November 12, 1940 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Norman Alexander McLarty (Minister of Labour)


Hon. N. A. McLARTY (Minister of Labour):

The hon. member for Rosetown-Biggar (Mr. Caldwell) was kind enough to give me notice of his intention to ask this question.
1 reeeived on Sunday morning a telegram similar, I believe, to the one he received, in which the chairman of the local committee, No. 195, of the Chrysler corporation employees advised that the corporation had locked out forty-five employees. Subsequently I received notification from the company to the effect that it was not in any sense whatever a lockout, but on account of the transferring of one employee from one department to another thirty-eight men in the other department decided voluntarily to walk out. There being such a wide variance between the two statements as to the facts, I thought the only way to handle the matter properly was to have someone from the Department of Labour go to Windsor and advise us accurately as to the actual facts. That was done; the representative was in Windsor yesterday and is still there. When I received the notice from the hon. member for Rosetown-Biggar I endeavoured, unsuccessfully, to get in touch with him. Until we have a definite statement as to the actual facts I think we should not prejudge the matter or take any premature action in connection with it.

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