February 7, 1938


Hon. IAN MACKENZIE (Minister of National Defence) presented the report of the special committee appointed to prepare and report lists of members to compose the standing committees of the house, as follows:


Messieurs: Anderson Beaubien Bennett Bertrand (Laurier) Bothwell Cahan Factor Fleming Fournier (Hull) Gariepy Kirk Kuhl Lawson Maclnnis Mackenzie (Vancouver Centre) McCuaig MeLarty McLean (Simcoe East) Standing Committees

McNiven Sinclair (Regina City) Slaght Massey Thorson Mitchell Turgeon Pouliot Veniot Power Warren-29. (Quorum 10) RAILWAYS, CANALS AND TELEGRAPH LINES Messieurs: Barber Lockhart Baubier Maclnnis Bertrand (Laurier) MacKinnon Bonnier (Edmonton West) Brown MacMillan Cameron McCann (Hastings South) McCallum Clark (York-Sunbury) McCulloch Chevrier Me Ivor Cochrane McKinnon (Kenora- Crerar Rainy River) Damude McNiven Deslauriers (Regina City) Duff us Maybank Dupuis Mills Edwards Mullins Elliott (Kindersley) Mutch Emmerson O'Neill Franeceur Parent (Terrebonne) Girouard Pelletier Gladstone Pouliot Grant Ross (Moose Jaw) Hamilton St-Pere Hansell Stevens Hanson Stewart Harris Streight Heaps Sylvestre Howden Vien Hushion Walsh Isnor Wermenlinger Jean White Johnston (Bow River) Young-60. (Quorum 20) MISCELLANEOUS PRIVATE BILLS Messieurs: Ahearn Lalonde Barry Little Boulanger Lockhart Bradette MacDonald Brasset (Brantford City) Brown MacLennan Clarke (Rosedale) Macphail (Miss) Cleaver McDonald (Souris) Cote McGeer Deachman McGregor Douglas McPhee Dubois Marsh Evans Mayhew Fair Mulock F erguson Parent (Quebec Ferland West and South) Franeceur Pottier Gariepy Robichaud Girouard Ross (St. Paul's) Glen Senu Goulet Sinclair Howard Taylor (Nanaimo) Hyndman Telford Johnston (Bow River) Winkler Lacombe Wood Lacroix (Quebec- Young-50. Montmorency) (Quorum 15) [Mr. I. Mackenzie.!


Messieurs: Baker Lawson Bennett Leduc Cahan MacDonald Clark (York-Sunbury) (Brantford City) Cleaver Coldwell Deachman Donnelly Dubuc Dunning Edwards Euler Fiset (Sir Eugene) Fontaine Fournier (Hull) Fraser Harris Hill Howard Hushion J acobs Jaques Kinley Kirk Lacroix (Beauce) Landeryou Mackenzie (Vancouver Centre) McGee r McLarty McPhee Mallette Martin May bank Moore Perley Plaxton Quelch Raymond Ross (Middlesex East) Rutherford Stevens Thorson Tucker Vien Ward White Woodsworth-50. (Quorum 15)


Messieurs: Ahearn Anderson Barry Beaubien Betts Black (Chateauguay-Huntingdon) Blais Blanchette Bothwell Brooks Casselman Church Douglas Dussault Elliott (Kindersley) Factor Ferland Fleming Fournier (Maisonneuve-Rosemount) Franeceur Fraser Glen Golding Goulet Grant Graydon Isnor Leader MacKinnon (Edmonton West) MacNeil McCann McDonald (Pontiac) McKinnon (Kenora-Rainy River) McLean (Melfort) Marshall Mullins Needham Patterson Purdy Rickard Rowe (Athabaska) Slaght Stewart Streight Taylor (Norfolk) Thauvette Tremblay Turgeon Wermenlinger Wood-50. (Quorum 15)


Messieurs: Barber Cochrane Beaubier Coldwell Bertrand (Prescott) Davidson Black (Chateauguay- Donnelly Huntingdon) Douglas Blair Dubois Bouchard Dupuis Boulanger Evans Clark (Essex South) Fontaine Standing Committees Furniss Gardiner Golding Gosselin Graydon Hayhurst Johnston (Lake Centre) Laeombe Lalonde Leader Leclerc Lennard MacKinnon (Edmonton West) MacLean (Prince) Macphail (Miss) MacRae McDonald (Souris) McKenzie (Lambton-Kent) McLean (Melfort) McNevin (Victoria, Ont.) Mitchell Motherwell Mullins Needham Patterson Perley Reid Rennie Rheaume Roberge Robichaud Ross (Middlesex East) Rowe (Duff erin-Simcoe) Senn Spence Stirling Taylor (Norfolk) Thompson Tomlinson Turner Ward Weir Wood-60. (Quorum 20)


Messieurs: Baker McCuaig Barry Plaxton Bertrand (Prescott) Poole Brunelle Pottier Denis Rowe Fleming (Dufferin-Simcoe) Heaps Rutherford J acobs Thauvette Leclerc Thompson MacLean (Cape Breton Turgeon North-Victoria) Turner-20. (Quorum 8)


Messieurs: Black (Mrs.) Brasset Brooks Brunelle Clark (Essex South) Cote Farquhar Ferron Fiset (Sir Eugene) Gauthier Green Hanson Hill Kinley Lapointe (Matapedia-Matane) MacLean (Prince) MacLean (Cape Breton N orth-Victoria) MacNeil MacNieol McCulloch McDonald (Souris) Michaud Neill Pelletier Pottier Reid Rickard Robichaud Stirling Taylor (Nanaimo) Telford Tomlinson Tustin Veniot Ward-35. (Quorum 10) MINES, FORESTS AND WATERS Messieurs: Black (Mrs.) Johnston (Bow River) Blais Lacroix (Beauce) Bradette Little Brooks MacKenzie (Neepawa) Clarke (Rosedale) MacLennan Cochrane MacMillan Crerar MacNieol Crete McCallum Esling McDonald (Pontiac) Farquhar O'Neill Ferguson Parent (Quebec Hamilton West and South) Hanson Patterson Hartigan Roberge Hayhurst Stevens Hill Sylvestre Hurtubise Taylor (Nanaimo) Hyndman Tremblay-35. (Quorum 10) INDUSTRIAL AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Messieurs: Barry Leduc Betts Lennard Black (Mrs.) Maclnnis Blackmore MacKenzie (Neepawa) Church MacNieol Crete Macphail (Miss) Deslauriers McGeer Dubuc McIntosh Gladstone Mclvor Grant McLean (Simcoe East) Hartigan Martin Hill Massey Howard Mayhew Howden Neill Isnor Rogers Jean Rowe (Athabaska) Lacroix (Quebec- St-Pere Montmorency) Tucker-35. (Quorum 10) DEBATES Messieurs: Cote McIntosh Esling McNevin Finn (Victoria, Ont.) Gauthier Mitchell Hill Pinard Lawson MacKinnon Pouliot-12. (Edmonton West) (Quorum 7) PRINTING OF PARLIAMENT (Members to act on the part of the Commons' Messieurs: Barry Douglas Bertrand (Laurier) Dussault Casselman Elliott (Kindersley) Chevrier Esling Damude Evans Davidson Ferron Denis Fleming

Standing Committees

Fournier (Maisonneuve- McNevin Rosemount) (Victoria, Ont.) Gauthier Marsh Green Marshall Bans ell Mills Hurtubise Moore Hushion Mullins Jean Mulock Kirk Mutch Lapointe Pinard (Matapedia-Matane) Purdy Leduc Reid hennard Ross (St. Paul's) Little Ross (Middlesex East) Maelnnis Rutherford MacKinnon St-Pere (Edmonton West) Taylor (Nanaimo) MacLean (Prince) Thompson McGregor Tucker McIntosh Tustin McKenzie Veniot (Lambton-Kent) Weir Winkler 54. LIBRARY OF PARLIAMENT (Members to act on the part of the Commons) Mr. Speaker Ahearn Blackmore Blair Blanchette Bonnier Bothwell Bouchard Bradette Br asset Cameron (Bastings South) Casselman Clark (York-Sunbury) Duff us Emmerson Fournier (Maisonneuve-Rosemount) Grant Green Hamilton Hyndman Johnston (Lake-Centre) Kuhl Lennard and Messieurs: Maelnnis MacKinnon (Edmonton West) MacLean (Cape Breton North-Victoria) MacLennan MacNeil Macphail (Miss) McCallum Mallette Martin Moore Mutch Parent (Quebec West and South) Parent (Terrebonne) Raymond Reid Rennie Ross (St. Paul's) St-Pere Spence Walsh Winkler Young-44.



William Lyon Mackenzie King (Prime Minister; Secretary of State for External Affairs; President of the Privy Council)


Right Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister) moved:

That the standing committees of this house shall severally be empowered to examine and inquire into all such matters and things as may be referred to them by the house and to report from time to time their observations and opinions thereon, with power to send for persons, papers and records.


Richard Bedford Bennett (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)

Right Hon. R. B. BENNETT (Leader of the Opposition):

Mr. Speaker, I gathered

from what the Minister of Finance (Mr. Dunning) said the other day that he would make inquiry as to whether the Auditor General's report should not as a matter of course be referred to the committee on public accounts. This question arises out of this motion.

Hon. CHARLES A. DUNNING (Minister of Finance): I have looked into the procedure of recent years and I find that in most cases since 1931 the Auditor General's report has been tabled by the Minister of Finance shortly after the opening of the session and that a subsequent motion has been made to refer the report to the appropriate committee after the setting up of the committees. I intend to make such a motion one of these days.


February 7, 1938