May 27, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Henry Herbert Stevens

Conservative (1867-1942)


I do not wish to transgress the rules of the house by debating the motion, but I should like to make one observation in regard to this matter as it involves, if it is dropped, possibly the establishing of a precedent in the house which I think the house should be cognizant of before such action is taken. I quite understand the practice of refusing to disclose the business of any private firm in connection with its invoices .or docu-

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ments submitted for the passing of goods through the customs houses or customs offices of the country. But this is something different from that. The point at issue here is simply this: that certain revenue having been collected and entering into the consolidated fund of the country, under certain practice and rules of the department, rebates are made under the statute. All that I am asking is that when a rebate is paid between certain times-all I am asking is when a rebate is paid out of the consolidated fund-the name and the documents authorizing such rebate should be laid on the table of the house. If it is now decided not to do1 that, I should like to intimate to the house that in my opinion it is rather an extraordinary ruling that the House of Commons is not entitled to information dealing with the important matter of the revenue of the country and the manner in which it may be handled in so far as rebates are concerned.

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