May 19, 1936 (18th Parliament, 1st Session)


Harry James Barber

Conservative (1867-1942)


When the committee rose last night I was discussing this item. I am interested in it from the standpoint of employment because it means a considerable amount of employment to those working in the industry in the district I have the honour to represent, and it is also of importance to neighbouring cities. In the harvesting season we employ in the industry about 3,000 people and hundreds are employed the year round. There is no branch of agriculture in which as much employment is afforded per acre as hop growing. I appreciate the remarks the minister made last evening with regard to encouraging this industry, and I hope he will do his best to see that Canadian hops are purchased by the consumers of this country.
There is just one other point I should like to raise. I notice that a little further on a grant is made by way of reduction of tariff to the brewers of the Irish Free State. It occurs to me that some years ago an agreement was entered into between Ireland and, I think, New Zealand, whereby there was a removal or reduction of the tariff on products of the brewing industry entering New Zealand, and on the other hand New Zealand hops were admitted into Ireland on more favourable terms. When the time comes to consider the empire agreements, perhaps Canada may be enabled to sell to the brewers of Ireland a certain quantity of our hops. I hope the minister will bear this in mind.

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