May 30, 1941 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Jean-François Pouliot



I regret very much that the Chairman says I am not in order. I always respect the Chair and I will not insist. I know, sir, that what I am asking is essential to an understanding of finance, and finance is not a complicated matter. It is most simple, and the explanation given must satisfy the mind. When we think of this as Canadian citizens, who expect that the future of this country will be bright after the sombre days through which we are passing, and that the sun of dawn will shine again after a very dark night, then, if we want that to happen, if we want the future days to be happier than those in which we are now living, we must be very careful about the financial structure of the country. Of course, the comparison about structure can be applied to many matters. It must be applied to the financial system. The basis or foundation of the financial system must be strong if we wish to build upon it. 1 shall have other remarks to make later on, but I would point out that we cannot give too deep study to this matter. I appreciate the fact that hon. members feel as I do, that this matter is serious and that we cannot give it too much thought and foresight-foresight for the future, so that the future shall be better than the present.

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