May 18, 1933 (17th Parliament, 4th Session)


Edgar-Rodolphe-Eugène Chevrier



Mr. Speaker, if I am in order, with the greatest possible respect I would point out to you that when an hon. member had made use of a certain expression at page 2535 of Hansard and you had considered the matter you were pleased to direct, "I am of the opinion that the remark is not directed to the hon. member for Regina." If it was not directed to the hon. member for Regina it was directed to no other hon. member, but Your Honour ruled at a subsequent date that the words should be expunged from the record. Another remark practically of the same nature was made by the hon. member for Temiscouata (Mr. Pouliot) with reference to parliamentary correspondents, and Your Honour then ruled that the words were unparliamentary and that they should be stricken out of the record, and that was done. I have the greatest respect for Your Honour and I have no quarrel with your decision, and the citations I made were simply for the purpose of showing that the decorum of the house is a matter in your hands which I think should be regarded as a sacred trust.
Mr. ARMAND LaVERGNE (Montmagny): In my opinion these are not questions of privilege but questions of personal explanation. An hon. member of this house before the orders of the day were called complained about a newspaper article on what he said was a question of privilege, but it is not a question of privilege; it is a question of personal explanation. When an hon. member of this house is attacked by a newspaper the rule is very dear. He has no other recourse but to have the writer of the article or the editor of that newspaper brought before the bar of the house. That recourse is open to the hon. member, but I think that these are not questions of privilege and should not be raised as questions of privilege.

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