September 23, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Thomas Simpson Sproule

Conservative (1867-1942)


The hon. gentleman (Mr. Macpherson) seems, as usual, to be entirely inconsistent and somewhat reckless in his statements. In the first place, he says they never had any difficulty with the Asiatic question until 1885. Why, I can remember when 'Cariboo' Thompson, when Sinister, when Amor De Cosmos, were in this House and spoke as strongly against the immigration of Chinese before 1882 as any men have ever done since. I can remember that this question was a burning question then, and we heard as much about it before 1882 as we have heard about it since. So much for the hon. gentleman's (Mr. Maepherson's) knowledge of his own province, concerning which he professes to be so well informed. Then as to the consistency of his party, where is that party today ? He says he remembers the telegram that was sent to the Pacific coast, and he was glad to see it-that the government would carry out the wishes of the people in the west. What was the wish of those people V Was it not that Chinese and Japanese labour should be excluded ? Did not they make these representations to the government V If so, why did not the government carry out the people's wishes, as they promised to do ? The hon. gentleman says it is different here in the east, and that we know nothing about the troubles they have to contend with. He says the government is face to face with the responsibilities of office, and it is hard to carry out these changes. Well, did not the government know that'just as well before they sent this telegram as afterwards ? If they made these promises, knowing that they could not carry them out, they were misleading the people when-they promised to carry out their wishes. The hon. gentleman says that the government has done all that was ever done for the people in the direction of excluding the Chinese and Japanese. Why, he says the present government have done more than any other government; comparatively speaking, they have done everything. Does he forget who disallowed the Act passed by the provincial legislature of British Columbia excluding these people, that it was the present government that disallowed that Act, and that when his own government passed an Act to exclude these people, they would have been kept out but for the fact that that Act was disallowed by the government here. Now. be says that no corporation receiving aid from this House should be allowed to employ either Chinese Mr. MACPHERSON.
or Japanese. He is about face to face with that condition now ; this company receives large subventions from the government, and why does he not support this amendment ?

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