June 21, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Ian Alistair Mackenzie


Mr. IAN MACKENZIE (Vancouver Centre):

Mr. Speaker, I regret very much that the Minister of Finance (Mr. Rhodes) has departed from the customary courtesies extended on the occasion of the first reading of a bill, and has sought to make a detailed explanation which would have been more proper on second reading. I would say to the minister that he has raised some very controversial arguments. I am not here to defend or to protest against action which may be taken by the provincial government of the province of British Columbia. I am personally in favour, and have so expressed myself

Canada-Poland Trade Treaty
repeatedly, of the provisions of the Farmers' Creditors Arrangement Act in the province of British Columbia. My right hon. friend, the leader of the opposition, very definitely expressed himself as being in favour of the provisions of the bill when it was discussed in the house.
I must protest most emphatically however against the Minister of Finance, at this time and at this stage of debate, namely, upon the introduction of a bill which we have not yet seen, to the consideration of this house, imputing motives to any provincial government, whether it be Liberal or Conservative, I do not care which. I am certainly disposed to object to this bill; I may say frankly to the minister that I am in favour of the application of the provisions of the act to the province of British Columbia. I have spoken in favour of it, and so has the hon. member for New Westminster (Mr. Reid), upon many occasions in British Columbia. For these reasons I say it is entirely unbecoming in the minister, when he seeks leave of the house to introduce the bill, to impute motives when the full facts are not in possession of the house.

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