June 14, 1945


Hon. IAN A. MACKENZIE (Minister of Veterans Affairs) presented the report of the special committee appointed to prepare and report lists of members to compose the standing committees of the house, as follows: PRIVILEGES AND ELECTIONS Messrs: Baker Benidickson Brooks Brunelle Casselman Coldwell Cote (Verdun) Cote (Matapedia-Matane) Cruickshank Diefenbaker Fair Fournier (Maison-neuve-Rosemont) Graydon Green Harris (Grey-Bruce) Jaenicke Knowles MacNicol Manross Marquis Martin McDonald (Pontiac) Mutch Pouliot Raymond (Wright) Richard (Ottawa East) Richard (Gloucester) Smith (Calgary West) Winters-29. (Quorum 10) BANKING AND COMMERCE Messrs: Arsenault Beaudry Belzile Black (Cumberland) Blackmore Br.adette Breithaupt Cleaver Coldwell Cote (St. Johns-Iber-ville-Napierville) Dechene Dionne Dorion Fleming Fournier (Maison-neuve-Rosemont) Fraser Fulton Gour Hackett Harkness Harris (Danforth) Hazen Ilsley J aekman Jaenicke Jutras Lafontaine Low Macdonnell MaeNaught Manross Marier Marquis Maybank Mayhew Mcllraith Michaud Murphy Nixon Picard Pinard Quelch Rinfret Ross (Souris) Sinclair (Ontario) Stewart (Winnipeg North) Thatcher Tucker-50. Twine Isnor (Quorum 15) PUBLIC ACCOUNTS Argue Arsenault Baker Beaudry Black (Yukon) Boucher Bradette Burton Case Cleaver Messrs: Cockeram Cote (Verdun) Cote (St. Johns- Iberville-Napierville) Cruickshank Dechene Denis Diefenbaker Emmerson Ferguson

Standing Committees Fournier (Hull) Fournier (Maison-neuve-Rosemont) Fraser Gibson (Comox Alberni) Gladstone Golding Grant Green Hamel Harris (Danforth) Homuth Howe Isnor Jackman Jaenicke Johnston Marshall Maybank McCubbin McDonald (Pontiac) Picard Pinard Raymond (Wright) Rinfret Rowe Smith (Calgary West) Stewart (Winnipeg North) Stuart (Charlotte) Thatcher Warren Winkler-50. (Quorum 15)


Messrs: Adamson Archibald Ashby Aylesworth Beaudoin Beaudry Belzile Bentley Bertrand (Terrebonne) Black (Cumberland) Blair Bonnier Bourget Breithaupt Brooks Campbell Chevrier Church Cloutier Drope Emmerson Eudes F arquhar Gagnon Gauthier (Portneuf) Gauthier (Nipissing) Gourd Grant Harris (Danforth) Hatfield Herridge Hodgson Irvine Johnston Knight Lesage Little Maybank Mayhew Mclvor McCulloch McKay Michaud Mullins Mutch Pearkes Picard Pouliot Robinson (Simoe East) Robinson (Bruce) Ross (Souris) Ross (Hamilton East) Shaw Smith (York North) Stephenson Viau White (Hastings-Peterborough) White (Middlesex East) Whitman Winters-60. (Quorum 20) AGRICULTURE AND COLONIZATION Messrs: Argue Arsenault Barrett Beaudoin Belzile Bentley Bertrand (Prescott) Black (Cumberland) Black (Huntingdon) Bryce Burton Cardiff Charlton Clark Cloutier Cote (Matapedia-Matane) Coyle Cruickshank Dechene Desmond Diefenbaker Douglas Drope Dubois -Fair Farquhar Fontaine Gagnon Gardiner Gibson (Comox- McCubbin Alberni) McGarry Golding McLure Gour Menary Hackett Michaud Halle Quelch Harkness Ross (Souris) Harris (Grey-Bruce) Senn Hatfield Townley-Smith Jutras Tucker Kirk Warren Lapalme Webb Laurendeau Whitman Leader Wright Leger Lesage Matthews (Brandon) Wylie-60. (Quorum 20)


Messrs: Bertrand (Prescott) Bowerman Brunelle Cardiff Daniel Denis Hamel Jaques Knowles Lapalme MacLean Marier Murphy Pinard Robinson (Simcoe East) Sinnott Smith (York North) Stokes Stuart Tustin-20. (Quorum 8)


Archibald Arsenault Ashby Baker Belzile Benidickson Blair Bridges Brooks Bryce Cote (Matapedia- Matane) Cruickshank Gauthier (Nipissing) Gibson (Comox-Alberni) Gillis Hazen Kirk Kuhl Messrs: Langlois Leger Lennard Little MaeNaught McDonald (Parry Sound) McLure Merritt Reid Sinclair (Vancouver North) Sinnott Stanfield Stirling Stuart (Charlotte) Tustin Winters Zaplitny-35. (Quorum 15) MINES, FORESTS AND WATERS Messrs: Adamson Black (Yukon) Blackmore Coekeram Dion (Lake St. John-Roberval) Gagnon Gariepy Gibson (Hamilton West) Gour Gourd Hodgson Kuhl Lafontaine McCann Lalonde Lapalme MacNieol Maloney Matthews (Kootenay East) MeCuaig McCulloch (Pictou) McCullough (Assiniboia) McDonald (Parry Sound) McDonald (Pontiac) McGarry

Standing Committees

McMaster Moore Raymond (Wright) Ross (Hamilton East) Ross (Souris) Sinclair (Ontario) Sinnott Viau Webb White (Hastings-Peter bo rough) -35. (Quorum 10) Barrett Brown Desmond Dubois Hlynka Knowles

Messrs: Matthews (Brandon) Pouliot Richard (Gloucester) Richard (Ottawa East) Rinfret Rowe-12. (Quorum 7)


Messrs: Archibald Lapalme Baker Lockhart Black (Cumberland) MacNicol Blackmore Maloney Beaudoin Maybank Belzile Merritt Brown Mclnnis Case Melvor Cote (Verdun) Mitchell Croll Moore Daniels Pouliot Dechene Raymond Ferguson Ross (Hamilton East) Gillis Reid Gingues Sinclair Homuth (Vancouver North) Johnston Smith (Calgary West) Lalonde Viau-35. (Quorum 10) EXTERNAL AFFAIRS Messrs: Beaudry Knowles Benidickson Lapointe Blanchette Leger Boucher Low Bradette Macdonald (Halifax) Claxton Maelnnis Coldwell Marquis Croll Hayhew Diefenbaker Mcllraith Fleming Mutch Fraser Picard Graydon Raymond (Beauharnois- Green Laprairie) Hackett Reid Isnor Sinclair (Ontario) Jackman Strum, Mrs. Jaques Tremblay Kidd Winkler Fraser Gibson (Hamilton West) Golding Halle Hansell Healy Henderson Hlynka Kidd Kuhl Laeombe Lalonde Lapalme Lapointe Lennard MacLean MacNaught Maloney McCuaig McCubbin McCullough (Assini-boia) . McDonald (Parry Sound) McGregor McLure McMaster Nicholson Robinson (Simoe East) Ross (St. Paul's) Sinclair (Vancouver North) Sinnott Strum (Mrs.) Tustin Viau White (Hastings-Peterborough) Winters-54.


Messrs: Adamson Aylesworth Black (Chateauguay-Huntingdon) Bruce Cardiff C'astleden Cloutier Dion Douglas Eudes Fournier (Maison-neuve-Rosemont) Gauthier (Nipissing) Gourd Gingues Herridge Henderson Howe Jaques Kidd Knight Lapalme Leger Marier Marshall Matthews (Brandon) McGarry Mcllraith McKay Menary Mitchell Mullins Nison Pearkes Probe Reid Richard (Ottawa East) Ross (St. Paul's) Skey Smith (York North) Stephenson White (Middlesex East.) Winkler Winters Zaplitny-44. Mr. MACKENZIE moved that the report be concurred in.


John Bracken (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Progressive Conservative


May I ask the mover whether it is important that this motion be passed to-day? I have not seen the report myself, and I am sure that the other members have not.

Mr. MACKENZIE. We will certainly let the motion stand over.

Topic:   LIBRARY


Messrs: Adamson Arsenault Aylesworth Baker Beaudry Bertrand (Prescott) Bertrand (Terrebonne) Boivin Bradette Bradshaw Brunelle Campbell Castleden Church Clark Cote (St. Johns- Iberville-Napierville) Dubois Emmerson Fontaine Motion stands.


June 14, 1945