September 23, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)



That is the road we are to buy ?
Mi\ BOYD. No. I desire to say, Mr. Chairman, that I am making this speech and not the Minister of Justice. In that connection, I may say that it is not very often that members from Manitoba and the Northwest take part in this debate. But, as I said on a previous occasion if it could be shown to me that this road would afford the best solution of the problem of transportation that faces the people of the Northwest, I would be found supporting it. But it does not. And when hon. gentlemen tell me that such a road, built at such a cost, is to carry the products of the west cheaply to the sea-board, I can only say that the idea is a ridiculous one. I would like to see some of the ministers stand before the farmers of the North-west and make such speeches as they have made in this chamber, and see the reception they would get. The grain of that country will go out by Lake Superior and by Hudson bay. If the government were spending this money in development of the Hudson bay route, in the building of a road to Hudson bay, there would be more reason in their proposition. Even if they had given the territories of the North-west the provincial autonomy they are seeking and begging, we should have had a road to Hudson bay before now. There, mark you, is where the grain is going ; it is not going over this railway proposed by the government; it never will be' carried that way. I think in view of what has been so politely called to the attention of the Minister of Justice and of the House by the hon. member for Bothwell (Mr. Clancy) it would be advisable to allow this matter to rest for a day or two until the members of the House have had an opportunity of considering it.

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