October 12, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Robert Laird Borden (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. BORDEN (Halifax).

I would ask my right hon. friend the Prime Minister whether or not he has taken any steps to verify the accuracy of the alleged interview with Mr. Aylesworth, one of the commissioners on the Alaska boundary question.
I have not the telegraphic report at hand, but it contains rather extraordinary observations with regard to his duties as com-Hon. Mr. FIELDING. 1
missioner and also with regard to his views on matters now the subject of political controversy in the United Kingdom. It seems to me rather unusual, and I decline to believe that Mr. Aylesworth could have used the language attributed to him ; but inasmuch as the interview has been cabled cross the Atlantic-I am not sure whether by the New Canada Press Association or not-and has been commented on throughout the country to a considerable extent, it seems to me desirable that the government should ascertain whether or not it is accurate, and if not, inform the public and the country.

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