June 13, 1940 (19th Parliament, 1st Session)


Richard Burpee Hanson (Leader of the Official Opposition)

National Government

Hon. R. B. HANSON (Leader of the Opposition):

Mr. Speaker, I have never risen in this house with greater pleasure or with a heart and mind more full of loyalty and fealty to His Most Excellent Majesty the King than I do on this occasion. And with all our hearts we, His Majesty's Loyal Opposition, reecho the sentiments of loyalty and devotion which are contained in this resolution as well as those which have fallen from the lips of the Prime Minister (Mr. Mackenzie King).
As stated in the resolution, just a year ago their majesties were receiving the united acclaim of all the Canadian people, irrespective of race, class or creed. To-day, having regard to all the rapid changes from peace to war, the people of Canada are more devoted, more loyal if possible, and more attached to the persons and fortunes of our gracious and illustrious sovereign and his gracious queen than ever before. We admire his high courage and resolute purpose which have been an inspiration and guide to all his people. Their high courage and calmness at this most critical period in the history of the nation is to us, his majesty's Canadian subjects, an example which we may well follow.
May I say humbly and with the greatest sincerity that because of what has happened and is happening over there I have had no great heart for party conflict or party warfare. There is a time and place for everything. Party strife and party warfare have a place in normal times, but in days such as these I feel that such matters fall into insignificance. Let us get on with the work of
(Mr. Mackenzie Kinjc.l
this house; let us get on with Canada's war effort, each putting forth our best so that we may present a common front along with our mother country and her gallant allies to the common foe. Let us all reverently, yea, with affection, say in unison, "God save the King".

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