June 22, 1948


Douglas Gooderham Ross

Progressive Conservative

Mr. ROSS (St. Paul's):

What do we do after we get through with all that?


Alphonse Fournier (Minister of Public Works; Leader of the Government in the House of Commons; Liberal Party House Leader)


Mr. FOURNIER (Hull):

If we pass all those items of business tomorrow there will not be very much left.


At eleven o'clock the house adjourned, without question put, pursuant to standing order. [The following items were passed in committee of supply]:


33. To provide for assistance to encourage the improvement of cheese and cheese factories, $1,700,000. 34. To provide assistance for the replacement of maple production equipment, $300,000. 3*5. To provide for administrative expenses, Agricultural Prices Support Act, 1944, $60,000. 30. To reclaim and to prevent the flooding of valuable agricultural lands in the valley of the Lillooet river, near Pemberton, B.C., $275,1500. 37. Agricultural research special projects,

38. Land reclamation and development in British Columbia under such terms and conditions as may be approved by the governor in council, $130,000. 39. Clearing and settlement of new lands under such terms and conditions as may be approved by the governor in council, $200,000. 40. Protection and reclamation of maritime dykelands under such terms and conditions as may be approved by the governor in council, $100,000. 41. For assistance in construction of potato warehouses under regulations to be approved by the governor in council, $100,000. Agricultural Products Act- 42. To provide for losses incurred in respect of the purchase, sale and export of agricultural products under the Agricultural Products Act, including authority for the Minister of Finance, at the request of the Minister of Agriculture, from time to time, to pay amounts in the aggregate not exceeding $40,000,000 out of any unappropriated money in the consolidated revenue fund as recoverable advances, $100,000. Demobilization and reconversion- 43. Freight assistance on western feed grains, $7,750,000. 44. Freight assistance on agricultural lime for soil amendment purposes, $350,000. 45. Dairy products board, $19,546. 46. Meat board, including quality premiums on A and B1 grade hog carcasses, $6,153,702. 47. Special products board, $25,000.


161. Departmental administration, $305,232. Mines, forests and scientific services branch

162. Branch administration, $90,578. Bureau of mines- 163. Bureau of mines administration, $34,000. 164. Mineral resources investigations, $1,135,857. 165. Explosives Act administration, $60,000. 166. Investigations of radioactive ores, $134,200. Dominion forest service- 167. Dominion forest service administration, $49,790. 168. Forest research sand investigations, $649,639. 169. Forest products research, $435,862. 170. Grant to Canadian forestry association, $4,000. Eastern Rockies, forest conservation board- 171. To provide for the salaries and expenses of dominion members of the board and their alternates and sundry expenses in connection with the maintenance and operation of the Ottawa office of the board, $30,000. 172. Dominion contribution towards annual maintenance including staff and expenses, $175,-0*00. Geological survey of Canada- 173. Geological survey administration and miscellaneous services, $114,000. 174. Geological surveys, $842,492. Surveys and mapping bureau- 175. Surveys and mapping bureau administration, $14,590. 176. Topographical surveys, including expenses of the Geographic Board of Canada, $999,048. 177. Canadian hydrographic service, $2,361,911. 178. Geodetic survey of Canada, $471,821. 179. To recoup the Ontario northland railway (formerly Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway Commission) in connection with its claim for injury to John Hedin, $240. 180. International boundary commission, $41,214. 181. Legal surveys, including grant of $350 to assist in printing the publication of the Canadian Institute of Surveying, $468,088. 182. To provide for the pajunent of fees of the board of examiners for dominion land surveyors, of the secretary and of the sub-examiners and for travelling expenses, stationery, printing, rent, etc. (the fees of B. W. Waugh, J. E. R. Ross and J. L. Rannie, members of the board, and A. W. W. Cole, secretary, are to be paid out of this sum), $2,100. 183. Map continuation and reproduction, $309,405. Dominion water and power bureau- 184. Dominion water and power bureau, including the administration of the dominion water power and irrigation acts, and including grant of $350 to the international executive council, world power conference, $384,000. Supply-Mines and Resources

185. To provide for studies and surveys of the Columbia river watershed in Canada, $280,- 000. 186. Lake of the Woods control board, $10,375. 187. To provide for the expenses incurred under the agreement between the dominion, Ontario and Manitoba, confirmed by the Lac Seul Conservation Act, 1928, moneys expended to be largely reimbursed, $20,650. 188. To provide for acquiring flowage easements and discharging claims of owners of riparian lands in Ontario below the outlets of the Lake of the Woods affected by regulation under the Lake of the Woods Control Board Act (revote), $500. 189. Geographical bureau, $88,496. 190. National Museum of Canada, $143,500. Dominion observatories- 191. Dominion Observatory, Ottawa, $268,694. 192. Dominion Astrophysieal Observatory, Victoria, B.C., $50,679. Lands and development services branch- 193. Branch administration, $44,500. 194. Lands division-administration of dominion, ordnance and admiralty and public lands; seed grain collections, $197,885. Northwest Territories and Yukon services- Mackenzie division- 195. General administration, operation and maintenance of services, including Wood Buffalo park, $574,252. 196. Forest conservation, including Wood Buffalo park, $321,810. Roads, buildings and water systems-construction and improvements- 197. Roads (revote $441,000), $585,700. 198. Buildings (revote $139,300), $366,500. 199. Water and sewages (revote $371,800), $665,000. 200. Arctic division, administration, $110,387. Yukon division- 201. Administration, $127,000. 202. Roads, $430,000. 203. Buildings, $35,000. 204. Coal development, $150,000. Grant to Yukon council- 205. To authorize payments to be made from the consolidated revenue fund in respect of each of the years 1948 to 1951, inclusive, to the Yukon consolidated revenue fund in accordance with an agreement to be entered into by the Minister of of Finance, with the approval of the governor in council on behalf of the government of Canada, and the controller of the Yukon Territory with the approval of the council of the Yukon Territory, on behalf of the government of the Yukon, such agreement to provide, on such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon, for payment for each such year of the total of amounts calculated on the following basis: (a) grant in lieu of grants for support of government and legislature and other special grants, $60,000; (b) annual subsidy of eighty cents per head in respect of a population of eight thousand persons, being the estimated population for the year 1948, the first year of the proposed agreement, $6,400; (c) compensation to the government of the Yukon in consideration of its agreement to refrain, and to require the municipalities in the Yukon Terirtory to refrain, from levying personal income taxes, corporation income taxes, corporation taxes and succession duties, as defined in the agreement, during each such year, the amount for each year to be computed in accordance with section four of the Dominion-Provincial Tax Rental Agreements Act, 1947, for which purpose the amount of the statutory subsidies is the amount set out in paragraph (b) and the guaranteed minimum annual amount is $89,365, the estimated amount for the 57ear 1048 being $135,006. The estimated total amount required for the year 1948 being, $201,406.

Wednesday, June 23, 1948

June 22, 1948