life, 260 (i). Steamer to replace the Bayfield, 5185 (ii). Steamer to replace the Druid, 5186 (ii). Tidal Services, Ac., 262 (i). Unforeseen Expenses, 268 (i). Winter Mail Service, 265 (1). Penitentiaries: Dorchester, 2650 (i). Generally, 2649 (i). Kingston, 2649 (1). To pay John Me Kay, 4635 (ii). Regina Jail, 2650 (i). St. Vincent, de Paul, 2649 (i). To pay Hector Pussier, 4636 (ii). Pensions : Fenian Raid Pensions, 4639 (ii). Post Office, See 'Collection of Revenues.' Public Works-Capital: Buildings: Ottawa Astronomical Observatory, 5767 (ii). . See * Miscellaneous Astronomical/ Military Stores, 911, 1173 (i), 4390 (ii). Parliament Buildimm, Addition, 5673 (ii). Royal Mint, 5672 (ii). V ictoria Memorial Museum, 5681 (ii). Yukon, Dawson Public Building, 5672 (ii). INDEX. cxxvii SUPPLY-Con. SUPPLY-Con. Com m ittkk-Con. Committee-Con. Public Works- Capital-Coil. Public Wbrks-Income-Con. Harbours ami Rivers: Buildings-C'On. Port Arthur, Breakwater, 5087 (ii). Rents, re] airs, &c.: Port Colborne, Harbour Improvements, 1207. Ottawa, Dominion Buildings, 3112 (ii). Rainy River, Lock and Dam, 5686 (ii). Labour Dept., 4392 (ii). River Kaministiquia, 1205 (i). Gas and Electric Light, Sc., 3152, St. Andrews Rapids, 1205 (i). 4398 (ii). . St. Lawrence River Ship Channel, 1173 (i). Heating, Sc., 3130 (ii). Miscellaneous : Rideau Hall, 3147, 4391 (ii). Trails. Reads and Bridges in Yukon, 5764. Salaries of Caretakers, &e., 3153 (ii). Telegraph Lines: Telephones, 4392 (ii). Port Simpson via Port Essingtou to Hazel- Yukon, 5763 (ii). ton, 5687 (ii). Dredging, 5758 (ii). Quesnelle-Atlin, &c., to Manson Creek, 5687. B.C., 3516, 4402 (ii). Public Works-Income: Maritime Provinces, 3521 (ii). Buildings : Out. and Quebec, 4400 (ii). British Columbia: New Plant, 3516, 5758 (ii). Kamloops, Public Building, 3097 (ii). Nelson, Public Building, 3097 (ii). Repairs, &c., 3515 (ii). Harbours and Rivers: New Westminster, Public Building, 3097, British Columbia: 4392 (ii). . , Columbia River, Improvements above Rossland, Public Building, 3099 (n). Golden, 3514 (ii). Vancouver, Drill Hall, 8100 (ii). Fraser River, Channel Improvements, &c.. William's Head, Second Disinfecting 3514 (ii). Chamber, 3106 (ii). Skeena River, 3515 (ii). Generally : Manitoba and General Repairs, 4399 (ii). Construction of Armouries, 5697 (ii). Lake Manitoba, Outlets, 3513 (ii). Experimental Farms, Generally, 3106 (ii). Salaries to Resident Clerks of Works, &c., Lake Winnipeg, Wharf, 3513 (ii). Maritime Prow, General Repairs to Har- 3106 (ii). hours, &c., 349 (i). Surveyor General's Offices, 5700 (ii). New Brunswick, 5705 (ii). ' Manitoba: Back Bay. Wharf Extension, 3473 (ii). Winnipeg, Fublic Buildings, 5697 (ii). New Brunswick : Bav du Vin, Wharf Extension, 3473 (ii). Burnt Church, Wharf, 3473 (ii). Marysville, Public Building, 5688 (ii). Campobello (Wilson's Beach) Breakwater, Richibucto, Publ.c Building, 5088 (ii). 3473 (ii). St. «T( hn, Immigrant Building, 1242 (i). River St. .Tohn, including Tributaries, 3495, Nova Scotia: 5706 (ii). Ariehat Public Buildings, 5087 (ii). St. John Harbour, Negro Point Break- Halifax, Drill Hall, 5687 (ii). water, 3495, 4399 (ii). Groynes at Base of Fort Dufferin, 5706. Public Building, 1240 (i). Lunenburg, Public Build mg, 4390 (ii). Nova Scotia: Abbott's Harbour, Beach Protection Clinton, Public Building, 51595 (ii). Works, 3153 (ii). Deseronto, Public Building, 2547 (i). Amagadus Pond, Wharf, 5701 (ii). Kingston, Military Buildings, 5097 (ii). Beaver River, Wharf Extension, 3153 (ii). Military College, 2547 (i). Big Bras d'Or, Wharf Repairs, 3154 (ii). London, Drill Hall, &c., 2547 (i), 5691 (ii) Boularderie Centre, Wharf, 3154 (ii). Ottawa: Canada Creek Breakwater, New Block, Major's Hill Park, 5695 (ii). 3154 (ii). Public Buildings, 2553 (i), 5692 (ii). Cape Negro Island, Breakwater Repairs, Paris, Public Building, 4391 (ii). 3154 (ii). Picton, Public Building, 2554 (i). Chebogue, Harbour, 3154 (ii). Sault Ste. Marie, Public Building, 5692 (ii). Cheverie, Breakwater, 3151 (ii). St. Thomas, Drill Hall, 2555 (i), 5693 (ii). Clark's Harbour, Breakwater, &c., 3163. Sarnia, Public Building, 2555 (i). Coiueauville, Breakwater, 4398 (ii). Ingonish, North Bay, Breakwater, 4398. Toronto, Dom. Buildings, &c., 2562 (i), 43'.*2 (ii)- Neil's Harbour, Breakwater, 3163 (ii). Toronto Junction, Public Building, 5691. Parker's Cove, Wharf, 4398 (ii). Windsor, Drill Hall, 2564 (i). Parrsborough, Wharf. 3163 (ii). Woodstock, Publi ? Building, 2566 (i), 5692. Beach Protection Works, 3163 (ii), Quebec: Buckingham Public Building. 1243 (i). Porter's Lake, Dredging, &c., 3160 (ii). Scott's Bay, Repairs to Pier, 3174 (ii). Drummondville, Public Building, 1243 (i). Grosse Isle Quarantine Station, 4391, 5689. Windsor, Harbour, <fec., 3175 (ii). Ontario: Levis, Public Building, 5690. Blind River, Wharf, 5743 (ii). Montreal Custom House, 5691 (ii). Bronte Harbour, 5729 (ii). Post Office, 5088 (ii). Bruce Mines, Wharf, 5730 (ii). [DOT] Burlington Channel, 5731 (ii). Public Buil lings, 5689 (ii). Quebec, Immigrant Buildings, 5688 (ii). Cobourg, Harbour, &c., 3500 (ii). Post Office, 5688 (ii). Collingwood, Harbour Improvements, 3500. Colpoy's Bay, Extension of Pier, 3504 (ii). Roberval, Immigrant Building, 4391 (ii). St. Hyaointhe, Dri.l Hall, 5690 (ii). Depot Harbour, Breakwater, 5731 (ii). Victoriaville, Public Building, 2547 (i). General repairs to Harbours, &c., 3506 (ii).

cxxviii SUPPLY-Com. Committee-Con. Public Works-Income-Con. Harbours and Rivers-Con. Ontario-Con. Goderich Harbour, Dredging' 3504 (ii). Harwood, Wharf, 5757 (ii). Hawkestone, Wharf, 430!) (ii). Indian River, Dredging, &c., 5732 (ii). Leamington, Pier, 3507 (ii). Meaford Harbour, Dredging, &c.,3507 (ii). Oakville, East Pier Repairs, 5743 (ii). Owen Sound Harbour, Dredging, &c., 3*00 (ii). Penetanguishene, Dredging, 5757 (ii). Point Pelee Island, Wharf, 3509 (ii). Port Eurwell, Harbour Improvement, [DOT] 3500, 4300 (ii). Presqu' lie, Wharf, &c., 5750 (ii). Providence Bay, Wharf, 3510 (ii). Rondeau Harbour, Dredging, 3511 (ii). Repairs to Pier, 3511 (ii). Sault Ste. Marie, Harbour Improvements, 5732 (ii). Sheguiandah, Landing Pier, 3511 (ii). South Nation River, Improvements at the Pitch-off, 3512 (ii). Sydenham, Dredging, 5733 (ii). Toronto Harbour, Eastern Entrance, &e., 3512, 5734 (ii). Wendover, Wharf, 5740 (ii). Wiarton Landing Pier, 3513 (ii). Prince Edward Island : Cascuinpee Harbour, 3461 (ii). General Vote, 3460, 5705 (ii). Hurd's Point, Repairs to Pier, 3462 (ii). Miminegash Breakwater, &c., 3462 (ii). New London, Breakwater, 3465 (ii). Rustico (South), Repairs to Pier, 3465 (ii). Souris, Knight's Point, Strengthening Breakwater, 346 (i). Smnmerside Harbour, Breakwater, 3471 (ii). Tignish, Breakwater, &c., 3472 (ii). West Point, Extension of Pier, 3472 (ii). Wood Island South, Extension of Breakwater, 3472 (ii). Quebec : Father Point, Landing Pier, 3407 (ii). General Vote, 3408 (ii). Hull, Landing Pier, 3498, 5707 (ii). Isle aux Grues, Wharf, &c., 5707 (ii). Lake Temiscamingue, Dredging, 5709 (ii). Levis, Graving Dock, 5700 (ii). Magdalen Islands, Breakwater, 3498 (ii). Murray Bay, Extension of Wharf, 5709 (ii) Riviere aux Renards, Pier. 3498 (ii). St. Alexis, Baie des Ha ! Ha !, Pier, 3408. St. Emilie, Wharf, 4390 (ii). St. Jerome, Lake St. John, Wharf, 3498. St. Lambert, Protection Wall, 3499 (ii). Sorel, Deep Water, Wharf, 3499, 4701 (ii). Tadousac, Repairs to Wharf, 3500 (ii). Three Rivers, Deep Water Wharf, 5709 (ii) Yukon : Lewes and Yukon, River Improvements, &c., 5764 (ii). Miscellaneous : Chief Architect's Office, Salaries, &c., 3531. Chief Engineer's Office, Salaries, &e. 3530, 5761 (ii). Clerical Assistance, 5758 (ii). National Art Gallery, Ottawa, 3530 (ii). Surveys and Inspection, 3530, 4103 (ii). Telegraph Service, Salaries, &c., 3531 (ii). To cover insufficient Appropriations for Works, 3534 (ii). SUPPLY-Con. Comm ittee- Can. Public Works-Income- Con. Roads and Bridges : Des Joachims, Reconstruction of Bridge, 3523 (ii). Ottawa, Maria Street Bridge, 3528 (ii). Ottawa River and Rideau Canal Bridges, &c., 4402 (ii). Slides and Booms : St. Maurice River, 927 (i), 3523 (ii). Telegraph Lines : Belle Isle Extension, 3528 (ii). British Columbia, 3529 (ii). Quarant ine: Cattle quarantine, 3084 (ii). Compensation for slaughtered Hogs and Sheep, 3084 (ii). Public Health, &e., Salaries, &c., 3083, 4610, 5182 (ii). Tracaclie Lazaretto, 2867 (i). Tuberculosis, Prevention, &c., 3084, 4611 (ii). Winnipeg and St. Boniface Hospitals, 2870 (ii). Railways and Canals: Canals : Carillon and Grenville, 5625 (ii). Chambly, 4388, 5632 (ii). Cornwall, Enlargement, &c., 4310, 4388 (ii). Coulter, Robert, Salary, 4380 (ii). Culbute, 4383 (ii ). Farran's Point Enlargement, 4311 (ii). Galops, 4311, 5619 (ii). Gilbert Dredging Co.*s Claim, 5' 35 (ii). Gratuity to Mrs. Chamberlain, 4386 (ii). Lachine, 4313, 4380, 4387, 5620- 25 (ii). Lake St. Francis, Removing Shoals, &c., 4309, 4381, 4383 (ii). Lake St. Louis, Hydrographic Survey, 4309. North Channel, Forming, 4312, 5620 (ii). Rapide Plat, 4311 (ii). Repairs and Operating Expenses, 4322 (ii). St. Lawrence River, &c., Surveying, &c., 4312, 4382 (ii). St. Peter's, Claim of S. O'Donohue, 5632 (ii). Salaries of Engineers, Draughtsmen, &c., 4318 (ii). Sault Ste. Marie, 4257 (ii). Soulanges, 4306 (ii). Surveys and Inspections, 4314 (ii). Trent, 4261, 4305, 5621 (ii). Peterborough Dam, 4314 (ii). Rebuilding Bridge over Chemong Lake, 5625 (ii). Young's Point Dam, 4084 (ii). Welland, 4313 (ii). Deepening Portions of Long Level, 5618. Port Colborne Entrance, 5617 (ii). To raise walls of Old Canal Locks, 5625. To rebuild dam at Dunnville, 5626 (ii). To renew Docking below Lock 1, 5632 (ii). Railways: Grand Trunk Ry., Rental, 4321 (ii). Intercolonial Ry.: Additional Sidings, 4145, 4370 (ii). Amherst, Subway at Christy's Brook, 2715. Bennett's Cutting, Levis, 4379 (ii). Canso Strait. Ferry Service, 4370, 5217 (ii). Clergue's Contract, 2628, 2719 (i), 3537, 3724, 5215, 5217, 5228, 5285 (ii). Drawbars on Freight Cars, 4156 (ii). Drununondville, Overhead Bridge, &<[DOT] ^ 5216 (ii). ' ' Eastern Extension, N.B., Award, 5041.

N.S., Award, 5892 (ii). Eel River Station, 5226 (ii). Engine Houses, &c., 2(542 (i). INDEX. cxxix SUPPLY-Om. Committee-Con. Railways and Canals-Con. Railways- Con. Intercolonial Ry.-Con. Facilities increased along Ry., 4151, 4379. General Vote, 4387, 5650, 5672 (ii). Halifax Accommodation, 2706 (i), 5216 (ii). To Dredge and Blast Rock< 4134 (ii). Land Damages, 2719 (i). Levis Accommodation, 4124 (ii). Moncton, Car Shop Extension, 4153 (ii). Nicolet Station, 5226 (ii). Original Construction, 2719 (i). Pictou Accommodation, 5216 (ii). Pintsch Gas, &c., 4158, 5217 (ii). Ry. Commission, 5633 (ii). Repairs to Gov. Gen.'s Car, 5632 (ii). Rocky Lake, Highway Bridge, 2642 (i). Rolling Stock, 4165, 4213, 4378 (ii). St. John Accommodation, 4136, 4378 (ii). Steel Rails, 2628, 2719 (i), 3537, 3724, 5217, 5228, 5285 (ii). Stellar ton Accommodation, 5216 (ii). Strengthening Bridges, 4123 (ii). Superstructure of Miramichi Bridge, 4162. Sydney Accommodation, 2644 (i), 4376 (ii). To provide Air Brakes on Freight Cars, 4154 (ii). M. C. B. Couplers, 4153 (ii). New machinery for Shops, 4158 (ii). Turntables, 4158 (ii). Travelling Cranes, 4378 (ii). Vestibules on Passenger Cars, 4156 (ii), Watering places for Stock, 4218 (ii). Prince Edward Island Railway : Blue Shank, Straightening Line, 4224 (ii). Machinery, New, 4227 (ii). Murray Bay Harbour Branch and Hillsborough Bridge, 4228 (ii). Sidings, Increase in Length, 4219 (ii). Steel Rails, 4380 (ii). To provide and lay Steel Rails and Fastenings, &c., 4226 (ii). To purchase Land for Repair Building, 4380 (ii). Scientific Institutions: Bayfield, To replace, 5190 (ii). Hydrographic Survey, Lake Winnipeg, 5782. Meteorological Service, 289 (i). Toronto Observatory, 289 (i). Steamboat Inspection : Fog Alarms, 294 (i). Inspection, 293 (i). Superannuation : Extra Allowance to Mr. Wallace, 4342 (ii). Yukon Provisional District: Administration of Justice : Judge's Salary, Additional, 2650 (ii). Jury and Witness Fees, 2655 (i). Law Books, Freight Charges, &c., 2658 (i). Maintenance of Prisoners, 2654 (i), 4637, 5778 (ii). Miscellaneous Expenses, 2658 (i). Sheriff's Salary, 2652 (i). Living Allowance, 2653 (i). Transport of Prisoners, 2654 (l). Customs Service, 3862 (ii). Mail Service, 501 (i). Mounted Police, Maintenance of, 3447 (ii). Salary to Asst. Surgeon W. E. Thompson, 4625 (i). Public Works : Buildings, 4268, 4304 (ii). Dawson to Fort Egbert Telegraph Line, 4288 (ii). J SUPPLY-Con. Committee- Con. Yukon Provisional District-Con. Public Works-Con. Lewes and Yukon River Improvements, &c., 4289 (ii). Quesnelle to Atlin, B.C., Telegraph Lino, 4271 (ii). Trails, Roads and Bridges, 4289 (ii). Sec 'Govt, of Yukon.' Concurrence : Cornwall Canal, Enlargement, 5794 (ii). Distressed Canadians in Foreign Countries, Relief, 5794 (ii). Exchequer Court, 5792 (ii). Finance and Treasury Board, 5788 (ii). Gilbert Dredging Co.'s Claim, 5800 (ii). Interior, 5789 (ii). Marine and Fisheries, 5789 (ii). Sundries, &c., 5790 (ii). N.W.T., Court House, &c., 5794 (ii). Post Office, 5791 (ii). Mail Service, 5792 (ii). Procedure, 5950 (i). St. John and Liverpool, Winter SS. Service, 5794 (ii). Supreme Court, 5792 (ii). Superannuation Allowances for Mr. Wallace : in Com. of Sup., 4342 (ii). Fund, Interest on J. B. Ryan's Amount : in Com. of Sup., 5312 (ii). Supreme Court, B.C., Residence of Judges, &c. : in Com. of Sup. (Mr. Fitzpatrick) 2664 (i). N.B., &c., Increase of Salary: prop. Res. (Mr. Fitzpatrick) 3460 (ii). See 'Judges5 Bill.' _ of Canada : cone., 5792 (ii). R. G. Davis, Promotion : in Com. of Sup., 5777 (ii). Vacancy : Remarks (Mr. Henderson) 5971 (ii). See 'Justice.' Surveyor General's Offices, Ottawa, Furnishing, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 5700 (ii). Surveys of Indian Reserves in Ont. : in Com. of Sup., 2755 (i). Man. : in Com. of Sup., 1371 (i), Surveys and Inspections : in Com. of Sup., 3530. of Canals : in Com. of Sup., 4314 (ii). rc Public Works : in Com. of Sup., 4403 (ii). Sydenham Harbour : in Com. of Sup., 5733 (ii). River Dredging : in Com. of Sup.,3506 (ii). Sydney Coal Mines, Strike, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 5300 (ii). Indian Reserve, Cor. re: Ques. (Mr. John ston% Cape Breton) 1264 (i). and Bay St. Lawrence SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 5768 (ii). AND East Bay Ry., Cor., &c.: M. for Copy* (Mr. Johnston, Cape Breton) 1266 (i). Engine House: in Com. of Sup., 2644 (i) Increased Accommodation, I.C.R. : in Com. of Sup., 2716 (i), 4376 (ii). Properties purchased by Govt., I.C.R.: Ques. (Sir Charles Hibbert Tapper) 1005 (i).

Sydney Yard Improvements, Contracts, &c. : M. for Copies* (Sir Charles Hibbert Tapper) 1207 (i).

See 'I.C.R.', 'N.S,'&c. Tach4, Mr., Engineer, Yukon: in Com. of Sup., 5764 (ii). TadousAC Wharf : in Com. of Sup., 6500 (ii). Tariff Act, Amt. re German Goods: Ques. (Mr. Clarke) 333 (i). Tariff. See ' Preferential. ' ' Customs,'&c. Technical Education, Jurisdiction, &o. : Ques. (Mr. Ingram) 1263 (i). Telegraph Construction, Yukon, Papers, to be submitted TO Pub. Accts. Com. : Remarks (Sir Charles Hibbert Tuppcr) 1880 (i). Telegraph Lines : in Com. of Sup., 3528 (ii).

B.C. : in Com. of Sup., 5687 (ii).

to Dawson, Date of Commencement, &c. Tariff, &c., Ques. (Mr. Ganong) 4021 (ii).

Service, Salaries, &c : in Com. of Sup., 3532 (ii).

Yukon : in Com of Sup., 4271 (ii). Telephone Companies, Mileage, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Clarke) 5585 (ii). Telephones, Ottawa Buildings : in Com. of Sup., 3117, 4392 (ii). Territorial Court, Yukon, Living Allowances, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 2653 (i).

See 'Yukon,' &e. Teslin Lake and Alsek River Boundary : in Com. of Sup., 2699 (i). Thames River Obstruction on Bar : Remarks (Mr. Stephens) 2779 (i). , Thompson, Mr. J. R., Appnmt. by Govt. : M. for Ret.* (Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper) 77 (i).

Dismissal, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Clare) 5212 (ii). Thompson, Mil J. W., Homestead Inspector, Resignation, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 1375 (i). Thompson, Surgeon, W. E., Pay, &c., in S.A. War : in Com. of Sup., 4625 (ii). Thornbury Light : in Com. of Sup., 287 (i). Thornton, Mr., Indemnity, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 4640 (ii).

Remarks (Mr. Maclean) in Com. on Election Bill, 4022 (ii). Three Rivers, Harbour, Deep Water Wharf : in Com. of Sup., 5709 (ii).

May 23, 1901