September 23, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Hance James Logan



I will leave it to the hon. gentleman (Mr. Sproule) to say whether it was wise or unwise, but I can say that I have the evidence here that the hon. gentleman is inconsistent. There was no great demand for that railway at the time ; there to no crisis of whatsoever kind, but the hon. member for East Grey voted that amendment down, and so far as he was concerned would rush into the construction of the Harvey and Salisbury branch, without surveys or estimates of cost. The hon. member (Mr. Sproule) sat in this House when

tlie Canadian Pacific Railway charter was passed, and I would like to ask him if the government of that day had any more information with reference to the western line of the Canadian Pacific Railway, than the government of to-day has with reference to the Grand Trunk Pacific ? He knows as well as I do that they had not; he knows as well as I do that the Conservative government had not as much information a'uout the Canadian Pacific Railway at that time as we have about the Grand Trunk Pacific now. I believe that my hon. friend from Centre Toronto (Mr. Brock) is honest in his convictions, and for that reason I always like to hear him speaking in this House. Today, he told us that if you are buying a chain you should be guided in your purchase by the strength of the weakest link in the chain. I admit that. Let us apply that principle to the case we are now discussing, and let us see how it works out. We have information galore as to the eastern section of the country between Quebec and Winnipeg. We saw the Minister of the Interior present to this House a map showing that that country had been covfered with surveys. The most ample information has been obtained from engineers and others

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