February 18, 1921


Report of the Clerk of Petitions dated February 18, 1921. Returns of the 13th General election to the House of 17th December, 1917, and by-elections held during the years 1916, 1917, 1918, and 1919 in French and English.-Mr. Speaker. Report of the Commissioner of Patents for the year 1920.-Right Hon. Sir George Foster. Report of the Department of Customs and Inland Revenue for the year ending March 31, 1920.-Hon. Mr. Wigmore. Shipping report of the Department of Customs.-Hon. Mr. Wigmore.


Hon. J. D. REID (Minister of Railways and Canals) presented the reports of the Select Committee to prepare and report lists of members composing the Select Standing Committees of the House as follows: No. l ON PRIVILEGES AND ELECTIONS Messieurs: Armstrong (York), Blake, Boys, Buchanan, Bureau, Cannon, Copp, Crothers, Davidson, Demers, Devlin, Doherty, Douglas (Strathcona), Fripp, Guthrie, Jacobs, Keefer, Lapointe, Lemieux, McCoig, McIntosh, McKenzie, McMaster, Meighen, Mowat, Porter, Tweedie, and Vien.-28.

No. 2 ON RAILWAYS, CANALS AND TELEGRAPH LINES. Messieurs: Allan, Anderson, Archambault, Argue, Armstrong (Lambton), Arthurs, ' Ballantyne, B§land, Blair, Blake, Bol'ton, Bonnell, . Boyer, Boys, Bristol, Buchanan, Bureau, Cahill, Calder, Campbell, Cannon, Casgrain, Chabot, [DOT] Charlton, Chisholm, Cla-Tk (Red Deer), Clements, Cockshutt, Cooper, Copp, Crerar, Crowe, Cruise, Currie, d'Anjou. Davidson, Davis, D6eh6ne, Delisle, Devlin, Doherty, Douglas (Cape Breton), Douglas (Strathcona), Edwards, Elkin, Ethier, Euler, Fafard, . Fielding, -Fontaine, Fournier, Fraser, Fripp, Gauvreau, Guthrie, Harold, Harrison, Hay, Henders, Hepburn, Hocken, Hughes (Sir Sam), Kay, Keefer, Knox, Lalor, Lanictot, Lapointe, Lavigueur, Leduc, Lemieux, Leisage, Long, Majckie (Edmonton), Mackie (Renfrew), Maclean (York), MacNutt, McCoig, McCrea, McCurdy, McGregor, McLean (Royal), McQuarrie, Maharg, Manion, Marcile (Bagot), Martin, Merner, Mewburn, Middlebro, Molloy, Morphy, Mowat, Murphy, Myers, Nesbitt, Nicholson (Algoma), Nicholson (Queens), Pardee, Parent, Peck, Pelletier, Porter, Power, Reid (Grenville), Reid (Mackenzie), Richardson, Savard, SSguin, Shaw, Shear d, Simpson, Smith, Stevens, Stewart (Hamilton), Stewart (Lanark), Sutherland, Thompson (Weyburn), Thomson (Qu'Appelle), t Trahan, Tudhope, Vien, Wallace, Wigmore, Wilson (Saskatoon), Wilson (Wentworth), and Wright.-127. of the said Committee And that the Quorum do consist of Twenty-five Members.

No. 3 ON MISCELLANEOUS PRIVATE BILLS. Messieurs: Ames (Sir Herbert), Hocken, Anderson, Kennedy (Essex), Andrews, Knox, Archaanbault, Lafortune, Armstrong (York), Mackie (Renfrew), Ballantyne, McGibbon (Muskoka), Ball, McLean (Royal), Blair, Marcil (GBonaventure), Bourassa, Martin, Boyer, Pacaud, Boys, Papineau, Brien, Pardee, Bureau, Parent, Butts, Paul, Casselman, Pedlow, Charters, Power, Cronyn, PrSvost, Douglas (Cape Breton),Proulx, DuTremblay, Reid (Grenville), Ethier, Richardson, Fortier, Robb, Foster (York), Ross, Fraser, Rowell, Fripp, Scott, Fulton, Steele, Gauthier, Stein, Glass, Stewart (Lanark), Green, Thompson (Hastings), Guthrie, Tobin, and Harrison, Tolmie.-61. Hepburn, And that the Quorum of the said Committee do consist of Ten Members.

No. 4 ON STANDING ORDERS. Messieurs: Armstrong- (Lambton) Brien, Butts, Ohabot, Clarke (Wellington), fcruise, Deslauriers, Doherty,

Euler, Gervaie, Griesibach, Halbert, partt, Hepburn, Kemp (Sir Edward), MaicKelvie, And that the Quoru: do consist or Seven IV , Maclean (York), MaoNutt, McGibibon (Argenteuil), MfoGibbon (Muskoka), Me Isaac, Marcile (Bagot), Mayrand, Michaud, Mowat, Paul, S6guin, Stacey, [DOT] Turgeon, Verville, Wallace, and White (Sir Thomas).-33. m of the said Committee No. 5 ON PRINTING Messieurs: Bowman, Brouillard, Buchanan, Cardin, Charters, Clark (Bruce), Clarke (Wellington), Crowe, Currie, Fontaine, Hocken, Hughes (Sir Sam), Keefer, Maclean (Halifax), Michaud, Murphy, Pr§vost, Richardson, Shaw, Verville, White (Victoria), Wilson (Wentworth), and Wright.-23. No. 6 ON PUBLIC ACCOUNTS. Messieurs: Andrews, Archambault, Ball, Best, Bonnell, Boys, Calder, Cannon, Chaplin, Chisholm, Copp, Crothers, Crowe, Davidson, Demers, Devlin, Drayton CSir Henry) Edwards, Fripp, Fulton, Gauvreau, Green, Griesbach, Jacobs, Kemp (Sir Edward), Lapointe, Mackie (Renfrew), Maclean (Halifax), McCoig, McCrea, McGregor, Mclsaac, McKenzie, McMaster, Maharg, Meighen, Merner, Mewburn, Michaud, Middlebro, Morphy, Murphy, Papineau, Parent, Proulx, Redman, Reid (Grenville), Ross, Scott, Sheard, Simpson, Sinclair (Antigonish ), Spinney, Thomson [DOT] (Qu'Appelle), Tremain, Tudhope, Tweedie, Verville, Vien, White (Sir Thomas), and Wigmore.-61. And that the Quorum of the said Committee do consist of Twenty-one Members. No. 7 ON BANKING AND COMMERCE Messieurs: Allan, Ames (Sir Herbert), Argue, Baldwin, Best, Bristol, Calder, Cardin, Casgrain, Chaplin, Charlton, Clements, Cockshutt, Cowan, Crerar, Cronyn, Currie, d'Anjou, Davis, D£ch£ne, Demers, Denis, Desaulniers, Deslauriers, Douglas (Strathcona), Drayton (Sir Henry), DuTremblay, Edwards, Elkin, Fielding, Finley, Fortier, Foster (Sir George), Foster (York), Gauthier, Lang, Lavigueur, Leduc, L6ger, Lemieux, Lesage, Loggie, Maclean (Halifax ), Maclean (York), McCurdy, McGibbon (Argenteuil), McQuarrie, Meighen, Middlebro, Molloy, Nesbitt, Pacaud, Papineau, Pardee, Pedlow, Porter, Redman, Robb, Ross, Sexsmith, Sinclair (Antigonish), Steele, Stevens, Stew'art (Hamilton ), Sutherland, Thompson (Yukon), Thomson (Qu'Appelle), Tobin, Trahan, Tremain, Glass, Henders, Hunt, Jacobs, Johnston, Kemp (Sir Edward), Kennedy (Essex), And that the Quoru do consist of Twenty-< Tweedie, Whidden, White (Sir Thomas), and Wilson (Saskatoon).-81. n of the said Committee ne Members. No. 8 ON AGRICULTURE AND COLONIZATION. Messieurs: Allan, MacKelvie, Anderson, Mackie (Edmonton), Argue, Mackie ( Renfrew), Armstrong (York), MacNutt, [DOT] Armstrong (Lambton) ,McCoig, Arthurs, McCrea, Baldwin, McCurdy, Ball, McDonald, Best, McGibbon (Argdnteuil), Blair, McGibbon ( Muskoka), Bolton, McGregor, Bourassa, McIntosh, Bowman, Mclsaac, Boyce, McLean (Royal), Brien, McMaster, , Brouillard, Maharg, Cahill, Marcile (Bagot), Caldwell, Mayrand, Casgrain, Merner, Casselman, Molloy, Charters, Morphy, Clark (Red Deer), Myers, Clarke (Wellington), Nicholson (Algoma), Cowan, Nicholson (Queens), Crerar, Paul, Cruise, Proulx, Davis, Reid (Mackenzie), Delisle, Robb. Denis, Savard, Desaulniers, S6guin, Douglas (Strathcona), Sexsmith, Edwards, Shaw, Finley, Simpson, Fournier, Sinclair (Antigonish ), Fulton, Sinclair Gervais, (Queens, P.E.I.), Glass, Smith, Gould, Spinney, Halbert, Stacey, Halladay, Steele, Harold, Sutherland, Hay, Thompson (Hastings), Henders, Thompson (Weyburn), Hughes (Sir Sam), Thompson (Yukon), Hunt, Tolmie, Johnston, Tremain, Kay, Truax, Kennedy (Glengarry), Wallace, Knox, Whidden, Lafortune, White (Victoria), Lanctfit, Wilson Lang, (Wentworth), and L6ger, Wright.-105. Long, And that the Quorum of the said Committee do consist of Twelve Members. No. 9 ON MARINE AND FISHERIES Messieurs: Ballantyne, Butts, Caldwell, Manion, Martin, Munson, Cardin, Nicholson (Queens), Chisholm, Peck, Clark (Bruce), Pelletier, Clements, Rowell. Deslauriens, Savard, Duff. Sinclair (Antigonish), Fielding, Sinclair Gauvreau, (Queens, P.E.I.), Hartt, Spinney, Hay, Stevens, Lang, Trahan, Ldger, Truax, Loggie, Tudhope, McIntosh, Turgeon, and McKenzie, Wigmore.-36. McQuarrie, And that the Quorum of the said Committee do consist of Ten Members. - No. 10 ON MINES AND MINERALS Arthurs. Messieurs: Lemieux, Blake, Loggie, Bolton, Long, Bonnell, MacKelvie, Cahill, McDonald, Campbell, Marcil (Bonaven'ture), Cockshutt, Nesbitt, D6ch£ne, Nicholson (Algoma), Denis, Pacaud, Fortier, Peck, Gould, Pelletier, Green, Provost, Griesbach, Reid (Mackenzie), Halbert, Rinfret, Harrison, Sexsmith, Hartt, Smith, Johnston, Thompson Kennedy (Glengarry), (Yukon), and La lor, White (Victoria).-37. And that the Quorum of the said Committee do consist of Ten Members. ON FORESTS, * No. 11 WATERWAYS AND WATER- Baldwin, POWERS Messieurs: Halladay, Bdland, Kennedy (Glengarry )t, Bourassa, Mackie (Edmonton), Bowman, McDonald, Boyce, Manion, Bureau, Michaud, Caldwell, Pacaud, Campbell, Power, Casselman, Redman, Charlton, Stein, Cooper, Stewart (Hamilton), Cowan, Thompson (Hastings), Ethier, Thompson (Weyburn), Fafard, Tolmie, Finley, White (Victoria), and Foster (York), Wilson Fraser, (Saskatoon ).-3 4. Gould, And that the Quorum of the said Committee do consist of Ten Members. OFFICIAL No. 12 REPORT OF DEBATES. Balantyne, Messieurs: Lemieux, Chabot, McKenzie, Devlin, Marcil (Bona venture ),

Elkin, Munson, Foster (Sir George), Richardson, and Hocken, Rinfret.-13. Kay, And that the Quorum of the said Committee do consist of Five Members. No. 13 ON THE LIBRARY Messieurs: Andrews, Boland, Borden (Sir Robert), Boyer, Ohaplin, Clark (Red Deer ), Cooper, Cronyn, Crothens, Drayton (Sir Henry), Foster (Sir George), Harold, King, Lapointe, Lemieux, Meighen, Myers, Pardee, Rowell, Sheard, and Whidden.-21. On motion of Hon. J. D. Reid, the report was concurred in.



Arthur Meighen (Prime Minister; Secretary of State for External Affairs)


Rt. Hon. ARTHUR MEIGHEN (Prime Minister) moved:

power to send for persons, papers and records; with the exception of the Committee on Debates and that on the Library of Parliament.



On the orders of the day: Mr. WM. DUFF (Lunenburg) : Is the report correct that the steamships "Canadian Mariner" and "Canadian Explorer," lately built by the Halifax shipyards on the orders of the Government, have been registered in the Port of Montreal? If so, may I ask why they were not registered in Halifax instead?


Edgar Nelson Rhodes (Speaker of the House of Commons)



The question which the hon. member asks is one that should properly be placed on the Order Paper. It is not a question of such urgency as to warrant its being asked on the Orders of the Day.



That a message be sent to the Senate to acquaint Their Honours that this House will unite with them in the formation of a Joint Committee of both Houses on the subject of the printing of Parliament, and that the members of the Select Standing Committee on Printing namely, Messrs. Bowman, Brouillard, Buchanan, Cardin, Charters, Clark (Bruce), Clarke (Wellington), Crowe, Currie, Fontaine, Hocken, Hughes (Sir Sam), Keefer, Maclean (Halifax), Michaud, Murphy, Prevost, Richardson, Shaw, Verville, White (Victoria), Wilson (Wentworth), and Wright, will act as members on the part of this House on the said Joint Committee on the Printing of Parliament Motion agreed to.



Dominique Monet


That a message be sent to the Senate informing Their Honours that this House has appointed Messrs. Andrews, Beland, Borden (Sir Robert), Boyer, Chaplin, Clark (Red Deer), Cooper, Cronyn, Crothers, Drayton (Sir Henry), Foster (Sir George) Harold, King, Lapointe, Lemieux, Meighen, Myers, Pardee, Rowell, Sheard, and Whidden, a Committee to assist His Honour the Speaker in the direction of the Library of Parliament, so far as the interests of the House of Commons are concerned, and to act on behalf of the House of Commons as members of a Joint Committee of both Houses on the Library.


Motion agreed to.


February 18, 1921