March 6, 1944




Major James William Coldwell

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)

Mr. M. J. COLDWELL (Rosetown-Biggar):

Before the business of the house is proceeded with may I say that in the Ottawa Citizen of Saturday, March 4, there appears on page 9 a report of a meeting of the Saskatchewan legislature. In the course of that report Mr. Carl Stewart, member for Yorkton, Saskatchewan, is reported to have said:

I make the charge that Mr. Coldwell, Mr. Castleden and Mr. Feeley have improperly interfered with the board to keep men out of uniform.

Mr. Feeley is a member of the Saskatchewan legislature, and the board referred to is the moboiization board. I wish to say that the charge is wholly false, and comes from a person of whom the present chairman of the mobilization board, Mr. Justice Anderson, said on December 4, 1943, that "people who know Mr. Stewart would not take his criticism too seriously."


Some hon. MEMBERS:


Awards for Gallantry


Major James William Coldwell

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)


I think it is my right to say that if Mr. Stewart has any charge to lay against any member of parliament for improper conduct the place to lay it is with the responsible minister in order that the matter may be reported to this house and dealt with in a proper manner.


George Hugh Castleden

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)

Mr. G. H. CASTLEDEN (Yorkton):

On a

question of privilege, Mr. Speaker, arising out of the same dispatch, my name was mentioned as having improperly interfered with the operations of the same board in the province of Saskatchewan. I also wish to state that this charge is absolutely false. Evidence produced at different times in this house proves fairly conclusively that the Saskatchewan board is completely out of line in its attitude towards potsponements with the other boards across Canada. As an instance I refer to the statement of the Minister of National War Services, which is found on page 4306 of Hansard of November 12, 1941, which reveals that during the training periods-


Some hon. MEMBERS:



Thomas Vien (Speaker of the Senate)



The hon. member is now going far beyond any question of privilege.


George Hugh Castleden

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)


On a question of privilege have I not the right to state that in the absence of any evidence to support this charge we are asking for the tabling of all correspondence with respect to the dealings of this board, and we repeat that this statement is absolutely false.





James Layton Ralston (Minister of National Defence)


Hon. J. L. RALSTON (Minister of National Defence):

On February 28 I told the house that the list of the members of the Canadian army who have received decorations for gallantry in this war would be tabled just as soon as a number of recent operational awards had been gazetted. Those latest awards have now been gazetted and appear in the special edition of the Canada Gazette published today.

I now have the privilege of submitting to the house the names of almost five hundred members of the Canadian army to whom honours have been awarded by His Majesty for deeds of gallantry and devotion to duty in this war. With the unanimous permission of the house I would ask that these names be given a permanent record on Hansard.

_ With the exception of the Victoria Cross, it is not the practice to publish the citations showing the detailed circumstances under which

the awards were earned. In the case of the award of the Victoria Cross the practice is to publish not only the name but the citation as well. That decoration, as the house knows, is the highest award for valour and devotion to duty that can be conferred on a member of the fighting forces by his king.

There are two awards of the Victoria Cross in the list which I am submitting to-day. One has already been published. It is the award to Lieutenant-Colonel Cecil Merritt for heroic and inspiring leadership at Dieppe. The citation appeared in the Canada Gazette of October 10, 1942. I shall read it, Mr. Speaker, in order that it may be on Hansard'.

The King has been graciously pleased to approve the award of the Victoria Cross to:

Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Cecil Ingersoll Merritt, the South Saskatchewan Regiment.

For matchless gallantry and inspiring leadership whilst commanding his battalion during the Dieppe raid on the 19th August, 1942.

From the point of landing, his unit's advance had to be made across a bridge in Pourville which was swept by very heavy machine-gun, mortar and artillery fire; the first parties were mostly destroyed and the bridge thickly covered by their bodies. A daring lead was required; waving his helmet, Lieutenant-Colonel Merritt rushed forward shouting "Come on over! There's nothing to worry about here."

He thus personally led the survivors of at least four parties in turn across the bridge. Quickly organizing these, he led them forward and when held up by enemy pill-boxes he again headed rushes which succeeded in clearing them. In one case he himself destroyed the occupants of the post by throwing grenades into it. After several of his runners became casualties, he himself kept contact with his different positions.

Although twice wounded Lieutenant-Colonel Merritt continued to direct the unit's operations with great vigour and determination and while organizing the withdrawal he stalked a sniper with a Bren gun and silenced him. He then coolly gave orders for the departure and announced his intention to hold off and "get even with" the enemy. When last seen he was collecting Bren and tommy guns and preparing a defensive position which successfully covered the withdrawal from the beach.

Lieutenant-Colonel Merritt is now reported to be a prisoner of war.

To this commanding officer's personal daring the success of his unit's operations and the safe reembarkation of a large portion of it were chiefly due.


Percy Chapman Black

National Government

Mr. BLACK (Cumberland):

If the minister would allow me to do so I should like to add that this man is also a great grandson of a former prime minister of this country, Sir Charles Tupper, one of the greatest of Canadians.


Ian Alistair Mackenzie (Minister of Pensions and National Health)


Mr. MACKENZIE (Vancouver Centre):

And he comes from Vancouver city.

Awards for Gallantry


James Layton Ralston (Minister of National Defence)



Captain (A/Major) M. E. P. Garneau, Canadian Infantry Corps, 2174 Lincoln Avenue, Montreal, P.Q.

Captain W. D. Whitaker, Canadian Infantry Corps, 5 Montclair Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

Captain G. A. Browne, The Royal Canadian Artillery, 55 Delaware Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario.

Maj.-Gen. G. G. Simonds, C.B.E.. DeBary Apartments, Wardlaw Avenue, Winnipeg, Man.

Brigadier H. D. Graham, E.D., Trenton, Ontario.

Brigadier C. Vokes, 433 Besserer Street, Ottawa, Ontario.

Lt.-Col. E. L. Booth, Canadian Armoured Corps, Penetanguishene, Ontario.

Lt.-Col. J. C. Jefferson, E.D., Canadian Infantry Corps, 11319-79th Street, Edmonton, Alta.

Lt.-Col. B. A. Sutcliffe, E.D., Canadian Infantry Corps, R.R. No. 2, Trenton, Ontario.

Lt.-Col. G. Walsh, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, Oakville, Ontario.

Major H. P. Bell-Irving, Canadian Infantry Corps, Vancouver, B.C.

Major K. J. Southern, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, 584 Red River Road, Port Arthur, Ont.

Major G. A. Welsh, The Royal Canadian Artillery, Sunderland, Ont.

Brigadier A. B. Matthews, 3 Clarendon Crescent, Toronto, Ont.

Lt.-Col. B. M. Hoffmeister, Canadian Infantry Corps, 4749 Belmont Ave., Vancouver, B.C.

Lt.-Col. G. Kitehing, Canadian Infantry Corps. Shorehain-by-Sea, Sussex, England.

Lt.-Col. H. M. Hague, E.D., The Royal Canadian Artillery, 4477 Montrose Ave., West-mount, Que.

Major W. G. Bury, E.D.. Canadian Infantry Corps, 10933-80th Ave., Edmonton, Alta.

Major A. S. Donald, Canadian Infantry Corps, 9S42-i 12th St., Edmonton, Alta.

Brigadier R. A. Wyman, E.D., 11214-67th St., Edmonton, Alta.

Lt.-Col. J. P. E. Bernatchez, O.B.E., Canadian Infantry Corps, Montmagny. Que.

Lt.-Col. M. P. Bogert, Canadian Infantry Corps, 1227 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, Que.

Lt.-Col. I. S. Johnston, Canadian Infantry Corps. 81 Binsearth Roard. Toronto. Ont.

, %Col. J. N. Lane. The Royal Canadian Artillery, Halifax. N.S.

Lt.-Col. C. H. NeroutsOs, Canadian Armoured Corps. 1757 Allison Road, University Hill, Vancouver, B.C.

Major (A/Lt.-Col.) C. B. Ware. Canadian Infantry Corps, G6 Forest Hill Road, Toronto, Ont.

Major R. B. Fraser, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, 312 Lonsdale Road. Toronto, Ont.

Bar to the Military Cross (M.C.)

Captain P. Lieven, M.C., The Royal Canadian Artillery. Montreal. Que.

Captain X. B. Buchanan. M.C. The Royal Canadian Artillery, St. Stephen, N.B.

The Military Cross (M.C.)

Capt. L. G. Alexander. The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, 1306 Scotland St., Calgary. Alta.

Capt. H. B. Carswell. The Royal Canadian Artillery, Ottawa. Ontario.

Capt. F. W. Hayter, The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, Alameda, Sask.

Capt. H. J. Kennedy, Canadian Infantry Corps. 1100 Ouellette Ave., Windsor, Ont.

Capt. R. H. Lajoie, Canadian Infantry Corps, 360 Redfern Ave., Westmount, Que.

Cap. D. F. MacRae, Canadian Infantry Corps, 214 Pitt St., Cornwall, Ont.

Capt. R. J. Wilkinson, Canadian Infantry Corps, 18 Clappertor St., Barrie, Ont.

H/Capt. J. P. Browne, Canadian Chaplain Services, Dauphin, Man.

Lieut. J. C. H. Anderson, Canadian Infantry Corps, 65 Burnaby Blvd., Toronto, Ont.

Lieut. P. Benoit, Canadian Infantry Corps, Montreal. Que.

Lieut. J. G. Counsell, Canadian Infantry Corps, 5226 Cote St. Antoine Rd., Montreal, Que.

Lieut. W. A. Ewener, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, 494 Wellington St., Sarnia, Ont.

Lieut. J. B. Gartshore, Canadian Infantry Corps, R.K. No. 3, Dundas, Ont.

Lieut. A. C. Kavanagh, Canadian Infantry Corps, 571 Home St., Winnipeg, Man.

Lieut. P. P. Loranger, Canadian Infantry Corps, Montreal. Que.

Lieut. J. E. E. McManus, Canadian Infantry Corps, 554 Driveway, Ottawa, Ont.

Capt. J. Runcie, Canadian Infantry Corps, Mayfair Apts., Winnipeg, Man.

Lieut. A. A. Masson, Canadian Infantry Corps, 5978 Durocher, Outremont. Que.

Capt. A. F. Graham, The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, 112 St.Clair Ave. West, Toronto. Ont.

Capt. W. H. V. Matthews, Canadian Infantry Corps, e/o Milnes Landing, .Sooke, Vancouver Island B.C.

Capt. X. B. Buchanan. The Royal Canadian Artillery. St. Stephen. N.B.

Capt. P. Lieven, The Royal Canadian Artillery, Montreal. Que.

Capt. R. C. Coleman, Canadian Infantry Corps, Montreal. Que.

Capt. W. K. MacDonald, The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, 220 Kent St., Charlottetown. P.E.I.

Capt. H. D. P. Tighe, Canadian Infantry Corps, 8 St. George's Cresc., Edmonton, Alta.

Capt. N. R. Waugh, Canadian Infantry Corps, 224A Pitt St.. Cornwall. Ont.

Lieut. (A/Capt.) L. Bouchard, Canadian Infantry Corps. Riviere du Loup, Quebec.

Lieut. (A/Capt.) M. J. A. Trudeau, Canadian Infantry Corps, 613 Rue St. Jean, Quebec, Que.

Lieut. G. E. Atkinson, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, Port Rowan, Ont.

Lieut. R. Carey, Canadian Infantry Corps, Davie Street, Vancouver, B.C.

Lieut. H. T. Carson, Canadian Armoured Corps, 127 Second Avenue, Ottawa, Ont.

Lieut. X. W. Dickson. The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, 519 Burnell Street, Winnipeg, Man.

Lieut. G. C. Evans, The Royal Canadian Artillery, MeAdam Junction, N.B.

Lieut. W. K. Heron, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, Asbestos, Que.

Lieut. E. St. J. C. Murdoch, The Royal Canadian Artillery, MacLeod, Alta.

Lieut. P. F. P.otvin, Canadian Infantry Corps, 85 Rue Claire-Fontaine, Quebec, Que.

Lieut. O. L. Roberts, Canadian Armoured Corps, 269 Dufferin Avenue, London, Ont.

Lieut. R. W. Ryckman, Canadian Armoured Corps, LeRoy Avenue, Darian, Conn., U.S.A.

Awards for Gallantry

Capt. G. L. F. McNeil, Canadian Infantry Corps, Grand Narrows, N.S.

Capt. D. J. Watson. The Royal Canadian Artillery, Pincher, Creek, Alta.

Lieut. E. W. S. O'Toole, Canadian Armoured Corps, 2156 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, Que.

Lieut. G. Robitaille, Canadian Infantry Corps, 5 Ste. Catherine St., Lauzon, Levis, P.Q.

Capt. (A/Major) D. W. McLean, Canadian Infantry Corps, 4299 Montrose Ave., Montreal, Que.

H/Capt. (A/H/Major) R. O. Wilkes, Canadian Chaplain Services, 627 Young Street, Winnipeg. Man.

H/Capt. J. L. Wilhelm, Canadian Chaplain Services. Walkerton, Ont.

Capt. R. M. Dillon, Canadian Infantry Corps, 25 Marfey Place, London, Out.

Capt. G. M. C. Sprung, Canadian Intelligence Corps. 260 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa, Ont.

Lieut. M. C. D. Bowman, Canadian Infantry Corps, 362 Walmer Road, Toronto, Ont.

Lieut. J. A. Dougan, Canadian Infantry Corps. Barrie. Ont.

Lieut. G. R. Guy, Canadian Infantry Corps, 217 Cobourg Road, Halifax. N.S.

Capt. H. W. Chestnut, The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps. Moosomin. Sask. G. D. Mitchell, The Royal Canadian Artillery, 661 Grosvenor Avenue, Westmount, P.Q.

Capt. (A/Major) E. A. C. Amy, Canadian Armoured Corps, Kentville. King's Co., N.S.

Capt. (A/Major) J. P. Fletcher, The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, 19 Tranby Avenue, Toronto. Ont.

Capt. (A/Major) F. J. Hammond, Canadian Infantry Corps, 336 Christie Street, Pembroke, Ont.

Capt. (A/Major) H. A. Smith, Canadian Armoured Corps, Dauphin, Man.

Capt. (A/Major) J. R. Walker, Canadian Armoured Corps, 1183 Gauthier Street, Three Rivers, Que.

Capt. (A/Major) S. W. Thomson, Canadian Infantry Corps, Salmon Arm, B.C.

Capt. P. L. Cadegan, The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. 6 Blackett Street, Glace Bay, N.S.

Capt. L. I. Knowles. Canadian Armoured Corps. 180 Lisgar St.. Ottawa, Ont.

H/Capt. J. F. Goforth. Canadian Chaplain Services. 55 Belmont Street, Toronto, Ont.

Lieut. (A/Capt.) J. H. Jones, Canadian Infantry Corps, 23 Elliott Street, Dartmouth. N.S.

Lieut. (A/Capt.) .T. C. MacNeil, Canadian Infantry Corps, 140 Mountain Road, New Glas gow. N.S.

Lieut. (A/Capt.) H. A. R. Martin, The Royal Canadian Artillery, 3459 Peel Street, Montreal, P.Q.

Lieut. J. L. K. Buchan, Canadian Armoured Corps. 48 High Park Blvd., Toronto. Ont.

Lieut. A. J. Charbonneau, Canadian Armoured Corps. 554 Lisgar Street. Ottawa. Ont.

Lieut. F. W. Hamilton. The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, Baldur, Man.

Lieut. S. C. Kenyon. The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers. 36 Longwood Rd. S., Hamilton. Ont.

Lieut. D. R. Sharpe, Canadian Infantry Corps. 150 St. John St., Woodstock, Carleton Co.. N.B.

Lieut. J. F. Wallace. Canadian Armoured Corps. 48 Mary Street, Barrie. Ontario.

The Distinguished Conduct Medal (D.C.M.)

D61000 W.O.l (RSM) R. Levesque, Canadian Infantry Corps, 974 Amherst Street, Montreal, P.Q.

II19266 W.0.2 (CSM) G. Gouk, Canadian Infantry Corps, 844 Ingersoll Street, Winnipeg, Man.

B36973 W.0.2 (CSM) J. Stewmrt, Canadian Infantry Corps, 175 George Street. Hamilton, Ont.

H19814 Sergeant E. E. Gordon, Canadian Infantry Corps, Wapella, Sask.

A19407 L/'Sergeant G. A. Hickson, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, 36 Herlan Avenue. Kitchener. Ont.

H19715 Corporal A. Brygider, Canadian Infantry Corps, 32 Maple Street, Winnipeg, Man.

L13504 L/Corporal G. B. Berthelot, Canadian Infantry Corps, 1827 Osier Street, Regina, Sask.

B66984 L/Corporal L. G. Ellis. Canadian Infantry Corps, 86 Elder Avenue, Long Branch, Ont.

A20191 L/Oorporal M. D. Sinasac, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers. Windsor, Ont.

B37087 Private T. W. Graham, Canadian Infantry Corps, Guelph, Ont.

L13282 Private W. A. Haggard, Canadian Infantry Corps. Tisdale. Sask.

A21509 Private J. Maier, Canadian Infantry Corps. 785 Partington Avenue. Windsor, Ont.

B37767 Private H. Wichtacz. Canadian

Infantry Corps. R.R. No. 1. Galt. Ont.

U1853 Corporal W. F. Kay. Canadian

Infantry Corps, 109 Bedford Hill, Balham S.W. 12. London. Eng.

G21012 Private M. Brisson, Canadian

Infantry Corps. 37 Sacre Coeur, St. Joseph D'Alma. Lake St. John Co.. Que.

D105811 Private J. Grigas. Canadian Infantry Corps. 3 Clapp Street. Worcester. Mass.. U.S.A.

M37034 Private (A/Cpl.) D. Hadden, Canadian Infantry Corps. Vancouver, B.C.

F40151 Private T. K. Martell, Canadian Infantry Corns. Stellarton. N.S.

D51078 Sergeant (A/CSM) L. R. Drapean, Canadian Infantry Corps. 1867 Wolfe Street, Montreal. Que.

C6078 Sergeant W. J. R. McKnight. Canadian Infantry Corps. Bowmanville. Ont.

M17017 Corporal (A/Sgt.l A. G. Cheshire, Canadian Infantry Corps, Ashmont. Alta.

M57061 Private J. Low. Canadian Infantry Corns. Rochfort Bridge, Alta.

Ml6370 Sergeant (A/W.O.2) (CSM! W. L.

Bober. Canadian Infantry Corps. Derwent, Alta.

M16475 Sergeant R. B. Whiteside, Canadian Infantry Corps. Red Deer. Alta.

The Military Medal

F91544 Sapper F. P. Hutchinson, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, 24 Wentworth Street. Dartmouth. N.S.

B36765 W.O.2 (CSM! W. J. Dean, Canadian Infantry Corps. Hamilton. Ont.

D02050 Sergeant P. Dubuc, Canadian Infantry Corps. Montreal, Que.

D61690 Sergeant W. Gagne. Canadian Infantry Corps. Montreal North. Que.

D24017 Sergeant D. L. Hart. The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, 4849 Hutchison St., Montreal, Que.

A21508 Sergeant W. E. Hussey, Canadian Infantry Corps, Riverside, Ont.

Awards for Gallantry

Mentioned in Despatches

C19 Gunner G. R. Cooper, The Royal Canadian Artillery, 24 Clergy St. West, Kingston, Ontario.

Lt.-Col. K. A. Hunter, The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, 502 Waterloo St., London, Ontario.

Lt.-Col. G. L. M. Smith, The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, 33 Butternut Terrace, Ottawa, Ontario.

Major F. E. Bell, The Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, 38 Langside Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Major N. H. Ross, Canadian Infantry Corps, Biltmore Apartments, River Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Major R. Thompson, Canadian Infantry Corps, 291 Eugenie Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Major F. S. Wilkinson, Canadian Infantry Corps, 29 Spruceside Avenue. Hamilton, Ontario.

Major J. A. Willis, Canadian Infantry Corps, 709 Victoria Avenue, Windsor, Ontario.

Capt. B. Brachman, The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, Nesbitt Apartments, Regina, Sask.

Capt. R. M. Campbell, Canadian Infantry Corps, Locarno Apartments. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Capt. J. A. Catto. Canadian Infantry Corps, 21 Roxborough St. E.. Toronto, Ontario.

Capt. W. H. Finch. The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, 629 Johnston Street, Kingston, Ontario.

Capt. 0. M. Ilertzberg, Canadian Infantry Corps. 29 Bernard Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

Capt. A. L. MacLaurin, Canadian Infantry Corps. Montreal, P.Q.

H/Capt. J. A. Sabourin, Canadian Chaplain Services, 1057 Berri Street. Montreal. P.Q.

Capt. D. B. de C. Warner, The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, Ottawa, Ontario.

Lieut. G. fi. Buchanan, Canadian Infantry Corps. Medicine Hat. Alberta.

Lieut. W. Dick. Canadian Infantry Corps, 1526 Mount Pleasant Rd., Toronto. Ontario.

Lieut. L. L. Dickin, Canadian Infantry Corps, 303 Fifth Avenue N. Saskatoon, Sask.

Lieut. J. B. Hallady, Canadian Infantry Corps. Hamilton, Ontario.

Lieut. I,. R. Mcllveen, Canadian Infantry Corps, Gull Lake, Sask.

Lieut. A. J. Morrall. The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, 261 Ashdale Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

Lieut. J. C. Palms. Canadian Infantry Corps. Elizabeth & Woodward Ave., Detroit, Michigan,

Lieut. G. Stiles. Canadian Infantry Corps. 411 East 48th Avenue., Vancouver, B.C.

H19005 R.S.M. J. W. Dumma. Canadian Infantry Corps, 418 Cairnsmore Street, Winnipeg. Manitoba.

II19324 C.S.M. C. McLellan, Canadian Infantry Corps. Winnipeg. Manitoba.

B7G086 A/C.S.M, W. F. A. Robinson, Canadian Infantry Corps. Meaford. Ontario.

B36801 S/Sergeant D. A. Shenstone, Canadian Infantry- Corps, 212 Hess St. North, Hamilton. Ontario.

A21881 Sergeant J. B. Campbell. Canadian Infantry Corps. 63 Setterington Street, Lea- [DOT] mington. Ontario.

B67269 Sergeant J. M. Carroll, Canadian Infantry Corps, 214 Queen St. South, Kitchener, Ontario.

L12064 Sergeant L. P. Coderre, Canadian Infantry Corps, Coderre, Sask.

M15968 Sergeant R. Hawkins, Canadian Infantry Corps, Waterways, Alberta.

M11342 Sergeant W. L. Lyster, Canadian Infantry Corps, Empress, Alberta.

M10762 Sergeant B. Pittaway, Canadian

Infantry Corps, Waterton Park, Alta.

L12016 Sergeant B. H. Smith, Canadian

Infantry Corps, Halibrite, Sask.

B36722 Sergeant S. H. Whitaker, Canadian Infantry Corps, Barriefield Village, Ont.

B37232 Corporal E. D. Boles, Canadian

Infantry Corps, 708 Manning Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

D61461 Corporal A. Brisebois, Canadian

Infantry Corps, 2324 Chapleau Street, Montreal. Quebec.

A21624 Corporal J. Donaldson. Canadian

Infantry Corps, Detroit, Mich.. U.S.A.

A21243 Corporal R. M. Jones. Canadian

Infantry Corps. 1588 Central Avenue. Windsor, Ontario.

A3175 Corporal E. N. Mellott, Canadian Infantry Corps, Comber, Ontario.

D82389 Corporal M. E. Morgan, Canadian Infantry Corps, Fredericton. N.B.

D61252 Corporal A. Nesbitt, Canadian Infantry Corps. 116 St. Norbert Street, Montreal. P.Q.

B31077 Corporal M. H. G. Reekie, The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, 98 Dixon Avenue, Toronto. Ontario.

B37133 Corporal G. A. Stewart. Canadian Infantry Corps. 163 Robinson St., Hamilton, Ontario.

B37278 Corporal F. R. Young, Canadian Infantry Corps. Oshawa. Ontario.

B6G858 J./Corporal L. G. Green, Canadian Infantry Corps, 466 Tweedsmuir Ave., West-boro. Ontario.

P40293 L/Corporal A. R. Kryzanowski, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, Kingston, Ontario.

B36674 L/Corporal B. V. Lisson. Canadian Infantry Corps, 78 Tuxedo Ave. N., Hamilton, Ontario.

A20374 L/Corporal F. G. Tallent. The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, Alice Street, Essex. Ontario.

L12502 L/Corporal C. Ward. Canadian Infantry Corps. Gainsborough. Sask.

H19990 Private K. A. Baran, Canadian Infantry Corps, 477 Kavanagh Ave.. St. Boniface, Man.

D82480 Private J. Barclay. Canadian Infantry Corps. 674 Argvle Ave.. Verdun, Quebec.

B36951 Private G. W. A. Booker, Canadian Tnfantry Corps, 90 Haddon Ave. S.. Hamilton, Ontario.

A23000 Private G. D. Brown. Canadian Infantry Corps. Oak St. East. Leamington. Ont.

A21634 Private S. Carley. Canadian Infantry Corps. Windsor. Ontario.

H19098 Private W. Carson. Canadian Infantry Corps. St. James. Manitoba.

A21156 Private E. R. Cousineau, Canadian Tnfantry Corps, 129 McDougall St.. Windsor, Ontario.

A21122 Private J. E. Crockett, Canadian Infantry Corps, 789 Elliott St. E., Windsor, Ontario.

D61866 Private N. Daudelin. Canadian Infantry Corps, 12 Rue Du Depot, Farnham, Quebec.

L12634 Private G. Davies, Canadian Infantry Corps. Coronach, Sask.

D61432 Private J. Dufresne. Canadian Infantry Corps, 2078 Harbour Street, Montreal, Quebec.

Awards for Gallantry

H33086 Private C. G. Erickson, Canadian Infantry Corps, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

A22278 Private R. W. Ferrari, Canadian Infantry Corps, 852 St. Lukes Road, Windsor, Ontario.

H19411 Private R. L. Flett, Canadian Infantry Corps, 527 Lipton Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

L12202 Private F. P. Forness, Canadian Infantry Corps, Assiniboia, Sask. _

B83370 Private S. Germain, Canadian Infantry Corps, 198 Worthington St. W., North Bay, Ont.

D619G6 Private F. Goyer, Canadian Infantry Corps. 7245 Nancy St., Cote-des-Neiges, Montreal, P.Q.

B76437 Private J. Hackett, Canadian Infantry Corps, 6 Norvale Avenue, Toronto, Ont.

L13269 Private R. R. Harcus, Canadian Infantry Corps, Garrick, Sask.

H19769 Private E. Hebert, Canadian Infantry Corps. St. Pierre, Man.

H20083 Private H. G. L. Hutton, Canadian Infantry Corps, Minnedosa, Man.

B67766 Private R. G. Jones, Canadian Infantry Corps, 439 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, Ont.

F26378 Signalman L. W. Lacusta, The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, 52 Henry Street, Halifax, N.S.

DG2964 Private G. Languirand, Canadian Infantry Corps, 616 Jarry Street, Montreal, Que.

A35020 Sapper L. W. Laur, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, London, Ont.

A19161 Sapper L. L. Lauzon. The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, 162 Queen Street East. Toronto, Ont.

B75970 Private H. A. Lyons, Canadian Infantry Corps, 142 Rhodes Avenue, Toronto, Ont.

H19337 Sapper S. J. MacLeod, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, Winnipeg. Man.

B37783 Private A. C. Mullin, Canadian Infantry Corps, Lower Kings Highway, Newcastle, N.B.'

B32973 Signalman W. J. Ness, Canadian Infantry Corps, 92 Lawlor Avenue, Toronto, Ont.

D61936 Private J. Noel, Canadian Infantry Corps, 416 Oherrier Street, Montreal, Que.

L12408 Private II. A. O'Hare, Canadian Infantry Corps, Swift Current, Sask.

H20266 Private E. Ovens, Canadian Infantry Corps, 446 Agnes Street, Winnipeg, Man.

B37662 Private R. Pettifer, Canadian Infantry Corps, R.R. 3, Welland, Ont.

B25252 Sapper W. Price, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, Sussex. N.B.

HI9946 Private S. E. Ryne, Canadian Infantry Corps, 809-6th N.W., Moose Jaw, Sask.

B67814 Private H. M. Seaton, Canadian Infantry Corps, 2152 Cadham Street, Niagara Falls, Ont.

B36529 Private J. H. Shuart, Canadian Infantry Corps, 116 Market Street, Hamilton, Ont.

B75891 Private A. M. Sinclair, Canadian Infantry Corps, 80 Chudleigh Avenue, Toronto, Ont.

A20214 Sapper S. B. Thompson, The Corps of Roval Canadian Engineers, New Rochelle, New York, U.S.A.

B67834 Private H. E. Wright, Canadian Infantry Corps, Gilford, Ont.

Major P. R. Savoy, Canadian Infantry Corps, 1501 Chomedy Street, Montreal, P.Q.

D61181 Private G. Cloutier, Canadian Infantry Corps, 4555 Marquette St., Montreal, P.Q.

Capt. G. D. Skerrett, Canadian Infantry Corps, 373 Queen Street S., Hamilton, Ont.

Lieut. J. W. Sharp, Canadian Infantry Corps, 1321 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, P.Q.

D36139 Sergeant T. Olsen, Canadian Armoured Corps, 7 Honore Street, La Tuque, P.Q.

Major (A/Lt.-Col.) C. B. Ware, Canadian Infantry Corps, 66 Forest Hill Road, Toronto, Ont.

B13102 Sergeant R. Hillcoat, The Royal Canadian Artillery, 405 Dundas Street, Galt, Ont.

G37029 Bombardier R. M. Ritchie, The Royal Canadian Artillery, Lewisville, N.B.

United States Operational Gallantry Awards Distinguished Service Cross

Lieutenant F. B. Atto, Canadian Infantry Corps, 274 Trenton Avenue, Montreal, P.Q.

Silver Star

Lieutenant J. D. Mitchell, Canadian Infantry Corps, Dartmouth, N.S.

11205057 S/Sergeant L. H. Rudolph, Canadian Infantry Corps, 99 Cobourg Avenue, Winnipeg, Man.

D158509 Sergeant C. Gagnon, Canadian Infantry Corps, 2115 Rosemont Blvd., Montreal, P.Q.

M31330 Sergeant J. A. Parfett, Canadian Infantry Corps, Bruce, Alberta.

M102270 Sergeant R. A. Stirling, Canadian Infantry Corps, Fertile, Saskatchewan.

D109795 Private R. B. Aitken, Canadian Infantry Corps, 1205 Crescent Street, Montreal, P.Q.

M11122 S/Sergeant W. E. Brotherton Canadian Infantry Corps, i78-8th Street, N.E., Medicine Hat, Alta.

G60658 Sergeant J. E. Keleher, Canadian Infantry Corps, 15 Lowel Street, Saint John, N.B.

Foreign Gallantry Awards Croix de Guerre avec Etoile de Bronze

Major A. J. MacLaurin, Canadian Infantry Corps, Montreal, P.Q.

Major C. R. Ostrander, The Canadian Artillery, Ostrander, Ontario.

B67269 Sergeant J. M. Carroll, Canadian Infantry Corps, 214 Queen St. South, Kitchener, Ontario.

Croix de Guerre avec Etoile de Vermeil

A22062 Sergeant L. E. Scobie, Canadian Infantry Corps, 145 Ferris Avenue, Highland Park, Michigan, U.S.A.

L12502 A/L/Sergeant C. Ward, Canadian Infantry Corps, Gainsborough, Sask.

Croix de Guerre avec Etoile d'argent

D61461 Sergeant A. Brisebois, Canadian Infantry Corps, 2324 Chapleau Street, Montreal, P.Q. .

L13393 Private G. P. Buchanan, Canadian Infantry Corps, 705-7th St. East, Prince Albert, Sask.

Awards for Gallantry

A21634 Private S. Carley, Canadian Infantry Corps, Windsor, Ontario.

B67814 Private H. M. Seaton, Canadian Infantry Corps, 2152 Cadhara Street, Niagara Falls, Ont.

D61936 Private J. Noel, Canadian Infantry

Corps, 416 Cherrier Street, Montreal, P.Q.

Croix de Guerre avee Palme de Bronze

Lt.-Col. J. D. MaeBeth, The Koyal Canadian Corps of Signals, Ottawa, Ontario.

Capt. G. B. Buchanan, Canadian Infantry Corps, Medicine Hat, Alta.

Capt. (a/Major) R. M. Campbell, Canadian Infantry Corps, Locarno Apts., Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Capt. 0. M. Hertzberg, Canadian Infantry Corps, 29 Bernard Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

B67045 Sergeant A. J. Suchard, Canadian Infantry Corps, R.R. No. 6, St. Mary's, Ontario.

Major F. St. C. Wilkinson, Canadian Infantry Corps, 29 Spruceside, Hamilton, Ontario.

Croix de Guerre avec Palme de Vermeil

Lt.-Col. G. S. N. Gostling, Canadian Infantry Corps, 161 Vaughan Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Capt. T. R. McCoy, Canadian Infantry Corps, II Hilda Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario.

B76852 Private C. J. Hyland, Canadian Infantry Corps, 66 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.



Non-Operational Gallantry Awards George Cross (G.C.) George Medal (G.M.) Member of the Order of the British Empire (M.B.E.) British Empire Medal (B.E.M.) ' Commendations Non-Operational Gallantry Awards The George Cross (G.C.) Rank and Name-Corps-Address Lieut. J. M. S. Patton, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, 241 Queen Street, Kingston, Ontario. B28593 Corporal J. Hendry, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, Little Long Lae, Ontario. The George Medal (G.M.) Capt. D. W. Cunnington, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, Calgary, Alberta. C1014 Gunner J. Chambers, The Royal Canadian Artillery, 271 Brock Street, Kingston, Ontario. Capt. (a/Major) D. C. Heggie, The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, 73 Main St. South, Brampton, Ontario. Lieut. E. T. Galway, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, 324 Glen Road, Toronto, Ontario. Major D. S. Harkness, The Royal Canadian Artillery, 722 Riverdale Ave., Calgary, Alberta. Member of the Order of the British Empire (M.B.E.) Major D. J. MeDougall, Canadian Armoured Corps, 1312-3rd St. N.E., Calgary, Alta. Lieutenant J. R. Dickinson, The Royal Canadian Artillery, 661 Hochelaga St. W., Moose Jaw, Sask. Captain C. F. Egan, The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, 450 Johnson St., Kingston, Ont. Lieutenant T. L. Alexander, Canadian Infantry Corps, 400 Glenayr Road, Toronto, Ont. Lieutenant G. G. Charron, Canadian Infantry Corps, St. Vincent de Paul, Quebec. [DOT] Lieutenant M. Masse, Canadian Infantry Corps, 753 Arehambault, Joliette, P.Q. Lieutenant L. C. Thornton-Prehn, General List, Ottawa, Ont. Captain W. G. Wells, Canadian Infantry Corps, Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi Co., Quebec. B94203 Armt. Q.M.S. D. S. Milne, The Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, 2794A Dundas St. W., Toronto, Ont. British Empire Medal (B.E.M.) P15367, Sergeant A. Condy, Canadian Infantry Corps, 7 Pavillion Bks., Halifax, N.S. B73357, Lance-Corporal A. E. Groves, Canadian Armoured Corps, George St., Orillia, Ont. U1514, Staff Sergeant G. L. Ayre, Canadian Provost Corps, 432 Glasgow St., Winnipeg, Man. Cl 1538, Staff Sergeant J. F. Samson, The Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, 576 Bronson Ave., Ottawa, Ont. L9072, Armt. S/Sgt. W. N. Tripp, The Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, Yorkton, Sask. B6316, W.O. 2 (BSM) T. W. Brand, The Royal .Canadian Artillery, 22 Gates Ave., Toronto, Ont. A21537, Corporal (A/Sgt) J. T. Coughlin, Canadian Infantry Corps, 436 Logan St., Windsor, Ont. C53319, Sergeant A. T. Dainton, Canadian Infantry Corps, 864 Water St., Peterborough, Ont. D56267, Sergeant A. Doucette, Canadian Infantry Corps, 6439 St. Andre St., Montreal, Que. L9050, Sergeant R. R. Graham, The Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, Regina, Sask. B3041, Sergeant R. Hole, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, 6 Park Ave., Toronto, Ont. C4588 Sergeant F. J. Turner, Canadian Infantry Corps, 73 Queens St., Kingston, Ont. A56800, Private (A/Cpl) W. H. Fries, Canadian Infantry Corps, 104 Ontario St. N., Kitchener, Ont. H40939, Private (A/Cpl) J. LeClair, Canadian Infantry Corps, 622 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg, Man. A3654, Corporal A. R. Randall, Canadian Provost Corps, 193 Glasgow St. N., Guelph, Ont. K29272, Corporal J. P. Stallard, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, 222 North Garden Drive, Vancouver, B.C. F49875, Corporal F. E. Blakeney, Canadian Infantry Corps, 109 King St., Truro, N.S. W2093, Lance-Corporal M. Entwistle, Canadian Women's Army Corps, 369 Ferguson Ave. N., Hamilton, Ont. M40843, Sergeant A. S. Findlater, The Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, 727 - 12th Ave. W., Calgary, Alta. Awards for Gallantry D62564, Private A. Arteau, Canadian Infantary Corps, 1826 Iberville St., Montreal, Que. A99247, Private A. J. Bender, The Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, 107 Nile St., Stratford, Ont. A99308, Private R. A. Carey, The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, 648 O'Connor St.. Ottawa, Ont. C51521, Private C. C. Chambers, The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, Rockland East, Ont. F91408, Sapper F. A. Dougherty, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, 2030 McGill College Ave., Montreal, Que. F41595, Private O. S. Foster. Canadian Infantry Corps, Karsdale, Granville Ferry P.O., Annapolis Co., N.S. B21144, Gunner T. Gardner, The Royal Canadian Artillery, 1 Homewood Ave., Toronto, Ont. B72834, Private J. R. Garvie, Canadian Infantry Corps, 43 Glenmore Road, Toronto, Ont. B73494, Private J. M. Gibb, Canadian Infantry Corps, Kilworthy, Muskoka Co., Ont. H26731, Trooper A. J. Lalonde, Canadian Armoured Corps, 412 McGee St., Winnipeg, Man. B66966, Private G. P. Legros, Canadian Infantry Corps, 121 Woodlawn Ave. W., Toronto, Ont. H16558, Private C. A. W. Lowen, Canadian Infantry Corps, 40 Teeumseh St., Toronto, Ont. A29464, Private T. F. Mitchell, The Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, 953 Queens Ave., London, Ont. E5090, Private L. Roy, Canadian Infantry Corps, Petit Rocher Nord, N.B. M24217, Private D. C. Smith, The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, Cardston, Alta. K73977, Private H. Tarasenko, The Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, Steinbaeh, Man. D3229, Trooper R. D. B. Wright, Canadian Armoured Corps, 2127 Dubois St., Yille Emard, Que. C2358, Sapper J. Lorrain, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, 834 Gladstone Ave., Ottawa, Ont. G16510, Sergeant R. A. Craft, The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, 185 Carmarthen St., Saint John, N.B. M42643, Sergeant J. W. Gillespie, No. 13 Voc. Trg. School, 828 - 3rd Ave. W., Calgary, Alta. D56918 Sergeant T. Labonte, Canadian Infantry Corps, Plaisance, Papineau Co., Que. E4421 Sergeant E. Peloquin, Canadian Infantry Corps, Ste. Victoire, Co. Richelieu, Que. M16150 Corporal (A/Sgt.) G. D. Hamel, Canadian Infantry Corps, 920 Drake St., Vancouver, B.C. D125307 Corporal U. Belisle, Canadian Provost Corps, Coteau Rouge, Longueuil, Que. D116516 Lance-Corporal J. F. Laliberte, Canadian Infantry Corps, 44 Roland St., Ville St. Pierre, Que. G3665 Gunner (A/Cpl.) W. F. Byrne, The Royal Canadian Artillery, 42 St. George St., Moncton, N.B. F40718 Private B. E. Avery, Canadian Infantry Corps, Berwick, Kings Co., N.S. M7272 Sapper C. A. Cavil, The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, 11936-81st St., Edmonton, Alta. B76914 Gunner A. R. Fielding, The Royal Canadian Artillery, 21 Bartlett Ave., Toronto, Ont. W10710 Private E. M. Kerridge, Canadian Women's Army Corps, Morden, Man. B5333 Private W. C. McGowan, Canadian Dental Corps, 56 Ritchie Ave., Toronto, Ont. G19317 Private A. Muzerolle, Canadian Infantry Corps, Eel River Bridge, Northumberland Co., N.B. M20951 Private W. R. Owens, The Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, 130-15th Ave. E., Calgary, Alta. F44828 Private F. Smith, Canadian Infantry Corps, Alma, Pictou Co., N.S. K600662 Private M. D. Summers, The Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, 1741W 3rd Ave., Vancouver, B.C. D615141 Sergeant J. Iannuceilli, Canadian Infantry Corps, 7050 Alexandra St., Montreal, Que. A88 Sergeant R. G. Lilley, Canadian Armoured Corps, 8573 Boyce St., Montreal, Que. E620643 Sergeant J. B. Paquet, Canadian Infantry Corps, St. Octave de L'Avenir, Co. Gaspe, Que. D3197 Sergeant W. G. Travers, Canadian Armoured Corps, 3161 Wellington St., Verdun, Que. K70844 Lance-Corporal H. H. Edwards, Canadian Provost Corps, 3779 W. 8th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. E620005 Private B. Bernard, Canadian Infantry Corps, St. Alphonse de Caplan, Bona-venture Co.. Que. B70052 Trooper R. A. Johnston, Canadian Armoured Corps, Burketown, Ont. H100574 Gunner J. Kustra, The Royal Canadian Artillery, Dauphin, Man. D3204 Trooper C. F. Philp, Canadian Armoured Corps, 202 Devonshire Road, Greenfield Park, Que. B60844 Trooper C. E. Smith, Canadian Armoured Corps, Englehart, Ont. B32457 Signalman W. L. Earle, The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, 736 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto, Ont. B113114 Signalman D. G. Keith, The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, Wilkie, Sask. D24131 Signalman D. Smith, The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, 5718 Charlemagne, Montreal, Que. Commendations D105511 Private D. Cumming, The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, 5355 Lasalle Blvd., Verdun, Que. Lieut. L. O. R. Tucker, Canadian Infantry Corps, Genrose, Capilano Co., B.C. P/2/Lieut. F. K. Trites, Canadian Infantry Corps, 2426 W. 2nd Ave., Vancouver, B.C. P/2/Lieut. V. H. Zala, Canadian Infantry Corps, 941 McDonald St., Duncan, Victoria Isl., B.C. K71360 Corporal J. Carlson, The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, Bellevue, Alta.


Gordon Graydon (Leader of the Official Opposition)

National Government

Mr. GORDON GRAYDON (Leader of the Opposition):

Following the tabling of the

names of those who have been decorated for gallantry I should like to compliment the minister for his references to the two gallant gentlemen, Lieutenant Colonel Merritt and Captain Triquet, who by their heroism have shown that Canada is playing a part in this


Questions and Returns-Time and Cost

global war which excites the enthusiasm of us all and merits our undying gratitude. Last session I suggested to the Prime Minister that these awards should be mentioned in the house from time to time, and I want to thank the government for having done so.

I rose particularly to make a personal reference in connection with this matter, for which I hope I may be pardoned. Before war broke out a young man, William Manley, went from my own town of Brampton and became a private in the British army. In the early battles in Libya, in 1941, he died at his post after displaying such gallantry that he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. I think he was the first man from Canada to win this highest of all decorations, though at the time he was not a member of the Canadian army. We are very proud of this young man, and I thought that pride should be shared by this parliament and this nation.

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March 6, 1944