February 25, 1925



Defendant's Name Occupation Place of Business Fine Imposed Nature of Offence Per cent water in excess of 16 or per cent, foreign fat $ 10 5-3 ll <i 10 a 1-3it it 10 a 11a tt 50 a a 15 a " tt' tt a 10 tt a a a 10 2-3a a 10 10it u 10 n 3-40Markdale Creamery Co it it Markdale, Ont 10 Short weight prints


Cardston Creamery Association Wm. Landreville Wilfrid Roy Dunham Creamery H. Jutras J. B. Jackson Co., Ltd Kincardine Creamery Philie & Turgeon Mayfair Creamery Co., Ltd___ Jos. Longpre Georges A. Crepeau Willow Grove Creamery A.Jean Z. Bergeron Camille Chaput Urcher Brault Normandin Freres Geo. H. Leveille A. Richard S. Archambault A. Dupras S. Archambault M. Schnarch Doria Theroux P. St. Cyr A. Poupart & Co., I td Butter manufacturer.... Cardston, Alta a it St. Jean de Matha, Que tt ii Dunham, Que « ti St. Wenceslas, Que ii tt Simcoe, Ont tt tt Kincardine, Ont it tt Valleyfield, Que ti it Calgary, Alta tt tt St. Esprit, Que tt tt Mascouche, Que tt tt Mitchell, Ont it tt Riviere Noire, Que tt tt Mandeville, Que it tt Petit Bois d'Auray, I.anoraie tt tt St. Jean de Matha, Que Butter manufacturer.... Ste. Anne des Plaines, Que it it Pont Rouge, Que it tt Montreal, Que tt tt tt tt Butter manufacturer Ste. Aime, Que " " Champlain, Que tt tt Montreal, Que 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 25 200 300 10 200 Excess water, tt tt Short weight prints Excess water it Short weight prints. Excess water a a Short weight prints it it Foreign fat it it Selling butter adulterated with foreign fat. Excess water Short weight prints Foreign fat 316 1- 4 6-4 2- 2 1- 7 2- 9 0- 98 2-98 1- 2 5-2 20 1-5 1-42 91 35 to 40 20 to 25 30 to 04 30 to 40 15 to 20

Rahall Bros.. Nathan Schin Merchants Merchant. Frog Lake, Alta Montreal, Que... M. Schnarch Jos. Beaudouin Jos. Beaudouin Jos. Beaudouin A. Poupart Co. Ltd Romeo Vincent A. Poupart Co. Ltd H. Gervais Hagersville Creamery Sanitary Dairy Ltd Graham Creamery Co. Ltd Rahall Bros

Butter manufacturer

Merchant Butter manufacturer

Merchant Butter manufacturer

« Merchant it Cabane Ronde, Que (( it Montreal, Que ii it Hagersville, Ont - St. Catharines, Ont. Alexandria, Ont Frog Lake, Alta

A. Blais J. Longpre J. Raymond A. Caumartin S. Brault A. Plante W. Boulanger P. Joly Mount Royal Creamery Co, Tara Creamery Lamb ton Creamery Lambton Creamery R. Turbide Butter manufacturer . Thetford Mines, Que . St. Esprit . Ste. Marie Salome, Que... . St. Cuthbert, Que . St. Alexis, Que . Sault St. Lin, Que . L'Avenir, Que . Ste. Elizabeth, Que . Montreal, Que . Hagersville, Ont . Petrolia, Ont Cheese manufacturer... Lac au Saumon, Que W. Beaudoin Shawville Creamery Stratford Dairy Co. Ltd... S. Caulfield & Sons Nault & Dery E. Roberge W. Talbot T. Lessier A. Lapalme H. Lapalme Arundel Butter & Cheese Co A. Frappier A. Frappier A. Frappier A. Frappier A. Frappier A. Frappier A. Dupras Butter manufacturer

a Merchants and butter manufacturers. Butter manufacturer

a St. Didace, Que Shawville, Que Stratford, Ont Toronto, Ont Riviere Desert, Que St. Come Liniere, Que.... St. Georges West, Que

Valcourt, Que St. Hugues, Que St. Paul Abbotsford, Que. Arundel, Que Sorel, Que a

a a

a a ... Montreal, Que, 200 200 Renovating butter Selling butter adulterated by 30 to 40200 foreign fat. tt << tt 40 to 50200 tt it it 15 to 20200 a tt u 15 to 20200 it tt a 15 to 20200 u u it 20 to 25200 U U It 20 to 25200 it it it 70 to 80200 tt it it 20 to 3010 10 10 Short Weight Prints it tt Excess water 11010 10 Having renovated butter in possession for sale. Excess water 2-6425 u 2-9325 tt 2-0810 tt 50710 tt 2-3610 tt 30410 tt 1-5510 tt 7-6810 u 1-2210 tt 1-220 20 Short weight prints. Excess water 1110 10 Inferior curd in centre of cheese. Excess water 1-510 " 2-1410 tt 7-710 it 1120 tt 2010 it 1-410 it 1010 tt 11410 tt 1010 it 1-9810 " 1-2200 Selling butter adulterated 10 to 15Suspended with foreign fat. u u u 10 to 15sentence. tt tt u 10 to 15« a u tt 10 to 15** a u tt 25 to 30tt u tt tt 25 to 30200 tt tt a 25 to 30 *. Motherwell.] CALENDAR YEAR 1924-Con. Defendant's Name Occupation Place of Business A. Gem me Dunham Creamery A. Beauvais A. Poupart & Co... Butter manufacturer St. Alphonse de Granby, Quo Dunham, Que St. Bruno de Guigues, Que... Montreal, Que A. Poupart & Co J. H. Leblanc___ Jean Goyette.... Jos. Cote R. Perron A. Dupras Chas. Fortin... L. Desrosiers.... A. Dubeau A. Trudel 0. Richard L. Gevry E. Frappier.... .. Batiscan, Que .. St. Thecle, Que .. Becancourt, Que .. Ste. Gertrude, Que .. Montreal, Que .. St. Victor de Tring, Que.... .. St. Damien, Que « .. St. Viateur, Que .. St. Norbert, Que .. St. Cecile de Milton, Que.... ,. St. Bonaventure de Upton, Que Fine Imposed 20 200 10 10 10 10 10 15 Nature of Offence Per cent water in excess of 16 or per cent foreign fat Excess water. Selling butter adulterated with Joreign fat. Excess water 6-17 2- 9 25 to 30

3- 56 1-2 1-5 1-96 3-2 118 118 1-48 5-4 2 06

520 COMMONS Questions Questions as Orders




Conservative (1867-1942)

1. How many tons of coal were supplied to the Odonak convent, in the Abenakis village, county of Yamaaka, Quebec, during the years 1921-22, 1922-23, 1923-24 and 1924-25?

2. Who were the contractors for each of the above mentioned years and what price was paid per ton?

3. How many cords of wood were supplied to said convent for the above mentioned years?

4. Who w'ere the contractors for each of the above yeans and what price was paid per cord?


February 25, 1925