September 23, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)



There were one or two sections allowed to stand for the purpose of enabling amendments to be drawn, but before we proceed to deal with these amendments I wish to add another section to the Bill. This section will

have reference to the importation of materials and the payment of duties thereon. It is for the purpose of making abundantly clear the point which, as I have already said, is in my opinion quite clear in the contract now. However, in view of the very strong opinion expressed by my hon. friend the leader of the opposition, I thought it well to make the point so clear that no one could have any possible doubt about it.
The clause I intend to move reads as follows :
Nothing in this Act shall be construed to entitle any person to exemption from the payment of customs duties on any goods imported into Canada, and it is hereby declared that the expression ' direct importations of material or supplies by the government,' in clause 17 of said agreement has reference only to such importations by the government for the purposes of betterments of the said eastern division for which money is expended by the government upon capital account under clause 16 of the said agreement. Material or supplies otherwise required for or entering into the construction or betterment of the said railway were not Intended to be and shall not be exempt from the customs duties .ordinarily payable upon imported material or supplies of the same class, and the customs duties thereon when the same are imported shall be included in estimating the cost of construction or the capital of construction account under the said agreement.

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