April 18, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)



That the House do, to-morrow, go into committee to consider the following proposed resolution :-
Resolved, That it is expedient to provide that pensions or gratuities may be granted to staff officers and officers and men of the permanent militia force, and to the widows and children of such officers, as follows :-
To an officer compulsorily retired, for any cause other than misconduct or inefficiency, after twenty years' service, or retiring voluntarily after thirty-five years' service, a pension not exceeding one-fiftieth of the pay and allowances of his rank or appointment at the time of his retirement lor each year of service; service beyond thirty-five years not being reckoned.
To an officer who retires voluntarily after twenty-five years, but less than thirty-five years' service, a pension not exceeding one-fortieth of such pay and allowances for each year of service.
Towards making good the said pensions, 5 per cent to be deducted from the pay of officers.
To an officer retiring on account of infirmity or retired to promote efficiency or economy in the service, a gratuity not exceeding one month's pay for each year's service; if retiring on account of injury received in the discharge of his duties, a gratuity not exceeding three months' pay for every two years' service.
To a non-commissioned officer or militiaman, if he has served fifteen but less than twenty-one years, a pension equal to one-fiftieth of his annual pay for every year of service; for twenty-one and less than twenty-five years' service, twenty-fiftieths, and in addition two-fiftieths for every year over twenty; for twenty-five years, thirty-fiftieths, and in addition one-fiftieth for every year over twenty-five, not exceeding, however, two-thirds of his average annual pay, exclusive of extra pay or allowances during the three years preceding his retirement.
To the widow and children of an officer who had served twenty years and was at the time of his death on full pay or in receipt of a pension, the following pension or allowance : in the

case of a colonel, $500 to the widow and $80 to each child; lieutenant-colonel, a pension of $450 to widow and a yearly allowance of $80 to each child; major, $350 to widow and $70 to each child; captain, $250 to widow and $65 to each child; lieutenant or second lieutenant, $200 to widow and $50 to each child: warrant officer, $100 to widow and $25 to each child; the amount to children to be doubled if they are motherless and in need; no allowance to be granted to a son aged eighteen or a daughter aged twenty-one; and the total amount granted to the family of an officer in one year not to exceed the amount of the pension attached to his rank.
He said : I beg to say that this motion has received the assent of the Crown.

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