June 19, 1934 (17th Parliament, 5th Session)


Ian Alistair Mackenzie


Hon. IAN MACKENZIE (Vancouver Centre):

As a member of the committee
who asked for delay when the report was first submitted by the hon. member for York-Sunbury (Mr. Hanson) I desire to state my own personal position.
I am quite in sympathy with the sense of the amendment that has just been moved by the hon. member for Macleod (Mr. Coote), but I quite agree with Your Honour's ruling that it is possibly out of order. At the same time I desire to state that if at another session I am in my place, I certainly intend to move that an investigation be pursued along the lines contained in the amendment of the hon. member for Macleod.
The first point raised by him was a discussion of the preamble of Bill No. 19. I maintain that we are still entitled when Bill No. 19 comes before the house, to-morrow possibly, to discuss that preamble both in principle and in detail.
The second point raised by the hon. member was the resolution that was moved in the committee on banking and commerce by my hon. friend from Quebec South (Mr. Power). I do submit that the committee was handicapped and hampered in its investigations of the six subclauses of that resolution by the unwillingness, if I may use that polite word, of the committee to grant us counsel as we requested on the first day of that investigation. I do still think that the amendment that was moved by the hon. member for Cartier (Mr. Jacobs) to have other industries added was very much in order and very much required by the sentiment of the country at
the present time. I agree that possibly it may be more in order to move at the next session of parliament that this investigation be pursued.
I must express my own personal disappointment at the receptton given by the banking committee to some of the suggestions that were made from the minority groups in that committee. At the same time I wish to express here my sense of appreciation of the fairness and the ability and the courtesy of the chairman of that committee during its recent deliberations.

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