May 18, 1933 (17th Parliament, 4th Session)


Pierre Édouard Blondin (Speaker of the Senate)

Conservative (1867-1942)


I can only say this: I wish it were in the power of the Speaker to protect hon. members from any annoyance, but as I pointed out in reply to the hon. member for Ottawa, if he wishes to deal with the matter, then as the Deputy Speaker has already pointed out, the editor or the reporter can be ordered to appear before the bar of the house. That is entirely a matter within the power of the house itself, and is not subject to be ordered by the Speaker. The whole matter has to be dealt with by the house, and I say to the hon. member for Compton 'that if he wishes to go further, it should be done by motion.
Before this incident is closed, I do not want hon. members to take it that I approve of the language that has been complained of. It is quite within the power and the best judgment of every member of the house to refrain from using such language as will give offence. It is quite proper to engage in debate and severely criticize the policies and even the personal actions of members, without indulging in language of which the house should be ashamed.

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