April 4, 1941 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Richard Burpee Hanson (Leader of the Official Opposition)

National Government

Hon. R. B. HANSON (Leader of the Opposition) :

Mr. Speaker, as the house is already
aware, a motion has been passed for the adjournment of this house at six o'clock on Wednesday for a substantial period. I understand the date of the adjournment was fixed on the conditional understanding that possibly the budget would be brought down the first of the coming week. The Minister of Finance (Mr. Ilsley) has announced that this is not now physically possible. It has been represented to me from both sides of the house that a large number of hon. members would desire, if possible, to have this house adjourn to-night at six o'clock for the Easter vacation, thus anticipating the adjournment by three days.
I understand a large number of hon. members have either departed or are about to depart by afternoon or evening trains. I would ask the Prime Minister (Mr. Mackenzie King) if the government would consider making a motion that when the house do adjourn at six o'clock to-night it shall adjourn for the Easter vacation, rather than having the adjournment on Wednesday next.

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