March 22, 1911

Inquiry for .Ret. (Mr. Blain) 2557 (ii). Westbrook Mail Contract, Tenders re-. Ques. (Mr. Edwards) 1103 (i). West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island, Amount expended, Estimated Cost, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Barnard) 811 (i). West Dublin Bay, Dredging: in Com. of Sup., 6030 (iv). Western Alberta Ry.* Co.: See 'B. No. 135.' Western Canal Co.: See 'B. No. 195.' Western Central By. Co.: See 'B. No. 94,' Western Coal Miners' Strike, Rep. of Conciliation Board, Settlement, Ac.: Remarks on M. for Com. on Ways and Means, 9696 (v).

Conciliation Board: Remarks (Mr. Herron) 9070 (v).

See 'Coal.' *Western Farmers as 'Tinmigration Agents to Europe: Ques. (Mr. Roclie) 799, 1284 (i). Western Farmers Interests re Reciprocity : Remarks (Mr. Staples) 5543 (iii).

See 'Reciprocity.'

West Indies and Halifax SS Service, Ait ligaments re Contract: Ques. (Mr. Crosby) 4674 (iii) .

Specifications re Contract: Ques. (Mr. Crosby) 4925 (iii). West Indies Trade with Canada: on M. for Com. of Sup., 6371 (iv).

Notice of Discussion (Mr. Foster) 6274 (iv) . West Indies Trade, Imports, &e., Total Value: Ques. (Mr. Macdonald) 2854 (ii). Westmount Public Building: in Com. of Sup., 1903 (i). Westport Signal Stations, when erected, 'Rentals, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Jameson) 1091 (i). Westville Post Office, Number of Bricks used: Ques. (Mr. Maddin) 3471 (ii). Wetaskiwin Public Building: in > om. of Sup., 3011 (ii). Weyburn Public Building: in Com. of Sup., 3012 (ii). Weymouth Public Building: Remarks (Mr. Jameson) in Com. of Sup., 1601 (i). Wharfs for Lighthouse and Coast Service, Maintenance: in Com. of Sup., 6538 (iv). Wharfs. N.S., Contracts re Construction: Ques. (Mr. Maddin) 2160 (ii). Wheat Prices in West and Canada and Liverpool Market: Ques. (Mr. W. H. Sharpe) 6267 (iv). Whip, Chief Opposition, Retirement of Mr. Geo. Taylor: Remarks (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) 5 (i). Whitby Post Office Site, Purchase of: Remarks (Mr. S. Sharpe) in Com. of Sup., 1867 (i). Whitemouth River Fishway: Remarks (Mr. Bradbury) in Com. of Sup., 3034 (ii). Wiarton Public Building: in Com. of Sup., 2636 (ii). Wilhelm Telephone Factory, Seizure at, Compromise, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Lalor) 7601 (iv). Williamsburg Canal, Electrical Equipment: in Com. of Sup., 6396 (iv).

Entrance Pier: in Com. of Sup., 6426 (iv). [DOT]

Lock master's House: in Com. of Sup., 6408 (iv).

Machinery: in Com. of Sup., 6426 (iv).

Mooring Posts: in Com. of Sup., 6426 (iv). Windsor Branch, I.C.R. Ry.: in Com. of Sup., 6352 (iv). Windsor Govt. Dock, Establishment of: Ques. (Mr. Wilcox) 6272 (iv). Windsor, N.S., Letter Carriers, Salary: Remarks (Mr. Black) in Com. of Sup., 6087 (iv). Wingham Public Building Tower Clock, Expenditure re: Ques. (Mr. T. Chisholm) 6664 (iv). Winnipeg Armoury: in Com. of Sup., 3052 (ii). Winnipeg Board of Trade, Res. re Reciprocity with U.S.: Read (Mr. Lalor) 4121 (iii). Winnipeg Buildings: in Com. of Sup., 3018, 3029 (ii). Winnipeg International Exposition, Govt. Assistance to: Ques. (Mr. Sproule) 708 (l).

Remarks (Mr. A. Haggart) in Com. of Sup., 5981 (iv).

See 'Selkirk.' Winnipeg Rifle Range: in Com. of Sup., 6053 (iv).

See 'Militia.' Winnipeg River Water Rights, Grants, Leases &c.: M. for Ret* (Mr. A. Haggart) 2162 (ii).

Inquiry for Ret. (Mr. Bradbury) 3955 (iii). Winnipegosis. Fish Hatchery, Apptrnt. of Keeper &c.: Ques. (Mr. Campbell) 4041 (iii). Wireless Stations, Number, Location, Cost, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Armstrong) 2678 (ii).

M. for Ret.* (Mr. Armstrong) 1340 (i).

Remarks (Mr. Armstrong) in Com. of Sup., 6457 (iv). Wireless Telegraphy on Ships: See 'B. Nos. 41 and 116.' Wolfe Island Customs Official, Apptrnt. of, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Edwards) 8099 (v).

Dredging: Remarks (Mr. Edwards) in Com. of Sup., 6021 (iv).

Protection to Road: Remarks (Mr. Edwards) in Com. of Sup., 6413 (iv). Wolfville Public Building: in Com. of Sup., 1599 (i). Woods Building: See 'Ottawa.' Wood, Carriage by Water: See 'B. No. 210 & 212.' Wood Island Life ©oat Dimensions, Accommodation, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Daniel) 3224 (ii). Wool in the Fleece omitted from Free List re Reciprocity: Ques. (Mr. Elson) 6264 (iv). Working Expenses, Canals: in Com. of Sup., 6453 (iv). Workingmen's Wages, Increased Cost of Living, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Ecrement) 3065 (ii). Wrecking Plant Subsidy: in Com. of Sup., 5829 (iii). Yarmouth Board of Trade: Res. Reciprocity, Read (Mr. Law) 5550 (iii). Yarmouth Dredging Improvements: in Com. of Sup., 6031 (iv). Yarmouth Farmers' Association, Res. re Reciprocity: Read (Mr. Law) 4122 (iii). Yarmouth Public Building: in Com. of Sup., 1600 (i). Year Book: in Com. of Sup., 6184 (iv). Yukon Buildings, Salaries, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 3214 (ii). Yukon Territory Ordinances: Presented (Mr. Murphy) 8 (i).

March 22, 1911