January 12, 1953


Mr. W. G. Weir (Poriage-Neepawa) presented the report of the special committee appointed to prepare and report lists of members to compose the standing committees of the house, as follows: PRIVILEGES AND ELECTIONS Messrs: Benidickson Boisvert Brooks Cardiff Carter Coldwell Cote (Matapedia-Matane) Courtemanche Crestohl Dickey Diefenbaker Dinsdale Fair Fulford Goode Gour (Russell) Harris Knowles Leduc Lefrangois Macdonald (Edmonton East) MacKenzie Murphy Parent Pouliot Richard (Ottawa East) Stewart (Yorkton) Stuart (Charlotte) Viau-29. (Quorum-10)


Messrs: Argue Balcer Balcom Bater Beyerstein Bonnier Brooks Cameron Cauchon Churchill Cleaver Croll Decore Demers Dinsdale Eyre Ferguson Fournier (Maisonneuve-Rosemont) Gauthier (Lapointe) George Hansell Hees Hosking Hunter Jeffery Kent Knight Langlois (Berthier-Maskinonge) Lefrangois Lennard Little MacDougall MacLean (Cape Breton North and Victoria) Macnaughton McLean (Huron-Perth) Meeker Montgomery Noseworthy Roberge Robertson Simmons Starr Stewart (Yorkton) Studer Valois White (Middlesex East) Whitman Winkler Wood Wylie-50. (Quorum-15) BANKING AND COMMERCE Messrs: RAILWAYS, CANALS AND TELEGRAPH LINES Messrs: Applewhaite Beaudry Bertrand Beyerstein Bonnier Bourget Browne (St. John's West) Cannon Carroll Carter Casselman Cauchon Cavers Chevrier Churchill Clark Conacher Darroch Dewar Eudes Ferguson Follwell Fulton Garland Gillis Gourd (Chapleau) Green Harkness Harrison Healy Herridge Hodgson James Lafontaine Low Macdonald (Edmonton East) MacNaught McCulloch McGregor Mclvor Mott Murphy Murray (Cariboo) Mutch Nickle Nixon Nose worthy Pouliot Richard (St. Maurice-Lafleche) Riley Robinson Rooney Ross (Hamilton East) Shaw Spence Stuart (Charlotte) Thatcher Weaver Whiteside Whitman-60. (Quorum-20) Adamson Argue Arsenault Ashbourne Balcom Bennett Blackmore Brooks Cameron Cannon Carroll Cleaver Crestohl Dumas Fleming Fournier (Maisonneuve-Rosemont) Fraser Fulford Fulton Gibson Gingras Gour (Russell) Harkness Hees Hellyer Helme Henry Hunter Jeffery Laing Leduc Low Macdonnell (Greenwood) Macnaughton Maltais McCusker Nickle Nowlan Picard Quelch Richard (Ottawa East) Riley Smith (York North) Smith (Moose Mountain) Stewart (Winnipeg North) Thatcher Viau Ward Welbourn White (Hastings-Peterborough) -50. (Quorum-15) Anderson Applewhaite Ashbourne Balcer Beaudry PUBLIC ACCOUNTS Messrs: Benidickson Beyerstein Blue Boisvert Boivin

Standing Committees Brisson Browne (St. John's West) Cauchon Cavers Churchill Cleaver Cloutier Croll Denis Fleming Fournier (Maisonneuve-Rosemont) Fraser Fulford Fulton Gauthier (Portneuf) Gibson Green Harkness Helme Johnston Jutras Kirk (Antigonish-Guysborough) Kirk (Digby-Yarmouth) Larson Macdonald (Edmonton East) Macdonnell (Greenwood) Major Maltais McCusker Nowlan Pearkes Picard Pinard Richard (Ottawa East) Riley Shaw Sinnott Stewart (Winnipeg North) Thatcher Wright-50. (Quorum-15)


Messrs: Anderson Arsenault Aylesworth Bater Bennett Black (Chateauguay-Huntingdon-Laprairie) Blue Breton Browne (St. John's West) Bruneau Bryce Cardiff Catherwood Charlton Clark Corry Courtemanche Cruickshank Darroch Demers Diefenbaker Dinsdale Dumas Fair Fontaine Gauthier (Lapointe) George Gour Harkness Herridge Hetland Jutras Jones Kent Kickham Kirk (Antigonish-Guysborough) Kirk (Digby-Yarmouth) Laing MacKenzie MacLean (Queens) Major Masse McCubbin McLean (Huron-Perth) McWilliam Murray (Oxford) Murray (Cariboo) Proudfoot Quelch Richard (St. Maurice-Lafleche) Roberge Ross (Souris) Spence Studer Welboum White (Middlesex East) Whitman Wood Wright Wylie-60. (Quorum-20) STANDING ORDERS Messrs: Boisvert Boucher Breton Casselman Denis Gibson Green Henry Huffman Knowles MacLean (Cape Breton North and Victoria) Meeker Monette Pinard Quelch Robinson Ross (Souris) Smith (York North) Stuart (Charlotte) Viau-20.


Messrs: Applewhaite Arsenault Ashbourne Balcom Bennett Black (Cumberland) Blackmore Breton Cannon Catherwood Cote (Matapedia-Matane) Fulford Gibson Gillis Harrison Henderson Higgins James Kirk (Antigonish-Guysborough) Langlois (Gaspe) Leger Macdonald (Edmonton East) Maclnnis MacLean (Queens) MacNaught Maltais McLean (Huron-Perth) McLure Mott Pearkes Robichaud Stick Stuart (Charlotte) Thomas Wood-35. (Quorum-10)


Messrs: Adamson Applewhaite Benidickson Black (Cumberland) Boivin Brisson Byrne Dickey Dumas Eyre Ferrie Gauthier (Sudbury) Gauthier (Lapointe) Gourd (Chapleau) Harkness Herridge Higgins Hosking Hunter Jones LaCroix Lafontaine Larson Little MacLean (Queens) Mclvor McWilliam Nickle Pearkes Proudfoot Stick Thomas Weaver Welbourn Wylie-35. (Quorum-10)


Messrs: Balcer Beaudoin Black (Cumberland) Boucher Bourget Breton Brown (Essex West) Byrne Carroll Churchill Clark Cloutier Conacher Cote (Verdun-La Salle) Croll Fairclough, Mrs. Gauthier (Sudbury) Gauthier (Lake St. John) Gillis Higgins J ohnston Knowles Lennard Macdonald (Edmonton East) Maclnnis McWilliam Mott Murphy Nixon Pouliot Ross (Hamilton East) Starr Stewart (Yorkton) Viau Weaver-35. (Quorum-8) (Quorum-10) DEBATES Messrs: Boucher Knowles Casselman Murray (Oxford) Crestohl Pouliot Hees Simmons Henry Valois Johnston Viau-12. (Quorum-7)

Standing Committees


Messrs: Bater Benidickson Bennett Bradette Coldwell Cote (Matapedia-Matane) Croll Decore Dlefenbaker Fleming Fournier (Maisonneuve-Rosemont) Fraser Fulford Gauthier (Lake St. John) Gauthier (Portneuf) Goode Graydon Green Higgins Jutras Kirk (Digby-Yarmouth) Lesage Low MacDougall Maclnnis MacKenzie Macnaughton McCusker Picard Pinard Quelch Richard (Ottawa East) Riley Robichaud Stick-35. (Quorum-10) Rowe Ward Smith (York North) White (Middlesex East)Smith (Moose Mountain) WhitesideTustin Winkler-44. Valois (Quorum-)

Casselman Cruickshank Dewar Ferguson Gauthier (Sudbury) Gour (Russell) Hansell Harkness Langlois (Berthier-Maskinonge) Little Macdonald (Edmonton East) MacNaught Messrs: Masse McCulloch McGregor Ratelle Richard (Ottawa East) Riley Rochefort Stewart (Winnipeg North) Stick Ward Warren White (Hastings-Peterborough) PRINTING Messrs: Argue Hees Ashbourne Hetland Bertrand Hodgson Beyerstein Hunter Black (Chateauguay- Lefrangois Huntingdon-Laprairie) MacLean (Cape Breton Blackmore North and Victoria) Boivin Maltais Bonnier McDonald (Parry Sound- Breton Muskoka) Bryce Mclvor Cameron McLean (Huron-Perth) Cardiff McWilliam Cauchon Montgomery Cavers Murray (Oxford) Charlton Robertson Cruickshank Rochefort Darroch Rowe Dechene Shaw Dickey Simmons Fairclough, Mrs. Sinnott Ferguson Stanfield Ferrie Stuart (Charlotte) Follwell Studer Fontaine Tustin Gingras Weaver . Gour (Russell) Whitman Harkness Healy Wright-54. (Quorum-) LIBRARY Messrs: Beyerstein Jones Blackmore Kirk (Antigonish- Brown (Essex West) Guysborough) Carroll Knight Carter LaCroix Conacher Laing Coyle Leger Dechene MacLean (Queens) Demers MacNaught Dinsdale Mcllraith Eudes McMillan Gauthier (Lapointe) Meeker Gingues Noseworthy Goode Pearkes Hellyer Proudfoot Henderson Ratelle Higgins Rochefort Hunter Ross (Hamilton East) (Quorum-)


William Gilbert Weir (Chief Government Whip; Whip of the Liberal Party)

Liberal Progressive

Mr. Weir moved

that the report be concurred in.

Sub-subtopic:   RESTAURANT

Motion agreed to.


Louis Stephen St-Laurent (Prime Minister; President of the Privy Council)


Right Hon. L. S. St. Laurent (Prime Minister) moved:

That the standing committees of this house shall severally be empowered to examine and inquire into all such matters and things as may be referred to them by the house; and to report from time to time their observations and opinions thereon, with power to send for persons, papers and records.


January 12, 1953