November 7, 1941 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Clarence Decatur Howe (Minister of Munitions and Supply)



Yes; and, of course, tank cars have had to be used to a much greater extent than formerly, which greatly increases the cost of the industry. What has been done has been to calculate carefully the additional cost as against the additional saving that has been made by the methods of the oil controller.
We have a staff of accountants engaged constantly in studying the problem. We have not granted the increases which the figures seemed to demand. We have said that the oil companies must share some of the hardships with the Canadian public, but we have insisted that the oil companies obtain crude oil from every source from which it can be obtained and in the largest volume in which it can be obtained, more or less regardless of cost; and we have tried to adjust the cost over all the users of the product.
'Mr. Howe.]
I do not think anyone can say that the oil controller's office has not been well administered. As I say, increases in cost that have been authorized have been less than those that have prevailed in the large markets to the south of us.
We have asked for the cooperation of the people in cutting down pleasure driving. The effect of that was to cut down the increase that had occurred in 1941 over 1940. Whereas the July, 1941, figu res of consumption were twenty per cent over the figures for July, 1940, the September figures, I am happy to say, were just even with the consumption for September, 1940. That much w'e have done and I think it was a great step in advance. Now, what about the future?

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