May 18, 1934 (17th Parliament, 5th Session)


Thomas Simpson Sproule


I do not speak very often in this house, but I think it is time some hon. members opposite should stop and realize that in Canada there are some provinces besides the western provinces. There are people in Ontario who need money just as much as the western people need it, so far as that is concerned. Only a couple of years ago we gave them a five cent help on their wheat, but never got any thanks for it. They talk about grasshoppers, and to listen to the hon. member for Melville (Mr. Motherwell) one would think that there were grasshoppers only out in the west. My friend in the east told the committee that his constituency had been bothered with grasshoppers, and we have some in Ontario. But when the grasshoppers strike Ontario we look after them, and we do not complain. I believe the origin of a good deal of the trouble out in the _ west can be traced to the west. So far as this discussion is concerned, I do not think there should be any line drawn between the-east and the west. I have a good deal of respect for western members, and particularly those sitting on this side of the house. L

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do say, however, that there are a great many chronic complainers sitting opposite who are not thankful to the Ontario members who sit here and do not say a word.
The Prime Minister has just finished telling about the grants which have been made. I feel sorry for the people who have to accept what might be called the dole, but I think a little more consideration should be given to the east. It seems to me that the people in Ontario and the other eastern provinces are getting very little thanks for what they are trying to do for the people in the west. I have all kinds of faith in the west, and I do say that the remarks by the hon. member for Melville were unbecoming to him; they were very much out of place. I do not intend to take up any more time, but' if I got hotter I could say more about it.

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