May 31, 1940 (19th Parliament, 1st Session)


Ernest Edward Perley

National Government

Mr. E. E. PERLEY (Qu'Appelle):

I should like to direct a question to the Minister of Trade and Commerce (Mr. MacKinnon). Would he have the report of the Canadian Wheat Board for the crop year 1938-39 tabled at the next sitting of the house, or as soon thereafter as possible?
I should like to ask another question. Under the Canadian Wheat Board Act, 1935, provision is made for a weekly report from the board to the minister. Would the minister consider having these weekly reports tabled, covering the period since August 1, 1939?
Hon. JAMES A. MacKINNON (Minister of Trade and Commerce): The hon. member for Qu'Appelle (Mr. Perley) was good enough to intimate to me that he intended asking these questions this afternoon, and I took occasion to discuss the points raised with the advisers of the department and officials of the wheat board who are in the city at the present time.
The report of the wheat board to which the hon. member refers was tabled in this house on the 17th day of this month, immediately after the opening of parliament.
Regarding the weekly audit reports, this is a matter which has been up for discussion before with this department. I think all I can say is that this report exhibits the exact position of the board from week to week, and it is not considered in the best interests of the country that the figures contained therein should be made available to the public. I am sure the hon. member will fully appreciate that. The figures would be of special value to the people to whom we look to sell wheat, and the publication of them would put us in an unfair position. The regularly published statistics containing the figures of Canada's whole wheat position are available through the bureau of statistics, and the report of the board of grain commissioners, and with respect to a monthly report I think these same remarks would apply.

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