June 19, 1948


John Thomas Hackett

Progressive Conservative


Is the minister able to say if Bill No. 351, to amend the Quebec Savings Bank Act, which stands in the name of the Minister of Finance, is apt to come up on Monday?


Alphonse Fournier (Minister of Public Works; Leader of the Government in the House of Commons; Liberal Party House Leader)


Mr. FOURNIER (Hull):

No. I believe those two bills in the name of the Minister of Finance will be called on Tuesday, unless there is some change. But they will not come up on Monday.

It being ten minutes after eleven o'clock, the house adjourned, without question put, pursuant to standing order.

[The following items were passed in committee of supply]:



408. To provide for the liquidation of contracts, including commitments of previous years related to the acquisition of assets operated by the department or an agency of the department; and for miscellaneous and unforeseen expenses, $500,090. 409. Reconstruction projects, subject to allocation by the treasury board, $1,000,000. Housing development, including commitments of previous years- 410. To provide for payments of amounts owing under guarantees pursuant to item 571 of schedule A to the Appropriation Act No. 5, 1947 (and pursuant to corresponding items in previous appropriation acts) to approved lending institutions in respect of loans made for the purpose of financing the conversion of existing houses into multiple family houses, such payments to be made out of unappropriated moneys in the consolidated revenue fund, $1. 411. Home conversion plan, $50,099. 412. Emergency shelter administration, $3,009.099. 413. Wartime Housing Limited, $50,000,000. 414. Cost of moving houses from one locality to another to meet emergency shelter requirements, $500,090. 415. Incentive bonus to industry to expedite the production of strategic building materials, $370,009. 416. To provide for production and transportation subsidies on steel and iron under such terms and conditions as may be approved by the governor in council, $5,090,099. 417. Administration, reconversion and operation of Canadian Arsenals Limited, $2,999,090. 418. To provide for research and development of jet engines and aircraft, $2,090,909. 396. Administration and investigations of the dominion fuel board, $82,608. 397. Payments in connection with the movements of coal under conditions prescribed by the governor in council, $4,590,000. National research council

398. Salaries and other expenses of the national research council, $6,820,009. 399. Expanded research on the utilization of farm crops, $260,009. 490. Industrial chemistry building (formerly included housing research), $65,000. 401. Grant to the Royal Society of Canada, $8,099. 402. New waterline-Montreal road laboratories, $125,009. 493. Maritime regional laboratory, $150,000. Atomic energy control board- 494. Administration expenses of the atomic energy control board, $77,272. 405. Researches and investigations with respect to atomic energy, $142,500. 406. Chalk River project-capital and operating expenses, $5,796,000.

Monday, June 21, 1948

June 19, 1948