September 23, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Bennett Rosamond

Conservative (1867-1942)


But not satisfactorily. INow, Mr. Chairman, this is really a very
serious question. The government propose to add greatly to the very large debt per head resting upon the people. The Prime Minister can see what a bad position the country will be in if, after that money has been expended, we find that the main object in building the railway, the transportation of the products of the west to the seaboard by its means, cannot be accomplished. What he should do, following out the advice contained in this letter is, at present to make use of the means of transportation from Port Arthur to Georgian bay ports, for only then will he be able to head off the possibility spoken of by the ministers of the products of that North-west going by United States ports and so depriving Canada of the benefits of this trade. I do advise the government, with all the energy I have and in all seriousness, to halt in their course and act upon the suggestion of the leader of the opposition and members on this side, advice given in good faith, not as intended to oppose this railway or to oppose expenditure of this kind if it is for the public benefit, but as leading to the careful consideration that is called for by the case and the delay, necessary for that consideration. It is certainly an extraordinary thing for the government to start out, as they did this session, by saying that the question demanded careful consideration and that a commission would be appointed to consider it, and then, without explanation, abandon that idea and launch out in a scheme that will add $125,000,000 to the public debt.

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