February 26, 1941 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. GARDINER: (Minister of National War Services; Minister of Agriculture)


1. Yes.
2. Reports on the nature and extent of Canada's war effort, delivered to the House of Commons by ministers of the crown.
3. "Canada Carries On"-(August 1940), English, 50,000 copies; French, 20,000 copies.
"Canada Carries On, No. 2"-(December 1940), English, 100,000 copies; French, 50,000 copies.
4. "Canada Carries On" $2,157 plus sales tax.
"Canada Carries On, No. 2", approximately $5,200 (invoice not yet received).
5. To fill a widespread and constant public demand for information of the type contained in the booklets. Publication served to meet thousands of requests for specific information, and to service a standing mailing list of persons, corporations and organizations desiring general information about Canada's war effort.
6. Single copies to request mailing list (approximately 45,000 copies), members of parliament list, newspapers list, school-teachers list, public libraries list.
Parcels (upon request only) to a large number of addresses-the following being typical examples: -
War savings committees, boards of trade, Canadian Legion educational services, League of Nations Society, Frontier college, high schools, universities, provincial education departments, members of House of Commons, Book Fair, insurance companies, banks, factories, service clubs, Y.M.C.A., churches, British high commissioner, Canadian government trade commissioners at Lima, Peru;


Tokyo, Japan; Havana, Cuba; New York, U.S.A.; penitentiaries; National Defence auxiliary services.
7. Approximately $2,500.

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