March 30, 1928


William Richard Motherwell (Minister of Agriculture)



Six municipalities

in Last Mountain formed the next restricted area, and that has not been extended, although there are applications in for its en-

Immigration Act

largement. Next, we established a small area in New Brunswick about ten miles out from the city of Fredericton, containing about two or three thousand cattle. A year ago this spring Prince Edward county in Ontario was organized as the first area of this nature in this province. In Nova Scotia we have practically the whole province, in hand, with the exception of Cape Breton island. Twenty-nine veterinarians have been there since last October, and will continue possibly until about July 1. It is considered that Cape Breton is sufficiently segregated from the rest of the province to avoid any risk of contagion being spread to the mainland from there. The farmers of Cape Breton island are not quite ready to ask for this service until they see how it results in the other parts of the province. I think all the information in connection with this matter is contained in very concise form in a return to an inquiry by the hon. member for Bow River (Mr. Garland).

Progress reported.




A message was delivered by Major A. R. Thompson, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, as follows: Mr. Speaker, the deputy of His Excellency the Governor General, desires the immediate attendance of this honourable house in the chamber of the honourable the senate. Accordingly the house went up to the senate. And having returned, Mr. SPEAKER informed the house that the deputy of His Excellency the Governor General had been pleased to give in His Majesty's name the royal assent to the following bills: An act respecting the Canadian National Railways and respecting the Canadian Northern Railway Company five per cent income charge convertible debenture stock. An act to amend the Income War Tax Act. On motion of Mr. Robb the house adjourned at 6 p.m. until Tuesday, April 10. Tuesday, April 10, 1928

March 30, 1928