September 30, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. H.@

It. EMMERSON (Westmoreland). I would be very sorry indeed to take up the time of the House in prolonging this discussion, but there has been some reference made to the petitions presented, asking that there should be delay, because there is little knowledge of the section of the province of New Brunswick, through which this road is to run. I do not think that there is very much significance to be attached to these petitions, but there is this significance : That
while they have been very carefully prepared. I have no doubt, by lion, members opposite and printed and sent throughout the country and signed in their respective constituencies it is quite apparent-at all events judging of the signatures with which I am familiar-that they are signed by friends of lion, gentlemen opposite almost exclusively. There is one very strange thin? in connection with the contents of these petitions, and that is, that though they have been prepared with so much care by lion, gentlemen opposite and circulated by their political agents, there is no reference in these petitions to the alternative proposition of the leader of the opposition.

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