May 11, 1933 (17th Parliament, 4th Session)


John Vallance


Mr. JOHN VALLANCE (South Battle-ford) :

When the bon. member for Swift Current (Mr. Bothwell) was reading the memorandum complaining of the radio commission the Prime Minister asked who had signed it, and the hon. member for Swift Current replied that he had received it with a general letter written by a reputable firm of lawyers in Moose Jaw. For the edification of the Prime Minister may 1 just read a few extracts of opinions which have been expressed by individual radio listeners in the province of Saskatchewan complaining of the action of the radio commission. I do not know whether I should read them all, but I have quite a few of them condensed and I will give the names and places.
Here is one from W. S. Pierce, Archiwill, Saskatchewan, He has this to say:
We would like to express our dissatisfaction with the change in your wave length. Your station CJRM was about the only station we could get clearly on a good night. Now you are placed so close to WENR and WLS that we cannot get you or them in the evening.
Then Miss G. E. Grant of Sceptre, Saskatchewan, writes:
As we take the wheat prices for the elevators here at Sceptre, we are very disappointed with the change in your wave length. It is not half as good as it was before.
Mrs. G. Hill, Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan, writes:
Since they changed the wave length we cannot get Fleming at all and have to put on all the volume we have to get CJRM-
That is the Moose Jaw station:
-and if Saskatoon is on, we cannot get it at all. Saskatoon interferes with all the stations terrible.
Then there is a complaint of the same nature from Mrs. A. Brown of Birch Hills,
another from M. McMillan-I do not suppose *that is the member, but the name is McMillan. He writes:
Since you have changed the wave length we cannot get Moose Jaw with Saskatoon on as they both come in about the same place on our radio.
Then there are other complaints from Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Abbey, Ridpath, Herbert, Melfort, Glenellen, Swift Current, Masefield, Saskatoon again, Richlea, Grandin. Leroy, Wadena, Milden and Regina, all making the same objections which are set out in the memorandum which was read by the hon. member for Swift Current. I feel just as he does, that instead of the chairman of the radio commission telling us what wonderful things they have done for the west, in view of the protests that are now being made against the radio commission I think we should get from the minister through his radio commission some illustration of the wonderful things that they have done for the west before we vote any more money for the commission.

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