January 29, 1951

Right Hon. L. S. St. Laurent (Prime Minister): I wish to table two copies of orders in council passed under the provisions of the Public Service Rearrangement and Transfer of Duties Act, transferring: 1. The control and supervision of the displays division of the national film board, together with its duties, functions and equipment, from the Hon. Robert H. Winters to the exhibitions branch of the Department of Trade and Commerce; 2. The function of the poster and publication unit of the national film board to the advertising division of the Department of Public Printing and Stationery.




Louis Stephen St-Laurent (Prime Minister; President of the Privy Council)


Righi Hon. L. S. St. Laurent (Prime Minister):

Under the Regulations Act the

regulations to which they apply have to be tabled within fifteen days after they are published in the Canada Gazette if parliament is in session. If parliament is not in session they have to be tabled within fifteen days after the commencement of the next ensuing session. I table copies of the Canada Gazette (part II) containing the orders in council which appeared on January 10, January 24, and two extra issues of January 18, 1951. I also have for tabling the English version of the consolidated regulations. It consists of five volumes, in which -the regulations are arranged I think in proper order. They have been fully indexed for facilitating access to the matter in which any hon. member or any member of the public may be interested.

A suggestion was made that each year there should be a supplement to these regulations. After giving the matter careful consideration it has been thought that we should publish an index every three months with cross references to that portion of the regulations amended by any regulation brought into effect during that period. The index would be in the same form as the index to the statutes, which I think is very helpful. We hope that in this way we shall be doing something which will not only facilitate our own work

Prorogation of Parliament when we have to refer to these regulations, but will also facilitate ready reference to them by hon. members or by any member of the public.




Mr. Stanley Knowles (Winnipeg North Centre): Mr. Speaker, on a question of privilege, may I take this opportunity to express to you and to many members of this house, including cabinet ministers and members of all parties, my warm appreciation of their messages of cheer and good will which reached me last month. I shall forget as soon as I can the illness which prompted those messages, but I shall never forget the happy experience of receiving, not only from friends but also from political enemies, so many expressions of kindly concern. I am most grateful for them, and I am glad to be here again.


A message was delivered by Major C. R. Lamoureux, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, as follows: Mr. Speaker, the Right Honourable the Deputy Governor General desires the immediate attendance of this honourable house in the chamber of the honourable the Senate. Accordingly, Mr. Speaker with the house went up to the Senate chamber. The Deputy Governor General was pleased to close the third session of the twenty-first parliament of Canada with the following speech: Honourable Members of the Senate: Members of the House of Commons: When the present session adjourned in September it was considered that the world situation might make it necessary to resume the session before the close of the year. As that did not happen, my ministers recommended, just before the beginning of the new year, that the special session be concluded and a regular session be commenced as early as circumstances would permit. The measure to provide for the resumption of the operation of the railways which was enacted at the. opening of the special session resulted in the immediate termination of the strike. Failure to reach an accommodation between the parties to the dispute led to the appointment of an arbitrator, whose decision has settled the points remaining at issue, as provided for in the statute. In response to the original reason for summoning the special session you approved a measure making provision for the placing of Canadian forces on active service in consequence of action undertaken by Canada under the United Nations charter or the North Atlantic treaty; and to provide for the application of veterans legislation to veterans of the special force. You also passed bills respecting materials and services essential for the purposes of defence and internal security and respecting the temporary regulation of consumer credit. Members of the House of Commons: I thank you for the provision you made for additional defence expenditures and also for meeting our obligations under the United Nations charter and the North Atlantic treaty. Honourable Members of the Senate: Members of the House of Commons: May Providence continue to bless and protect this nation.


August 29, 1950-September 15, 1950 Abbreviations: lr., 2r., 3r., = First, second, third reading. Arndt.=Amendment. Com.= Committee. M=Motion. Neg.=Negatived. Qu.=Question. Res.=Resolution. Abbott, Hon. Douglas C. (Minister of Finance) Anti-inflationary program, 419-22 Belzile, the late Gleason, 7-8 Budget Date of, announcement, 315 Speech (September 7), 418-25 Capital investment, restricting, 589-90 Consumer credit bill, 443, 569-72, 583-94 Control measures, wide discretionary powers necessary, 589-90 Controls, administration requires bureaucracy and regimentation, 422, 635 Cost of living, 517 Defence appropriation bill, 195-96, 269-79 Breakdown of, 196, 271-76 Tabled, 277-78 Opportunity to ask questions on committee stage of resolution, 273 Procedure on discussing resolution, 277 Unused portion of appropriation will not lapse at end of year, 270 Defence appropriations, statement, 269-71 Defence research and development, increase in future commitments, 270 Furs, excise tax on, 443 International situation, "hill of difficulty. . 419 Manitoba flood final assistance payment by federal government, 532 North Atlantic treaty nations, defence equipment and supplies for, 270 Pay-as-you-go financial policy, 419-24 Privilege, press reports of conference with civil service on salary increases, 72021 Royal Canadian Mounted Police in British Columbia and Newfoundland, 270, 279 Tax changes, 255, 422-25 Wage index has gone up more than cost of living index, 676 Acadia-Allanlic Sugar Refineries, Limited, profits, 240 Accidents and Casualties Mortar explosion at Petawawa, Ont., 288, 330-32 Munitions, accidents to civilians from, 36465 Vernon abandoned army camp, at, from unexploded shell, 371 Warfare from, treatment of- See Civil Defence Adams Sockeye Run. See Fisheries, Salmon Adamson, Mr. A. Rodney (York West) Address in reply, 251-54, 255-57 Budget, 621-24 Canadian dollar, parity, 155 Consumer credit bill, 572, 582-83, 588 Defence appropriation bill, 376-77 Defence committee, 255-56 Essential materials bill, 560-61, 565-66 Excise tax bill, 716-17 Gold, futures market, 623 Korean situation, 251-53, 621 Maintenance of railway operation bill, 65 North Atlantic treaty, military organization, 376-77 Address in Reply to Governor General's speech, 82-105, 110-50, 156-94, 196254, 255-68 Acknowledgement by Governor General, 755 Motion for consideration Moved by Mr. Cannon (lies de la Madeleine), 82-87; seconded by Mr. Bennett (Grey North), 87-89; agreed to on division, 268 Amendment (Mr. Drew), 116, negatived on division, 267 Amendment to amendment (Mr. Coldwell), 124, negatived on division, 192 762

Address in Reply-Con. Motion for consideration-Con. Speakers, Messieurs: Adamson, 251-54, 255-57; Balcer, 240-43; Bennett (seconder), 87-89; Blackmore, 141-47; Boisvert, 213-14; Browne (St. John's West), 244-48; Bryce, 238-40; Camp-ney, 139-41; Cannon (mover), 82-87; Claxton, 97-105; Coldwell, 119-25; amdt. to amdt., 124; Courtemanche, 248-51; Diefenbaker, 207-13; Drew, 110-16, amdt., 116; Gagnon, 198-202; Gauthier (Portneuf), 257-61; George, 243-44; Gillis, 134-39; Green, 214-19; Hansell, 265-67; Harkness, 156-62; Hees, 168-70, 263-64; Herridge, 18488; Higgins, 192-94, 196-97; Knight, 147-50; Knowles, 202-07; Langlois (Gaspe), 188-92; Low, 125-30; Mac-donnell (Greenwood), 180-84, 261-63; Maclnnis, 227-32; MacKenzie, 170-73; Noseworthy, 163-68; Pearkes, 130-34; Pearson, 89-97, 219-27; Poulin, 177-80; Prudham, 162-63; Quelch, 232-35; St. Laurent, 116-19; Stewart (Winnipeg North), 173-77; Thomson, 197-98; White (Middlesex East), 235-38; Wright, 264-65 Motion (Mr. St. Laurent) for engrossing and presentation, agreed to, 268 Aggression. See also Communism; Korea; Soviet Russia; War Deterrence of, 132-33, 156-57, 223-24, 37577, 404, 519-20. See also National Defence; North Atlantic Treaty; United Nations Agricultural Products Control of under essential materials legislation, 510-20 Prices Basing on wheat, effect of, 291-92 Below cost of production, 461-62 Drop in, 237, 451 Increases not going to farmers, 460 Minimum should be set, 294 Agriculture Compulsory features in legislation concerning, 54 Measures to improve production, 666-67 Air Force. See Royal Canadian Air Force Airports Gander. See that title Uplands, enlarging runways, 655 Alaska Railway, 507, 531 Statement of Mr. Pearson, 663 Alberta, government, pay-as-you-go policy, 614-15 Alcoholic Liquors, tax, 423-25, 631, 691, 735 Aluminum, production, 447 Aluminum Company of Canada, Limited, Shipshaw project, depreciation allowances, 451-52 Applewhaite, Mr. E. T. (Skeena) Budget, 707-08 Appropriation Bill. See Defence Appropriation Bill Argue, Mr. H. R. (Assiniboia) Adjournment of parliament, 749-50 Budget, 687-92 Consumer credit bill, 573-76, 586-88 Grain prices, 156 Maintenance of railway operation bill, 56-57 Wheat Frost damage, 688-89, 749-50 Initial payment, 443 Armaments and Munitions. See Munitions Armouries. See National Defence Arsenals and Munitions Plants. See Industries Asia Blunders in, 175 Communism in, 167, 172-73, 393, 620. See also Communism Countermeasures, 122-23, 185-86 Countries of should learn to improve living standards, 226 Economic and social rehabilitation, 149 Commonwealth, United Nations and United States programs, 396-97 Exploitation of, 260, 358-60 Fighting forces, 289 Lack of propaganda favouring United Nations, 175 Problems of, resentment of outside interference, 148 Students from, bringing to western countries, 185, 205, 264-65 Underdeveloped countries, 185, 204-07, 39596 Lack of information, 396-97 Ailaniic Pact. See North Atlantic Treaty Atom Bomb Abolition of, 167 Maginot line mentality due to, 677-78 Measures to cope with, 362-63 No defence against war, 289 Russian propaganda, 112-13 Atomic Energy, international control of blocked by Russia, 121

INDEX-1950-1951 7G3

Austerity. See National Economy Automobiles. See Motor Vehicles Bacon. See Meat Balcer, Mr. Leon (Three Rivers) Address in reply, 240-43 Balcom, Mr. Samuel R. (Halifax) Halifax-Dartmouth bridge, 722 Introduction of, 1 "Prices and Price Indexes", Trade and Commerce department publication, qu., 530 Unemployment insurance, rates, etc., return ordered, 662 Banks, government borrowing from. See Finance Bater, Mr. A. J. (The Battlefords) Defence appropriation bill, 415 Beaudoin, Mr. L. R. (Vaudreuil-Soulanges). See Deputy Chairman Beef. See Meat Belgium, financial and labour situation, 450 Belzile, the late Gleason, tribute to, 7-10, 83, 87 Benidickson, Mr. W. M. (Kenora-Rainy River; Parliamentary Assistant to Minister of Transport) Appointed parliamentary assistant, 759 "Company town," definition of for post office purposes, etc., return ordered, 318 Bennell, Mr. C. E. (Grey North) Address in reply (seconder), 87-89 Big Three, meeting of foreign ministers of Britain, France and United States in New York, 676, 686 Bills. For details of bills, see their titles 1. Maintenance of railway operation. Mr. St. Laurent 2. Defence appropriation. Mr. Abbott 3. Canadian forces. Mr. Claxton 4. Consumer credit (temporary provisions). Mr. Abbott 5. Essential materials (defence). Mr. Howe 6. Income Tax Act amdt. Mr. Abbott 7. Senate and House of Commons members, allowances. Mr. St. Laurent 8. Excise Tax Act amdt. Mr. Abbott 9. Excise Act, 1934, amdt. Mr. Abbott 10. Customs Tariff amdt. Mr. Abbott Black, Mr. P. C. (Cumberland) Canso bridge, calling tenders for, 319 Defence appropriation bill, 322, 437-38 Trans-Canada highway, 315 Blackmore, Mr. J. H. (Lethbridge) Address in reply, 141-47 Armed forces, housing, 333-35, 658-59 Budget, 656-59, 664-67 Cost of living, increase in, 141-45 Defence appropriation bill, 330-35, 416-17 Excise tax bill, 713-16, 727-33 Financial policy, inadequacy, 657-58, 664-65 Income tax bill, 739-42 Maritime Construction Company, Ltd., 416 Mitchell, the late Hon. Humphrey, 9 Production, methods to increase, 665-67 Russian aggression, defence against, 141-47 Standard of living, maintaining, 740-42 Blair, Mr. W. G. (Lanark) Defence appropriation bill, 361-64 Blancheile, Mr. J. A. (Compton-Frontenac) Korea, special force Pay, recreational facilities, etc., qu. (Mr. Jones), 316-17 Recruiting, qu. (Mr. Knight), 379-80 Reserve forces Enlistment of non-Canadian or nonBritish persons, 596, 723 Blood Bank, building up of, 363 Boisvert, Mr. Maurice (Nicolet-Yamaska) Address in reply, 213-14 Book of Remembrance, placing names of units in and putting particulars concerning French-speaking persons in French, 443 Bread, increase in price, 145, 542 Breton, Mr. Maurice (Joliette-L'Assomption-Montcalm) Introduction of, 755 British Columbia, defence program for. See National Defence, Pacific coast British Commonwealth. See also Commonwealth of Nations Weakening of, 218, 267 Brockville, Onl., officer training camp, 352-53 Brooks, Mr. A. J. (Royal) Canadian forces bill, 500-02 Defence appropriation bill, 287-90, 325, 376, 430, 438 Korean situation, 288-89

Brooks, Mr. A. J.-Con. Merchant seamen, 500-01 National defence expenditures, 288-89 North Atlantic treaty Commitments for men or materials, 438 Concerted action against aggressor, 376 Pensions Act, bringing into effect, 502 Radar stations, 325 Tribal class destroyer, 303 War industry, decentralization, 289 Browne, Mr. W. J. (St. John's West) Address in reply, 244-48 Cold storage bait depots in Newfoundland, qu., 315 Communism, 247-48 Consumer credit bill, 586-91 Defence appropriation bill, 372-73, 429 District court judges in Newfoundland, 81 Dredges operating in Newfoundland, qu., 529 Essential materials bill, 558-60, 565-68 Germany, arming western zone, 247 Korean situation, 244-46 Merchant seamen, 373 National defence committee, 246 St. John's, Nfld., artillery for, 429 Spain, recognition of, 247 Submarine menace, 372-73 Bryce, Mr. William (Selkirk) Address in reply, 238-40 Budget. See also Ways and Means Date of presentation, announcement, 315 Debate, 418-27, 597-659, 664-712 Speakers, Messieurs: Adamson, 621-24; Applewhaite, 707-08; Argue, 687-92; Blackmore, 656-59, 664-67; Claxton, 687; Cruickshank, 651-52; Diefen-baker, 676-80; Drew, 682-87, 709-11; Fulford, 667-70; Garland, 700-03; Gillis, 647-51; Hansell, 641-44; Higgins, 652-56; Knowles, 670-76; Low, 608-15; Macdonnell (Greenwood), 425-27, 597-604, amdt., 604; Maclnnis, 703-06; Mutch, 712; Noseworthy, 69498; Nowlan, 644-47; Picard, 615-21; Pouliot, 711-12; Riley, 692-94; Rin-fret, 687; St. Laurent, 680-82; Sinclair, 624-32; Sinnott, 638-41; Stewart (Winnipeg North), 604-08; amdt. to amdt., 608; Thomas, 698-700; Wright, 632-38 Expenditure and revenue, revised estimates, 418-24 Financial statement of the Minister of Finance (September 7), 418-25 Forecast for remainder of fiscal year 195051, and financial proposals, 418-24 "Limited liability budget," 597, 604 Budget-Con. Motion (Mr. Abbott) for committee of ways and means, 418, agreed to on division, . 712 Amdt. (Mr. Macdonnell, Greenwood), 604, negatived on division, 708-09 Amdt. to amdt. (Mr. Stewart, Winnipeg North), 608, negatived on division, 707 Resolutions, 424-25 Speech, 418-24 Surplus, 424- See also Finance, Budget surplus Buffalo National Park. See National Defence Building Materials. See also Lumber Cement and brick, gray markets, 736 Short supply, 558 Cost of, increase in. See Cost of Living Regulations, need for, 415-16 Bureaucracy Growth of, reference of Mr. Gillis, 134-35 Necessary to enforce controls, 421-22, 635 Rejoicing in prospects of a third world war, 249-50 Business High pressure salesmanship and door-to-door selling, restriction of, 574, 583 Small business, effect of instalment selling on, 580-81 Byrne, Mr. J. A. (Kootenay East) Maintenance of railway operation bill, 59-61 Cabano, Clue., fire, final report, tabled, 759 Caisse Populaire. See Co-Operative Societies Cameras, projectors, film, etc., tax, 714 Camp Ipperwash. See National Defence Campney, Mr. R. O. (Vancouver Centre; Parliamentary Assistant to Minister of National Defence) Address in reply, 139-41 Appointed parliamentary assistant, 759 Canada Aggression against. See National Defence Obligations as a nation, 197 Plunging into foreign wars, various parliamentarians on, 249-50 Taking instructions from other nations, 201, 251, 683-86 Union with United States, 617 Objection to, 242 Canada Labour Relations Board, semi-judicial powers should be given to, 49


Canada Packers, Limited Net profits, 239 Price of butter, increase in, 240 Canada Shipping Act, transfer of powers, duties and functions under Part X regarding harbour of Esquimalt, B.C., to Transport department, 5 Canada Temperance Act, privy council decision, 526-27 Canada Temperance Federation, privy council decision, 552-55 Canadian Arsenals Limited, 408-13, 474 Canadian Chamber of Commerce, address of Mr. Claxton at closed session at Banff, Alta., 682-87 Canadian Dollar. See Finance Canadian Flag, 243 Canadian Forces Bill (To provide that the governor in council may maintain and may place armed forces on active service under collective defence instruments; to exempt certain personnel from the application of the Militia Pension Act; to extend benefits provided for world war II veterans to special forces veterans) Bill No. 3. Mr. Claxton res., 196, 439-41; lr., 441; 2r., 488-98; com., 498-503; 3r., 503 Canadian Industrial Preparedness Association, Canadian Maritime Commission, annual report, request for printed copies, 509 Canadian National Railways Gordon, Donald, president of. See Gordon, Donald Purchases from Northwestern Brass, Canadian Locomotive, Bird-Archer and certain other companies, return ordered (Mr. Knowles), 318 Canadian Sovereignty, 686 Candy, chewing gum, soft drinks, etc., increase in tax on, 423-25, 604-10, 645-52, 667-68, 690-704, 714, 727-34, 744 Choosing between guns and, 631, 678 Candy Bar, decrease in size and increase in price, 240 Cannon, Mr. Charles (lies de la Madeleine) Address in reply (mover), 82-87 Canso Bridge Calling tenders, 319 Military value of, 329-30 Capital Gains Tax, suggested imposition, 124, 283 Capital Investment in industry. See also National Economy Restricting, 589-90 Cardiff, Mr. L. E. (Huron North) Excise tax bill, 728 Carroll, Mr. W. F. (Inverness-Richmond) Essential materials bill, 596-97 Cartels. See Combines and Monopolies Casgrain, the late Hon. Pierre F., tributes to, 10 Cash Sales and Instalment Sales. See references in debate on Consumer Credit (Temporary Provisions) Bill Catherwood, Mr. A. Earl (Haldimand) Bacon, exports to Britain, qu., 662 Copper exports, removal of United States tariff on, qu., 315 Defence appropriation bill, 408-10, 433 Immigrants, 1949-1950, qu., 721 Val d'Or, Que., imprisonment of Baptist group, qu., 661 Cavers, Mr. H. P. (Lincoln) Korea, report of Canadian navy losses, 723 Lacrosse, Canadian junior championship won by St. Catharines Athletics, 722 Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, loans under, limiting dollar value of, 421-22 Chance Harbour, N.B., breakwater, 694 Charlottetown, P.E.I., public building, 444, 722-23 , Chartered Banks, government borrowing from. See Finance Chevrier, Hon. Lionel (Minister of Transport) Canadian maritime commission report, printed copies, 509 Canso bridge, calling tenders, 319 Freight rates, decision on appeal by provinces against increase in, 380 Gander, Nfld., lengthening airport runways, 529-30

Chevrier, Hon. Lionel-Con. Halifax-Dartmouth, N.S., bridge, 722 Quebec, passenger vessel, destruction, by fire, report of commission, 82 Saskatoon, Sask., rental of hangar as a museum, qu. (Mr. Knight), 529 Transportation, interruption of between Prince Edward Island and mainland and Vancouver island and mainland, 82 Chiang Kai-shek. See Kai-shek, Chiang China. See also Formosa Attitude toward Russia, 172-73 Christian missionaries permitted in by nationalists, 247 Communist regime, recognition of, 148, 173, 688 . Chinaware, glass and silver, etc., tax, 714 Churchill, Right Hon. Winston Comments on Russia, 642 Defence committee, 114, 296 Defence expenditures, 354-55 European army, need for, 652-53 On winning peace, 213 On international situation, 599 Cigars, tax, 714 Civil Defence, 104, 212, 219, 365-71, 403, 679 Decentralization of population, 290 Dominion-provincial conference, 365 School to be established at Borden or Mea-ford, Ont., 369 Civil Service Civilian defence personnel taken on since 1949, return ordered (Mr. White, Middlesex East), 530 Conference with cabinet ministers on salary increases, press reports, 720-21 Number of persons unprofitably occupied, 667 Civil Service Aci, application to appointments under essential materials legislation, 566 Claxton, Hon. Brooke (Minister of National Defence) Active service, definition of, 499 Address in reply, 97-105 Address to closed session of Canadian chamber of commerce at Banff, 687 Aggression against Canada, 324 Aircraft Appropriation for, 416-17 Navy, Sea Furies, 408 Production, 435 Airfields near Montreal, 434 Claxton, Hon. Brooke-Con. Air force Aircrew, training program to include personnel from other nations, 102-03 Establishment, increase in, 370 Training schools, re-opening, 416 Anti-aircraft installations, 431-32 Anti-tank units operated by armour, 429 Anti-tank weapons, 431-34 Armed forces Adequate to meet present needs, 370 Administration and headquarters staff, investigation into efficiency of, 369 Contributions to welfare of civilian community, 104-05 Equipment, 101-02 Increased establishment, 100-01 Two years to meet target, 344 Permanent force, dual role of training and defence, statement, 337 Placing on active service by governor in council to meet commitments under North Atlantic treaty or United Nations charter, 488-90 Postwar reorganization, 104 Rates of pay, 410 Service conditions, 332 Summary of work being done to accelerate development of, 322-23 Time required for training troops, 337-38 Armoured division or infantry division and armoured brigade, reference of Mr. Hees, 323-27 Armoury at Sarnia, Ont., 402 Army Raising a division, requirements, 351-52 Strength, 325-26 Bombs and ammunition, 408-13 Book of Remembrance, putting names of units in, and writing particulars concerning French-speaking persons in French, 443 Brigade group Composition, 429 Time required to make ready for action, 337 Training as a unit, 327 British Columbia, defence program, 400 Brockville, Ont., officer training camp, 353 Budget, 687 Buffalo national park, military camp, housing shortage, 401 Business of the house, taking bills in stated order, 471 Camp Ipperwash, 402-03 Canadian Arsenals Limited, Long Branch plant, 409 Canadian communists attending meeting in Prague, 751 Canadian forces bill, 196, 439-41, 488-90, 498-503 Civil aircraft, reserve, 417


Claxlon, Hon. Brooke-Con. Civil defence, 104, 365-69, 403 School for, 369 Defence appropriation bill, 274-76, 294-305, 322-53, 364-77, 391-417, 428-35, 472, 485-87 Breakdown of expenditures, 274-75 Defence materials, purchasing under Hyde Park agreement, 409, 487 Defence mechanized equipment, manufacture by government not profitable, 413 Defence research, 104 Dependents' allowance, 405-06 Not returning to former system of, 498 Dunnville, Ont., air station, 433 Hospital cars, 428 Industrial organization, co-operation with United States, 103 Korea Navy in. See under this title, Navy Or Korean waters, forces in, pay, 347 Special force. See under this title, Special force Maritime Construction Company, Limited, 416 Married quarters, 333 Sea Island, B.C., 335 Merchant marine, 501-03 Munitions, accidents to civilians from, 364-65 National defence Appropriations required, 103-04 Emergency plan, 350 Housing, 333-35, 401-11 Information freely given, 433-34 But ignored, 391 Planning must be adapted to circumstances, 350 Properties, 428 Purchases, calling of tenders, 408 National Defence Act, definition of emergency not applicable to present situation, 498 National defence committee, 294-98, 391 National defence estimates Future commitments taken, up by cash appropriations of following year, 401 Treasury board check of, 407-08 National defence expenditures, 299-305 Premium for peace, 298 Reference of Mr. Fulton, 344 Tables, 300, 304 National security organization, Eberstadt report, 297-98 Navy Ammunition, additional magazine space for, 407 Korean waters in Messages from General MacArthur, 101, 723 Report of losses, 723 Properties, acquisition, etc., 406-07 Claxion, Hon. Brooke-Con. Navy-Con. Vessels Construction, 322, 408 Recommissioning, 369 Newfoundland, defence program, 399 North Atlantic treaty Certain countries to supply men and the others to supply materials, 438 Contributions under, 103 Defence ministers and foreign ministers, meetings, 377 Equipment and training facilities to nations under, 299-300 Equipment for a division, providing out of mobilization stores, 409-10 Extension of military aid to commonwealth nations, 485-86 Military commitments Council working on, 347 None as yet, 337-38 Reference of Mr. Diefenbaker, 346 Military organization, 377 Political but no military commitments under, 347 Northwest highway system, linking highway No. 5 with, 415 Officer training, 353 Parliament, calling within ten days after placing troops on active service by order in council, 488 Pensions Act, 501-02 Permanent force. See under this title, Armed forces Petawawa, Ont., mortar accident, 332 Public relations officers, 394, 401 Radar Expenditure on, 409 Installations, 434 Stations and interceptor squadrons, 324-25 Railway strike, democratic settlement of, 98 Recruiting, 100-01 Reduction in standards, 414-15 Regular forces, placing on active service, P.C. 4365 authorizing, tabled, 528 Reinstatement in civil employment, 403, 501-02 Reserve forces, 102-03 Equipment to rearm, availability, 337 Framework for expansion provided by large number of units, 369-70 Income tax exemption, 334 Increase in strength, 336 List of qualified personnel, making available, 413-14 Non-Canadian or non-British persons, enlistment, 751 Training, 327, 336 Royal Roads, B.C., improvement of housing project, 406 St. John's, Nfld., artillery, 429 Sarnia, Ont., district, defence of, 402-03 Self-propelled guns, 412, 429

January 29, 1951