November 7, 1941 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Ritchie MacNicol

National Government


Before the minister proceeds, may I ask a question? The minister spoke about control over the sale of gasoline. Here is what I went through one afternoon, which I do not think should be described by the word "control." My gasoline was running low', and I drove to the first gas station I came to on St. Clair avenue in Toronto. The attendant said, "Sorry, we are out of gas." I said, "Have you no gas in your tanks?" "Oh, yes, lots of gas in the tanks, but we have sold our quota for to-da3'." I drove to the next gasoline station and was told the same thing. I drove to a third and was told the same. I asked the same question in each case, and the answer w'as, "Yes, we have lots of gasoline but we have sold our quota for the day." I drove to another station and before I had time to ask the young man said, "Shall I fill her up?" I said, "Yes, fill her up."
That is not gasoline control. Had I been on a serious errand of life or death and run out of gasoline and they had told me, "Yes, we have lots of gas but have filled our quota for the day and cannot give you any more," what would have been my position? That is not control. I should like the minister to tell us whether the rationing system has been properly surveyed. For instance, all this week my car is standing in the garage, I am not using any gasoline. When I go away for a month my car is in the garage. But *when I come back, not having used any gasoline for some time, I am told, "Yes, the tanks are full, but we cannot sell you any." That kind of control is a farce. Surely there is some sensible way of rationing gasoline.

Topic:   THE WAR
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