March 2, 1934 (17th Parliament, 5th Session)


Lucien Dubois


Mr. DUBOIS (Translation):

Among the
English speaking members as well as among the English speaking employees there are qualified, intelligent, straightforward and conscientious men who are fair in the distribution of work and if they had to settle the present question, would not fear to do justice to our compatriots who could ably fill posts in the public service or elsewhere.
The hon. Secretary of State still persists in having this Bill No. 4 enacted, notwithstanding the press campaign carried on against it throughout the country. It is true that the hon. member for Labelle designated as little scraps of paper the petitions that were signed and articles that were published in newspapers, such as the " Devoir," the " Droit," " l'Action Catholique," and " Le Canada." He designated as little scraps of paper the warning of our national associations. But it was public opinion that spoke. The hon. Secretary of State is sufficiently wise, open-minded to realize the injustice this bill is doing us. With the broad-mindedness I know he has, I think *the Secretary of State should not insist further, he should even drop the bill so as not to force us to vote against it.
Mr. DESLAURIERS moved the adjournment of the debate.
Motion agreed to and debate adjourned.

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