June 22, 1905

ccxxiii SUPPLY-Con. Committee-Con. Public Works-Income-Con. Harbours and Rivers-Con. Nova Scotia-Con. Gabarus, Harbour Improvements, 7402 (iv) . General Vote, 7237 (iv). Georgeville Wharf, 7402 (iv). Glace Bay, Harbour Improvements, 9577 (v). Habitant River, Wharf, 7402 (iv). Half Island Cove, Breakwater, 9584 (v) . Harrigara's Cove, Wharf, 7403 (iv). Indian Harbour, Wharf, 7403 (iv). Inverness (Broad Cove) Mines Harbour, Repairs, 7403 (iv). Irish Cove, Wharf, 9578 (v). Janvrin's Island, Wharf, 7406 (iv). Jersey Cove (Eel Cove), Wharf, 7407 (iv). Kelly's Cove, Wharf, 9582 (v). L'Ardoise, Breakwater Extension, 6838, 7407 (iv). Larry's Breakwater, 7407 (iv). Litchfield, Breakwater, 7407 (iv). Little Brook, Breakwater, 7407 (iv). Little Judique, Boat Harbour, 7407 (iv). Lunenburg, Dredging Harbour, 7408 (iv). Mabou Bridge, Breakwater, 7408 (iv). Mahone Bay, Dredging, 7408 (iv). Main-a-Dieu, Breakwater, 7409 (iv). Malignant Cove, Harbour, 7409 (iv). Marble Mountain, Wharf, 9580 (v). Margaree Harbour, Improvements, 7409 (iv). Margaretsville Harbour, Repairs, &c., 7412 (iv). Meteghan Cove, Breakwater, 7413 (iv). Mill Cove, Breakwater, 7413 (iv). New Campbellton, Ballast Wharf, 7413 (iv). Newport Landing, Wharf, 7413 (iv). Noel. Wharf, 7413 (iv). Ogden's Pond, Channel Protection, 7413 (iv) . Parker's Cove, Breakwater, 9552, 9576 (v) . Parrsboro Harbour, 9578-9 (v). Pembroke, Breakwater, 7414 (iv). Phinney's Cove, Breakwater, 9552 (v). Petit Riviere, Improvements, 9580 (v). Pleasant Bay, Wharf, 7414 (iv). Plympton, Breakwater, 7414 (iv). Poirierville, Landing Pier, 9581 (v). Porter's Lake, Channel, 9583 (v). Port Greville, Breakwater, 7414 (iv). Port Hastings, Wharf, 7414 (iv). Port Hawkesbury, Wharf, 6837 (iv). Port Hood, Pier Repairs, 7414 (iv). Port La Tour. Breakwater, 7415 (iv). Pugwash, Wharf, 9578 (v). Ray's Creek, Wharf, 9576 (v). River Hebert, Wharf, 9578 (v). Round Hill, Wharf, 9552 (v). Scott's Bay, Extension Breakwater, 7415 (iv). Shelburne Harbour, Dredging, 7418 (iv). Skinner's Cove, Boat Channel, 7418 (iv). Summerville, Wharf, 7418 (iv). Sydney Quarantine Station, Wharf, 9578 (v). Tatamagouche, Wharf, 9579 (v). SUPPLY-Con. Committee-Con. Public Works-Income-Con. Harbours and Rivers-Con. Nova Scotia-Con. Three Fathom Harbour, Protection Works, 7418 (iv). Toney River, Boat Harbour, 9581 (v). Victoria Beach, Wharf, 7418 (iv). Wallace Harbour, Repairs, 7419 (iv). West Arichat, Wharf, 7419 (iv). White Head, Wharf, 7419 (iv). Wolfville Wharf, Reconstruction, &c., 7419 (iv). Yarmouth Harbour, Protection Works, 7419 (iv). Ontario : Amherstburg, Harbour, 7546 (iv). Barrie, Pier, 9595 (v). Barry's Bay, Madawaska River, 6873 (iv). Bayfield, North Pier Extension, 7546 (iv). Beaverton, Harbour, 7546 (iv). Blanche River, 7547 (iv). Blind River, Dredging, 6870 (iv). Bracebridge Wharf, 7547 (iv). Bronte, Harbour Improvements, 7547 (iv). Cobourg, Pier Repairs, 7548 (iv). Collingwood, Harbour Improvements, 6879, 7548 (iv). Crowe's Landing, Wharf, 9600 (v). Depot Harbour. Breakwater, 7552 (iv). Echo Bay, Wharf, 9598 (v). Georgian Bay and Point au Baril Route, 6888 (iv). Goderich Harbour Improvements, 7553 (iv). Grand Bend, Breakwater, 7553 (iv). Grand River, Dredging, 6873 (iv). Haileybury, Wharf, 6887, 7556 (iv). Hamilton, 7556 (iv). Harbours, Rivers and Bridges, General Improvements, 7555 (iv). Honora Wharf, 6887 (iv), 9597 (v). Kincardine Harbour, 7558 (iv). Lake Temiscaming, Wharf. 7559 (iv). Little Current. Channel Improvements, 6886, 7559 (iv). Matchedash Bay, Channel Improvements, 7560 (iv). Meaford Harbour, Improvements, 7560 (iv), 9599 (v). Midland Harbour, 7560 (iv), 9601 (v). Newcastle Pier, 7561 (iv). Oliphant, Wharf, 7561 (iv). Oshawa, Harbour, 9600 (v). Ottawa, Wharf at Foot of Rideau Canal 7561 (iv). Owen Sound, Protection Works, 7561 (iv), 9600 (v). Dredging, 6886 (iv). Parry Sound, Wharf. 7562 (iv). Pembroke, Wharf, 7562 (iv). Penetanguishene, Dredging, 7563 (iv). Petewawa Wharf, 7562 (iv). Point Edward, Dredging, 6869, 7563 (iv). Port Bruce, Wharf, 7563 (iv). Port Burwell, Improvements, 7563 (iv) Port Dover, Improvements, 7564 (iv). Port Hope, Repairs, &c.. 7564 (iv). Port Stanley, Harbour Improvements, 7564 (iv).


SUPPLY-Con. Committee-Con. Public Works-Income-Con. Harbours and Rivers-Con. SUPPLY- Con. Committee-Con. Public Works-Income-Con. Harbours and Rivers-Con. Ontario-Con. Rama, Wharf, 9602 (v). River Otonabee, Dredging at Peterborough, 6886, 7564 (iv). Rondeau Harbour Improvements, 7664 (iv). Rosseau, Wharf, 9600 (v). Sarnia, Dredging, 7564 (iv). _ Saugeen River, Improvements, 7565 (iv), 9602 (V). Sault Ste. Marie, 6881 (iv). Severn River, 9602 (v). Silverwater, Wharf, 9597 (v). Spanish River, Dredging, 7565 (iv). Stokes Bay, Wharf. 959S (v). Thessalon Breakwater, 7565 (iv). Thornbury, Dredging, 7565 (iv). Toronto Harbour, Eastern Entrance, 7565 (iv). Extension of Island Breakwater, 7567 (iv). Trenton, Dredging. 9600 (v). Whitby Harbour, 6880 (iv). Wiarton, Dredging, 7569 (iv). Prince Edward Island : General Vote, 9585 (v). Higgin's Shore Pier, Reconstruction, 1734 (i). McPherson's Cove, Wharf, 1735 (i). Miminegash Harbour Works, 1735 (i) New London, Breakwater, 1735 (i). Point Prim Island. Wharf, 1736 (i). Repairs to Piers, &c., 1737 (i). Creosoted Timber, 1737 (i). Richmond Bay, Grand River Wharf, 1738 (i). Rustico Harbour Breakwater (South Entrance), 1738 (i). St. Peter's Bay, Breakwater, 1739 (i). Summerside Harbour, Breakwater, 1739 (i). Wood Islands, Breakwater, 1743 (i). Quebec: ' Anse & Beaufils, Pier, 7285 (iv). An.se aux Gris Fonds, Improvements, 7285 (iv). Anse k LTlot, Pier, 9591 (v). Anse St. Jean, Pier, 7286 (iv). Bale des Pdres, Wharf, &c., 7287 (iv). Barachois de Malbaie, Breakwater, 7287 iv). Belceil Guide Piers, &c., 7287 (iv). Bic Harbour, Wharf, 7287 (iv). Canton Fabre, Wharf. 7288 (iv). Chambord, Wharf, 7289 (iv). Champlain, Wharf, 7290 (iv). Chateau Richer, Harbour Improvements, 7290 (iv). Desjardins, Allumette Island, Wharf, 7298 (iv). Disraeli Wharf, 9593 (v) Doucet Landing, Dredging, 6849, 7298 (iv). Douglastown, Isolated Block, 9592 (v). East Templeton, Wharf, 7300 (iv). English River, Removal of Obstructions, 9591 (v). Eseoumains, Pier, 7303 (iv). Gatineau Point, Wharf, &c., 7303 (iv). Grands Mechin.s, Breakwater, 7303 (iv). Grande Rivi&re Beauprd, 9592 (v). Grohdines, Wharf, 9592 (v). Quebec-Con. Grosse Isle, Extension Pier, &c., 9608 (v). Harbours and Rivers, General Repairs, 6868, 7305 (iv). Lake Megantie, Piers, 9591 (v). Lake St. Francis, Wharves. 9591 (v). Lake St. John, Dredging, 7306 (iv). Laprairie Ice Piers, and Protection Walls, 7306 (iv), 9590 (v). Lavaltrie, Pile Wharf. &c., 7306 (iv). Le Tableau, Wharf, &c., 7307 (iv). Little Pabos, Harbour Improvements, 7307 (iv). L'lle d'Alma, Removal of Rocks, 7307 (iv) . LotbiniSre, Wharf Improvements, 9592 (v) . Lower St. Lawrence, Removal of Rocks, 7308 (iv). Magdalen Islands, Breakwater and Piers, 7308 (iv). Mille Vaches, Landing Pier, 7309 (iv). Mistook (Deslisle) Wharf, 7310 (iv). Mont Louis, Wharf, 7310 (iv). Montmagny, Wharf, 7311 (iv). Montmorency Falls, Cribwork, &c., 6852, 7311 (iv). New Carlisle, Wharf, 7312 (iv). Newport Breakwater, 9592 (v). Nicolet River, Dredging, &e., 7312 (iv). Notre Dame du Portage, Wharf, 7314 (iv). Peel Head Bay (Missisquoi Bay), Wharf, 7314 (iv). Petit RiviSre Peribonka, Removal of Snags, 9591 (v). PercS Wharf, 9592 (v). Pierreville, Wharf, 6868 (iv). Portneuf, Wharf. 7314 . iv). Repentigny, Wharf, 7314 (iv). Rimouski, Pier Extension, 7320 (iv). River Batisean, Dredging, 7322 (iv). River Chateauguay, Dredging, 6847, 7322 (iv). Enlargement at Discharge into St. John River, 7322 (iv). River du Loup, (en haut), Dredging &c., 7325 (iv). (Fraserville), Harbour, 7323 (iv). River LiSvre, Dam Reconstruction, &c., 6839, 7325 (iv), 9590 (v). River Maskinonge, Dredging, 6842, 7325 (iv). River Ottawa, Wharf at LiSvre River, 7375 (iv). River Ouelle, Pier, 7325, 7375 (iv). River Renards, Breakwater, 9592 (v). River Richelieu, St. TherSse, Dredging, 7376 (iv). River Saguenay, Dredging, 7377 (iv). River St. Louis, Improvements, 7379 (iv). River St. Louis, Feeders, &c., 7380 (iv). River St. Maurice, Channel, 7326 (iv). River St. Maurice, Dam, 7326 (iv).

Dredging Eastern Channel, 6851, 7330 (iv). River Verte, Improvements, 7390 (iv). Sacre Coeur, Wharf, 7390 (iv). St. Alexis, Pier, 7390 (iv).

SUPPLY-Con. Committee-Core. Public Works-Income-Con. Harbours and Rivers-Core. Quebec-Con. St. Alj^onse de Bagotville, 6868 (iv), 9591 (v). St. AndrS de Kamouraska, Wbarf, &e., 7390 (iv). Ste. Anne de la PocatiSre, Pier, 7390 (iv). St. Charles BoromSe, Wharf, 7390 (iv). Ste. Famille, Extension Pier, 7390 (iv). St. Fiddle, Wharf, 7390 (iv). St. Francois, Isolated Block Approach, 7391 (iv). St. Francois de Saies, Wharf, &c., 7391 (iv). St. Fulgence, Wharf. 7392 (iv). St. GOdeon Islands, Wharf, 7392 (iv). St. Genevieve, Piers, 9592 (v). St. Jean, Wharf, 7393 (iv), 9592 (v). St. Simeon, Wharf Extension, 7393 (iv). Sorel, Ice Piers, 6841 (iv). Deep Water Wharf, 9593 (V). Terrebonne, Wharf, &c., 7394 (iv). Yamaska River, Dredging, 7394 (iv). Miscellaneous : Arbitrations and Awards. Payment re, 7611 (iv). Authorized Works, Balances re, 7628 (iv). Cement Testing Laboratory, 7613 (iv). Chief Architect's Office, Salaries, &c., 7618 (iv). Chief Engineer's Office, Salaries, &c., 6895 (iv). Deep Waterways Commission, 6894 (iv). National Art Gallery, 7618 (iv). Survey of Head Waters of Ottawa River, 7612 (iv). Surveys and Inspections, 7611 (iv). Technical Books of Reference, 7627 (iv). Telegraph Service, Staff, 7620 (iv). Temporary Clerical Assistance, &c., 7620, 7626 (iv), 9605 (v). Transportation Commission, 7627 (iv), 8692 (v). Roads and Bridges : Battle River, Bridge at Battleford, 7587 (iv). Bryson Bridge. 7585 (iv). Colonization Roads in Man. and N. W. T„ 7594 (iv). Dorn. Traffic Bridges. Generally, 7592 (iv). Ottawa City, Duffer in and Sappers' Bridges, &c., 6889, 7585 (iv). Ordinary Repairs, &c., 7585 (iv). Sheilmouth Bridge over Assiniboino River, 7591 (iv). Slides and Booms : St. Maurice River, 7579 (iv). Telegraph Lines : British Columbia : Kamloops-Lower Nicola, 7610 (iv). Nanaimo-Parksville, Alberni, &c., 9604 (v). Vancouver Island-Salt Spring Island Telephone, 7610 (iv). Mar. Provinces : Mabou, Cheticamp, &c., to Bay St. Lawrence, 7606 (iv). SUPPLY-Core. Committee-Core. Public Works-Income-Core. Telegraph Lines-Con. North-west Territories : Qu'Appelle, Edmonton and Moosejaw, 6893 (iv). 9604 (v). Ontario : Pelee Island and Mainland, 7609 (iv). Quebec : Bersimis to Godbout, 7608 (iv). Descente des Femmes to SacrS-Coeur, 9604 (v). Grosse Isle, Marconi, 9604 (v). Yukon : Ashcroft-Dawson, 9605 (v). Quarantine : Cattle Quarantine, 6690 (iv). Health of Animals, 2309 (ii). Organized Districts, Salaries, &c., 2301 (ii). Public Health, &c., 1841 (i). Public Works Health Act, 1845 (i). Steamer for Service at Grosse Isle, 1838, (1)4 Steamer for Service at William Head, 1841 (i). Tracadie Lazaretto, 1845 (i). Winnipeg and St. Boniface Hospitals, 1846 (i). Railways and Canals : Canals : Beauharnois, Repairs, 6307 (Iv). Chambly : Denault's Farm, Culvert, 6301 (iv). Macadamized Road, 9378 (v). Strengthening Banks, 9378 (v). Cornwall : Concreting Apparatus, 6298 (iv). Enlargement, 1219 (i). Filling in between old and new Locks, 1494 (i). Improvements, 9381 (v). Reducing Shoals West of Cornwall, 6289 (iv). ' Farran's Point, Acetylene Gas Plant, 6308 (iv). Galops, Enlargement, 1220 (i). Removing Shoals below Lock 28, 9354 (v). To stop Leak in Bank, 1492 (i). Galops Rapids, To complete Channel, 1230 (i). Generally : Staff and Repairs, 1546 (i). Sunday Service, 1547 (i). Grenville, Guide Piers, Greece's Point, &c., 1499 (i), 6305 (iv). Lachine, Atwater Avenue Bridge, 1240 0). Electrical Installation, 1240 (i), 9354 (v). Enlargement and Improvements, 6294 (iv). Lock Gates, 6300 (iv). Machinery for Shops, 1240 (iv). Paving Mill St., 6301 (iv). Power House, Flume, 6299 (iv). Rebuilding Wall, Basin No. 2, 1421 (1). Rebuilding Wharf below Dock, 1421 (i). Repairs, 6306 (iv). Slope Walls, 6294 (iv). . Underpinning Wall, Basin No. 2, 6298 (iv). Walls, St. Gabriel Basin, 9378 (v). Widening Tail Race, 6299 (iv).

SUPPLY-Con. Committee-Con. Railways and Canals-Con. Canals-Con. Murray, To rebuild Piers, &c., 1495 (i). North Channel, Dam, &c., 1230 (i). Rapide Plat, Upper Entrance Enlargement, 6289 (iv). Rideau, Extension, 1333 (1). Sault Ste. Marie, Construction, 1334, 1406 (i). . St. Ours, New Boom and Pier, 1499 (i). Wharf, 6302 (iv). St. Peter's, Dredging, 6303 (iv). Repairs, 6308 (iv). Soulanges : General Repairs, &c., 1421 (i). Steel Bridge at Power House, &c., 6290 (iv) . Trent : Construction, 1420, 1471, 1476 (i). Dams, Surveys re, 9376 (iv). Holland River, Surveys, 9359 (v). Improvements, 1499 (i). Lowering Floor of Lock, 6302 (iv). McLaren's Creek, Road, 9379 (v). Staff on Dams, 9383 (v). Survey of Routes, &c., 6291 (iv), 9354 (v) . To complete New Dam, Peterborough, 6303 (iv). To pay Geo. Matthews Co. Claim, 6303 (iv). Welland, Electric Light Power Plant, 1231 (i), 9377 (v). Lowering Head of, Lock No. 1, 6309 (iy). Port Colborne, Elevator, 1266, 1288 (i). Improvements at Entrance, 1230 (1). Removing Obstructions, 1231 (i). Retaining Wall', Rock Cut, 1499 (1). Stone Protection to Banks of New Canal, 1496 (1). Summit Level Deepeniag, Port Col-borne to Thorold, 1232, 1283 (i), 6290 (ii). To make Survey, 1234 (i). To pay Stephen Vanderburg, 6305 (iv). To rebuild bridges, &c., Niagara and Queenston Streets. 1234 (1). Williamsburg Steam Hoist and Pump, 1494 (i). Miscellaneous : Arbitrations and Awards. 1508 (i). Costs of Litigation, 1521 (i). Railway Commission, Board of, 1524, 1541 (i). Railway Statistics, 1521 (i). Salaries of Engineers, &c.. 1521 (i), 9382 (v). „ Salaries of Extra Clerks, 1521 (i). 6306 (iv). School of Ry. Engineering. McGill, Contribution, 9381 (v). Sunday Work on Canals, 9383 (v). Surveys and Inspections, Canals, 1509 (0-Surveys and Inspections, Railways, 1520 (i). Railways : Grand Trunk Pacific Ry., Surveys, &c., 2277, 2298 (ii), 6427, 7496 (iv), 9489 (v). Construction, 9498 (v). Terminals and Right of Way, 9498 (v). Intercolonial Railway : Additional Sidings. Facilities, &c., 1970. (i), 6428, 6431 (iv). SUPPLY- Con. Committee-Con. Railways and Canals-Con. Railways-Con. Intercolonial-Con. Amherst, Increased ^Accommodation, 1983 (i). Antigonish, Increased Accommodation, 1967 (i). Belceil and St. Lambert, Double Tracking, 2183 (ii). 'Campbellton, Improvements, 1963 (i). Cape Road Crossing, Elimination, 6432 i(iv). Double Tracking, 1933 (I), 2027 (ii), 9290 (v). Drummondville, Accommodation, 1960 («[DOT] General Vote, 2204 (ii), 7445 (iv). Gratuity to Family, Late C. J. Carter, 2183 (ii). - Halifax, Dredging at Deep Water Terminus, 2026 (.ii). Improving Grades, 1987 (i). Increased Accommodation, 2031 (ii), 9-391, 6429 (dv), 9432 (V). Indiantown and Blackville, Maintenance, 9482 (v). Machinery for Shops, 6428 (iv). Memramcook, Accommodation, 1977 (i). Mitchell, Diversion of Line, 1940 (i). Monoton Accommodation, 1946 (i), 9391 (v). New Castle, Improvements, 1967 (i). Original Construction, 1912 (i). Pictou, Increased Accommodation, 9390 (v). River du Loup, Engine House, 9389 (v). Rolling Stock, 1986 (i), 2037 (ii), 9482, 9501 (v). St. Cyrille, Diversion of Public Road, 1969 (i). St. Fabien, Subway, 1980 (i). St. Flavie, Increased Accommodation, 9390 (v). St. John, Increased Accommodation, 9389 (v). St. Moi'se, Station, 1976 (1). Semaphores at Stations, 1986 (i). Steel Rails, 1988 (i), 2038 (ii). Strengthening Bridges, 1912 (i), 9384 (v). Sydney Accommodation, 1912 (i). Sydney Mines Extension, 1987 (i) Truro, Increased Accommodation, 9391 (v). Water Supply, 2170 (Ii). Working Expenses, 6901 (iv), 9384 (v). Prince Edward Island Ry.: Air Brakes, &c., 2178 (ii). Bloomfield, Agent's House, 6432 (iv). Branch Line, Cardigan to Montague Bridge, 2171 (ii), 9482 (v). Branch Line to Vernon River Bridge, 2177 (ii). Charlottetown, Increased Accommodation, 2024 (ii). Extension along Water Front, 6433 (v). Freetown, Agent's House, 2180 (ii). Georgetown, Increased Accommodation, 2179 (ii), 9486 (v). Kensington, Increased Accommodation, 2178 (ii). M. C. B. Couplers, 2178 (ii). Morrell River Draw Bridge, 2177 til). Murray Harbour Branch, &c., 2038, 2127, 2204 (ii), 8692 (v).

ccxxvii SUPPLY-Con. Committee-Con. Railways and Canals-Con. Railways-Con. Prince Edward Island Ry.- Con. Summerside, Improvements, 2176 (ii). Water Service, 2170 (ii). Working Expenses, 6901 (iv). Scientific Institutions : Hydrographic Surveys, 2679 (ii), 6623 (iv), 9172 (v). Steamer for Atlantic Coast, 9172 (v). Meteorological Service, 2679 (ii). Observatory, Salaries, &c., 9248 (v). Steamboat Inspection : Inspection of Dom. Steamers, 2695 (ii). To pay the Widow of Douglas Stevens, Esq., 6628 (iv). Trade and Commerce : Administration of Chinese Immigration-tion Act, 981 (i), 7204 (iv). Bounties on Iron and Steel, &c., 7216 (iv). Commercial .Agencies, &c., 9037 (v). General Vote, 7218 (iv). Unprovided Items : Generally, 6902 (iv). Concurrence : Archives, 6918 (iv). Cattle Quarantine, 6911 (iv). Civil Govt., Interior Dept., 6909 (iv). Fenian Raid Pensions, 6961 (iv). Geological Survey, 9685 (v). Immigration, Salaries, Can., G.B., &c., 9769 Cv). „„„ , . Militia, Ordnance, Lands, &c., 9689 (v). National Transcontinental Ry., Surveys, &c., 6910 (iv). Post Office, Mail Service, 9772 (v). Supreme and Exchequer Courts Act (salaries) Amt. B. No. 205 (Mr. Fitzpatrick) Res. prop., 9705 ; in Com. on Res., 9760 ; 1°* of B., 9760 ; 2°* ; in Com., and 3°*, 9796 (v). (5


Edward VII.

, c. 47.)

Supreme Court Bench, N.S., Vacancy, Appnmt., &c., Delay : Remarks (Mr. R. L. Borden)

6837 (iv).

Supreme Court Judgeship, N.S., Vacancy re * Information asked for (Mr. R. L. Borden) 5209 (iii).

______ Remarks (Mr. R. L. Borden) 5036 (iii).

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______ Ques. (Mr. Monk) 1341 (i).

Supreme Court Salaries: in Com. of Sup., 125 (i). Surveys and Inspection re Public Works : in

Com. of Sup., 7611 (iv).

Surveys, Dom. Lands : in Com. of Sup., 9306


Sussex Rifle Range, Inspector : Remarks (Mr

Fowler) in Com. of Sup., 7011 (iv). Sutherland, Hon. James, Decease of : Remarks

(Sir Wilfrid Laurier) 5316 (iii).

Sydney and Bay St. Lawrence SS. Subsidy : in

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i -

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Sydney, Public Building : in Com. of Sup., 1044

Quarantine Station Wharf : in Com. of

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Station, I.C.R., Collections for Freight,

&c. : M. (Mr. A. Martin) for Ret., 1767 (i).

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P. O. : in Com. of Sup., 1045 (i).

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See ' Rys,' &c.

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N.W.T. : in Com. of Sup., 6893 (iv).

Que. : in Com. of 'Sup., 9604 (v).

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Toronto Postal Station ' C ' Quarters : in Com. of Sup., 1592 (i).

remarks (Sir William Mulock) 1584 (i).

Toronto Post Office, Additional Postal Station: in Com. of Sup., 1591 (i).

Erection of a new Building : Remarks

(Mr. Macdonell) on M. for Sup., 6833 (iv).

Toronto Trades and Labour Council, Memo, re Immigration in G.B.: Read (Mr. Osier) in Com. of Sup., 9309 (v).

Tracadie Lazaretto, Quarantine : in Com. of

Sup., 1845 (i).

Trachoma Hospital, Halifax, Disposal of to Govt.: Remarks (Mr. R. L. Borden) in Com. of Sup., 2303 (ii).

Trachoma Hospitals in Quebec : in Com. of Sup., 1138 (i).



Annapolis Basin SS.

Subsidy : in Com. of

Sup., -966 (i).

Annapolis a#d G. B. SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 967 (i).

Annapolis and London Mail Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 9622 (v).


Atlantic Fast SS.

Service : Remarks (Mr. Bergeron) in Com. of Sup., 892 (i).

See ' Post Office,' &c.

Baddeck and East Bay SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 934 (i).

Campbellton and Gaspe Basin Mail Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 9616 (v).

Canada and France SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 7094 (iv). '

Canada and G. B. Mail Subsidy : In Com. of Sup., 864 (i).

Canada and Mexico Mail Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 891, 1560 (i), 9622, 9680 (v).

Canada and Mexico SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., cone., 6909 (iv).

Remarks (Mr. Foster) 66 (i).

Canada and New Zealand SS. Subventions : in Com. of Sup., 7094 (iv).

Canada and S. Africa SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 971 (1).


Commercial Agencies in Can., Location, &c.: M. for Ret.* (Mr. Martin) 403 (i).

Commercial Agencies : in Com. of Sup., 7208


Letter re Mr. Jackson's ability (read)

in Com. of Sup., 7210 (iv).

Davie, Geo. T., Co., Wrecking Plant re Ship Channel : Remarks (Mr. Fitzpatrick) in

Com. of Sup., 2479 (ii).

Furness, Withy & Co., Contract re S. African Trade : in Com. of Sup., 971 (i).

Gaspe Basin and Dalhousie SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 934 (i).

Grain Survey Boards, Pets., Memorials, &c., re : M. (Mr. Ames) for Copies, 1763 (i).

Grand Manan and Mainland, SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 922 (i).

G. B. and Canada Mail Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 864 (i).

Halifax and Canso SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 937 (i).

Halifax and Newfoundland SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 906 (i).

Halifax, St. John's Nfld. and Liverpool Mail Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 902 (i).

Halifax and W. Indies SS. Subventions : in Com. of Sup., 7087 (iv).

' King Edward ' and ' St. Lawrence ' Strs. SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 967 (i).


Magdalen Island SS.

Subsidy : in Com.. of Sup., 906 (1).

Mail Subsidies, &c., Information re System, Utility, &c.: Remarks (Mr. Foster) in Com. of Sup., 923 (i).

Mail Subsidies and SS. Subventions : in Com. of Sup., 864, 919, 932 (i), 6901, 7176 (iv), 8691, 9616, 9680 (v).

cone., 6909, 7087 (iv).

Mexico Steamers, Subsidy re : Remarks (Mr. Ingram) in Com. of Sup., 1560 (i).

Montreal and G.B., St. John and Manchester, SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 932 (i).

Murray Bay and Rividre Ouelle SS. Subsidy -in Com. of Sup., 938 (i).

Paspebiac and Gaspe Basin SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 944 (i).

Petit de Grat SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 966 (i).

Pictou and Cheticamp SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 935 (i).

Pictou and Montague Bridge SS. Subvention: in Com. of Sup., 926 (i).

Port Essington, B.C., and Queen Charlotte Islands Mail Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 9616


Port Mulgrave and Bras d'Or Lakes SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 934 (i).

Port Mulgrave and Canso SS. Subsidy : . in Com. of Sup., 935 (i).


P.E.I. and G.B. SS. Subventions : in Com. of Sup., 7088 (iv).

Claims of SS. Cos.: in Com. of Sup.,

927 (i).

Statement (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) 7088

(iv) .

P.E.I. and Mainland SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 919 (1).

P.E.I. and Newfoundland SS. Subventions : in Com. of Sup., 940 (i), 709'2 (iv).

Quebec and Blanc Sablon SS. Subsidy : In

Com. of Sup., 937 (i), 9617 (v).

Quebec and GaspS Basin SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 926 (1).

Quebec and Natashquan SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 967 (i).

St. Catherine's Bay and Tadousac SS. Subsidy.

in Com. of Sup., 948 (1).

St. Francois and Quebec SS. Subsidy, Requests re : Ques. (Mr. Bergeron) 1504 (i).

St. John and Digby SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 904, 966 (1).

_____Res. from Moncton Board of Trade :

Read (Mr. Daniel) 904 (i).

St. John, N.B., Dublin, Belfast Winter Service : in Com. of Sup., 902 (i).

St. John, Halifax and London SS. Subsidy : In Com. of Sup., 903 (i), 7087 (iv).

_____ Memorial from Board of Trade, St.

John : Read (Mr. Daniel) 903 (i).

St. John, Halifax and W. Indies Mail Subsidies : in Com. of Sup., 7176 (iv).

_______ Res. from Montreal Corn Exchange :

Read (Mr. Ames) 7178 (iv).

St. John and Halifax via Yarmouth SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 923 (i), 6901 (iv). St. John and Minas Basin SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 926, 971 (i)

St. John River, Mail Subsidy paid to Star Line : Remarks (Mr. Daniel) in Com. of Sup., 181 (i).

St. John and St. Martins, N.B., Mail Contract : Ques. (Mr. Daniel) 2776 (ii).

St. John and W. Indies and S. America, Mail Subsidies : in Com. of Sup., 8691 (v).

St. John and Westport SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 966 (i).

St. Stephen and Black Bay SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 936 (i).

S. Africa and Canada SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 971 (i).

Sydney and Bay St. Lawrence SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 937 (i).

Trade and Commerce, Salaries, Depth Contingencies, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 96 (i), 9034

(v) . *

Victoria and San Francisco SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 906 (i).


Victoria, Vancouver and Skagway SS. Subventions : In Com. of Sup., 7091 (Iv).

Victoria and Vancouver SS. Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 938 (i).

Wrecking Plant, B.C., Subsidies to : in Com. of Sup., 9177 (v). ,

Wrecking plant, ' Lord Strathcona ' Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 957 (i).

Wrecking Plant, St. Lawrence : in Com. of Sup., 7094 (iv). [DOT]

Trade and Navigation, Depth Rep. : Presented (Mr. Paterson) 50, 321 (i).

Trading Stamps, Abolition of, Legislation re : Ques. (Mr. Ames) 7684 (iv).

Res. re .Abolition of : Ques. (Mr. Leonard)

6903 (iv).

Legislation re, &c. : Ques. CMr. Monk)

7020 (iv).

Legislation re Suppression : Ques (Mr. Stockton) 5425 (iii).

.- Remarks (Mr. Monk) 5134 (iii).

See ' Criminal Code B. 196.'


Traffic Arrangements I.C.R.

with Foreign and Can. Rys., Amounts received : Ques. (Mr. Foster) 4703 (iii).

Remarks (Mr. Kemp) in Com. of Sup.,

1915 (i).

Remarks in Com. of Sup., 2228 (ii).

Train Service, I.C.R., Stalled by Snowstorms, Teh: Read (Mr. R. L. Borden) 695 (1).

Explanation (Mr. Enrmerson) 726 (ii.

Trans-Canada Ry. Co., Claims for Surveys along G. T. Route : Remarks (Mr. O. E. Talbot) in Com. of Sup., 9494 <\).

Transcontinental Commission, Appnmt. of Chairman : Remarks (Mr. R. L. Borden) 7916 (iv).

Transcontinental Railway 'Surveys : in Com. of Sup., 6427 (iv) ; cone., 6910 (iv).

Transcontinental Ry. : See ' G. T. Pacific,' &c.

Transportation Commission : in Com. of Sup., 7,627 (iv).

Appnmt. of Chairman : Remarks (Mr. Foster) 404 ; Announcement (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) 492 (i).

Complete Membership and Reps, re : Remarks (Mr. Foster) 321 (i).

Constitution and Progress, &c. : Remarks

(Mr. R. L. Borden) 9679, 9687 (v).

Expenditure : Remarks in Com. of Sup.,

8692 Cv).

Interim Rep. re St. John Harbour : Inquiry for (Mr. Daniel) 2595 (ii).

Preliminary Rep : Remarks (Mr. Daniel)

731 (i).

Rep. of Mr. Bertram : Read (Mr. Emmerson) 1288 (i).

Rep. re C. A. Ry.: Remarks (Mr. Haggart) in Com. on B. 45, 4225 (iii).

Transportation Commission: Progress re Works. &c.: Remarks (Mr. R. L. Borden) in Com. of Sup.. 6438 (iv).

See ' Waterways,' &c.

Transportation Facilities, Georgian Bay Survey : in Com. of Sup., 7637 iv).

I.C.R., re Fish Trade, Mar. Provs.: Remarks (Mr. Gervais) 1930 (i).

Transportation Problem re Waterways : in Com. of Sup., 1266, 1288 (i).

and Wharf Building : Remarks (Mr. Monk) in Com. of Sup., 7314 (iv).

Travelling Expenses, Inspectors of Weights and Measures : in Com. of Sup., 1695 (i). Treadgold Concessions, Instruction to Commissioners : Remarks (Mr. R. L. Borden) 7101


Incomplete Return : Remarks (Mr. Foster) 4750 (iii).

See ' Canals,' &c.


Geo. Matthews Co., Claim re Damages by

Flood : in Com. of Sup., 6303 (iv).

Improvements : in Com. of Sup., 1499 (i).

Lowering Floor of Lock : in Com. of

Sup., 6302 (iv).

McLaren's Creek Bridge : in Com. of

Sup., 9379 (v).

______Peterborough Dam : in Com. of Sup.,

6303 (iv).


Ref. to in Com. of Sup. (Mr. Lennox) 1311


______staff on Dams, Taken by Dom. Govt.: in

Com. of Sup., 9383 (v).

______Surveys : in Com. of Sup., 1471, 1476 (i).

______Letter from Sir Wilfrid Laurier to Mr. Aylesworth : Read (Mr. Ward) 1476 (i).

______Surveys, Completion : in Com. of Sup.,

6291 (iv), 9354 (v).


Surveys of Dams taken by Dom.: in Com.

of Sup., 9376 (v).


Surveys, Rice Lake, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Ward) 153 (i).

Trenton, Dredging Trent River : in Com. of Sup., 9600 (V).

Truro, Dining Room, I.C.R.: Remarks (Mr. A. A. McLean) in Com. of Sup., 2255 (ii).

Truro, Increased Accommodation : in Com. of Sup., 9391 (v).

Tuberculosis, Prevention of : prop. Res. (Mr. Perley) 1351 (i).

M. (Mr. Perley) for Special Com., 8636


Rep. of Joint Com.: Presented (Mr. Perley) 9392 (v).


VII., c. 169.)

Patent No. 69772 Relief B. No. 146 (Mr. Grant) 1°*, 4644; 2°*, 4977; in Com., and 3°*. 6383 (iv). (5 Edward VII., c. 168.) Uniforms for Customs Officers : Remarks (Mr. Foster) in Com. of Sup., 413 (i).

for Letter Carriers, Contracts re : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 206 (i).

Militia, Regulations re : Remarks (Mr. Bergeron) in Com. of Sup., 438 (i).


Union Labour Labels B.

Vats for dipping Quarantined Cattle, N.W.T.: Remarks (Mr. M. S. McCarthy) in Com. of Sup., 2312 (ii).

Vegetables, Canned, Preserved, &c., Value of Imports : M. for Stmnt.* (Mr. Monk) 279


Venning, R. N., Honorarium to : in Com. of

Sup., 6630 (iv).

Ventilation in the House of Commons . Remarks (Mr. Armstrong) in Com. of Sup., 1565 (i).

Topic:   VII., c. 169.)

Edward VII.

Topic:   VII., c. 169.)

Edward VII.

, c. 48.)

Water Rights Reservations, N.W.T., Rep. of Mr. Burley, &c. : M. for Copies* (Mr. W. J.

Roche) 1398 (i).

Waterways and Transportation Problem : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 1266, 1288 (i).

See ' Transportation,' &c.

Watson, Mr., Customs Collector, Collingwood, Superannuation, &c. : Remarks (Mr. Bennett) in Com. of Sup., 408 (i).

Waverley Postmaster,, Duties and Residence &c. : Ques. (Mr. Bennett) 5427 (iii).

Remarks (Mr. Bennett) 5807 (iii).

Ways and Means : M. for Com. (Mr. Paterson) 50 (i).

M. for Com. (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) 6966


Ways and Means-The Budget, Financial Statement (Mr. Fielding) 8888 (v).

Resolutions moved, 8914 (v).

Weights and Measures Inspectors . in Com. of Sup., 1692 (i).

Weights and Measures Standards : in Com. of

Sup., 1695 (i).

Welland Canal, Deepening, Expenditure, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Pringle) 588 (i).

Deepening Long Level : in Com. of Sup.,

6290 (iv).

Deepening Summit Level at Port Colborne, 1263 (i).

Electric Power Plant : in Com. of Sup.,

1231 (i), 9377 (v).

Employees during Oct., Nov. : Ques. (Mr. Lancaster) 453 (i).

Emplymt. of Labour, Political Influence :

Remarks (Mr. Lalor) in Com. of Sup., 6855 (iv).

Lowering Head of Lock No. 1 : in Com.

of Sup., 6309 (iv).

Port Colborne : in Com. of Sup., 1263 (i).

* Port Colborne Elevator : in Com. of Sup., 1266, 1288 (i).


Welland Canal, Removal of Obstructions : In Com. of Sup., 1231 (i).

Removal of Piers and Bridge Building :

in Com. of Sup., 1234 (i).

Stone Protection Works : in Com. of

Sup., 1496 (i).

Survey : in Com. of Sup., 1234 (i).

Surveys : Remarks (Mr. Blain) in Com.

of Sup., 1520 (i).

Remarks (Mr. Perley) in Com. of Sup.,

1727 (i).

Wharfs in N.S., Expenditure re : Remarks (Mr. Perley) in Com. of Sup., 2611 (ii).

Wharfs. Piers, Docks, constructed by Govt, since 1896 : M. for Ret. (Mr. Foster) 2777 (ii).

Inquiry for Ret. (Mr. Foster) 8178 (v).

Wharfs in Tidal Waters : in Com. of Sup., 7393 (iv).

Wheatley River Postmaster, Dismissal of Mr. James Power, Cor., &c. : M. for Copies*

(Mr. A. Martin) 9698 (v).

See ' Post Office.'

Whitby Harbour Dredging : in Com. of Sup.,

6880 (iv).

Expenditure re : Ques. (Mr. Christie)

* 2190 (ii).

White Head Wharf : in Com. of Sup., 7419 (iv).

White Lead : in Com. on Ways and Meansi,

8983 (v).

Amt. re Customs Act : in Com. on Bill,

9761 (v).

White, Mr. O., Dismissal, &c. : M. for Cor. re (Mr. Crocket) 193 (i).

Dismissal as Station Agent, I.C.R. :

Ques. (Mr. Crocket) 107 (i).

Remarks (Mr. Crocket) in Com. of Sup ,

2205 ; Cor. (read) 2206 (ii).

Hospitals : in Com. of Sup., 1846 (i).

Winnipeg and St. Boniface Hospitals : Remarks (Mr. Sproule) in Com. of Sup., 2318 (ii).

Winnipeg, Immigration Building : in Com. of Sup., 1635 (i), 9550 (v).

Military Buildings, N.C.O. Quarters : in

Com. of Sup., 1635 (i).

Postal Station : in Com. of Sup., 9549 (v).

Post Office, Land and Building : in Com.

of Sup., 1636 (1).

Winnipegosis Channel Dredging : in Com. of Sup., 7573 (iv).

Winter Communication, P.E.I. and Mainland : Remarks (Mr. A. Martin) in Com. of Sup., 6643 (iv).

Winter Mail Service, P.E.I., Ice Boat : in Com. of Sup., 2648 (ii).

Cor. Read (Mr. A. A. McLean) 2649 ; Res.

from P.E.I. Delegates : Read (Mr. A. A. McLean) 2651 (ii).

Statement of Trips of Ice Boats : Read

(Mr. Prefontaine) 2675 (ii).

Winter Mail Service : in Com. of Sup., 6467 (iv).

See ' P.E.I.', &c.

Wire Fencing, Inspection by Govt.: Ques. (Mr. Lefurgey) 585, 685 (i).

Wire Fencing re N.W.T., Boundary Line, Contract re Erection : M. (Mr. Clements) to adjn., Cor., read, &c., 5578 (iii).

See ' N. W. T. Boundary,' &c.

Topic:   VII., c. 169.)

Wireless Telegraphy Regulation B.

Woodstock Armoury, N.B., Ownership ot Land, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Crocket) 4920 (iii).

Vacancy : Notification (Mr. Speaker) 98


' W. S. Fielding,' Completion, &c., of New Dredge : Remarks (Mr. Daniel) in Com. of Sup., 6891 (iv).

Yamaska Lock : in Com. of Sup., 6868 (iv).

Yamaska River Dredging : in Com. of Sup., 7394 (iv).

Yarmouth Bank of N.S., Investigation, Punishment of Offenders : Remarks (Mr. Foster) 9690 (v).

Yarmouth Harbour Retaining Walls : in Com. of Sup., 7419 (iv).

Year-Book : in Com. of Sup., 1474 (i).

Statistics, &c.: Remarks (Mr. Blain) in

Com. on B. 5, 997 (i).

'Yellow Dog,' Attack on Orangemen by Quebec Newspapers : Ref. to in Com. on B. 69, 8350 (v).

See ' Autonomy,' &c.

Yoho Park Reserve, N.W.T.,: in Com. of Sup., 7719 (iv).

Yonge Street Bridge, Toronto, Order re Construction, Tel. re, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Kemp) 586 (i).

Young, Thos., and G. C. McNab, Dom. Officials and Political Organizers : Remarks (Mr. W. J. Roche) in Com. of Sup., 9154 (v).

Yukon Ter., Annexation to Provs., &c.: Remarks (Mr. Thompson) 6509 (iv).

Yukon-Ashcroft-Dawson Tel. Line : in Com. of Sup., 7635 (iv), 9605 (v).

Yukon, Buildings, Maintenance, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 1666 (i).

Commissionership, Vacancy re : Remarks

(Mr. R. L. Borden) 5036 (iii).

Court Fees : In Com. of Sup., 137 (i).

Customs, Living Allowance : in Com. of

Sup., 411 (i).

Elections for Dom., Delay in opening

Ballot Boxes : Remarks (Mr. R. L. Borden) 987 (i).

Election, Cor. re Returning Officer : Read

(Mr. R. L. Borden) 1254 (i).

information re : Remarks (Mr. R. L.

Borden) 1152 (i).

Remarks (Mr. Northrup) 453 (i).

return of Member Elect : Telegrams read

(Sir Wilfrid Laurier) 1066 (i).

Yukon Govt. Administration, Diving Allowance, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 126 (i), 7716 (iv).

Grant to Local Council : in Com. of Sup.,

7718 (iv), 9250 (v).

Judge's Allowances : in Com. of Sup.,

126 (i).

Law Books : in Com. of Sup., 136 (i).

Legal Adviser, Appnmt. of Mr. Congdon,

Duties, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Thompson) 7020 (iv).

Yukon Mail Service : in Com. of Sup., 203 (i).

Yukon, Orders-in-Council, Regulations, &c., Approval of, &c.: prop. Res. (Mr. Oliver) 9725 9784 (v).

Ordinances : Presented (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) 54 (O.

Post Office Officials, Salaries, Living Allowances, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 214 (i).

Prisoners, Maintenance of : in Com. of

Sup., 135 (i).

Reforms re Government, &c.: Remarks

(Mr. Thompson) on M. for Sup., 7021 (iv).

Telegraph Lines : in Com. of Sup., 6896


Territorial District, Certificate of Election : Notification (Mr. Speaker) 2322 (ii).

Witnesses Fees, &c.: in Com. of Sup.,

135 (i).

Topic:   VII., c. 169.)

June 22, 1905