March 15, 1934 (17th Parliament, 5th Session)


Charles A. Stewart


Mr. STEWART (Edmonton):

We did not need to give nickels; the government provided employment for all. Even the tobacco growers down in Essex were able to get along without relief, the same men for whom the hon. member is pleading so hard to-day. This government was going to blast its way into the markets of the world, but my hon. friend is to-day asking for relief for those very men who were to benefit from the policies of the government. Are you proud and pleased with your record? Hon. gentlemen on the back benches opposite will rush to the defence of the government. They are ready to advocate relief camps and other forms of unemployment relief, notwithstanding the fact that they declared solemnly to the electors that they would not inaugurate such things. They are welcome to all the comfort they can get. That is all I have to say in connection with this matter.

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