September 23, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Nathaniel Boyd

Conservative (1867-1942)


There is a matter that I think the Premier should take into his consideration. if he desires to have any practical man pay any attention to the statements of his acting Minister of Railways (Hon. Mr. Fielding) and of the man who would be Minister of Railways, the hon. member for North Norfolk (Mr. Charlton). Let me read from a speech of the would-be Minister of Railways, delivered the other day :
Of course, it is a question of grades. If this road is built with grades of fifty feet to the mile, or sixty, or seventy feet to the mile, the money is thrown away, and the purpose for which the road is built cannot be achieved. We must get a road of this class ; and we can and will get a road of this class.
The hon. gentleman was speaking, mark you, of a road of 4-10 per cent grade, in other words a rise of about 19 feet to the mile. If you do not get a road like that, the hon. gentleman tells you, the money will be thrown away. And the acting Minister of Railways, within the last few minutes has told ns that they are going to build a reasonable road at a reasonable cost. I can tell you, Mr. Chairman, that the Prime Minister, with all his astuteness in the presentations of his proposals to the country, cannot make any practical man in this conn-

try believe that both these statements can j be well-founded.

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