November 7, 1941 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Ernest George Hansell

Social Credit


I shall be through in a moment. At any rate, that would be the impression people would get, that the information was not given so that there could be a certain amount of patronage. I might give an illustration. Certain people came to that town from an outside place. Nobody knew them. They proceeded to rent a small building to put in a coffee shop. Some of those who knew this building said to them, "Are you sure you will make good on this coffee shop?-because there have been one or two in this town that have gone broke." They replied, "We will make good." They were asked what made them so sure and they replied, "Why, an air training school is to be built out here."
Nobody in that town knew anything about it. I repeat that I am not saying that the information was withheld for purposes of patronage, but it has all the appearance of it. Either that or you have to come .to the conclusion that there is not proper coordination. Here is one department which evidently did not know there was to be an air training school at this point when at the time the machinery was ploughing up the runways. Could the minister give us some statement on that, because other hon. members may find similar occurrences. We do not want these embarrassments. In this time of war, even though we may be members of the opposition
we are not going out to brand the government as this, that and the other thing. We have to attend Red Cross meetings, salvage meetings, all kinds of meetings; we are called on to explain this and that, and we want to help the war effort as much as possible. Therefore let us get some of these things cleaned up.

Topic:   THE WAR
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