May 31, 1940 (19th Parliament, 1st Session)


George Hugh Castleden

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)


Mr. Chairman, recently there was in a Toronto paper an editorial entitled "Is Beauhamois too hot to handle?" I do not know if that is the reason why there are at this time so many empty seats on the government side. I notice that there are fewer than thirty members in their seats. I rise to protest against the principle of handing over the natural resources of Canada to private corporations which are rapidly becoming monopolistic in character. We maintain that our duty here is to protect the natural wealth of Canada, which we contend belongs to the common people of Canada., and it should not be handed over to these corporations.
I find from the Annual Financial Review of July, 1939, that Montreal Light, Heat and Power Consolidated has several subsidiary companies: The Cedar Rapids Manufacturing and Power company; the Provincial Light, Heat and Power company; the Quebec-New England Hydro-Electric corporation; the Beauhamois Power corporation, and under that the Beauhamois Light, Heat and Power company; the Montreal Island Power company. I believe we should be remiss in our

duty if we did not voice a protest against the giving away of these natural resources. I cannot understand why the wealth of Canada, which we maintain is the heritage of the people of this country, should be given away without remuneration. In that connection I should like to know what profits the Beauhamois company derives from these great natural resources. I should like to see the Canadian people a fifty per cent shareholder, let us say, in some of these large corporations which are deriving their wealth from our natural resources and from which the people receive mighty little in return.

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