September 23, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Thomas Simpson Sproule

Conservative (1867-1942)


It is interesting to know the position taken by the hon. member for Vancouver (Mr. Macpherson). He says that the exclusion of the Chinese was an important issue at the time of his election, and he desires that these people should be shut out. But if so why does he not move an amendment to that ^effect ? Being a supporter of the government .he would be more likely to get the government to accede to his request than if he were a member of the opposition. He makes the excuse that he will support an amendment to that effect to the Railway Act, but the Railway Act is not before the House. The Bill which is before the House is one which will involve the employment of a large amount of labour and which affords a good opportuity for the hon. gentleman to show his sincerity by moving to prevent the employment of

Chinese labour on the railway contemplated by that Bill. I am afraid that he will have a difficult task before him when called upon to explain his conduct in his own constituency.

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