November 7, 1941 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Clarence Decatur Howe (Minister of Munitions and Supply)



As a matter of fact that is what we have in mind, we hope to have the two issued concuiTently. The purpose of the control is to save gasoline and nothing else. It has been the purpose of the oil controller to bring into Canada every gallon of petroleum products he can bring in. I notice editorials are beginning to appear stating that the real reason behind this control is the saving of United States exchange. It is true that petroleum products do constitute the greatest single drain on our United States exchange. But the purpose of oil conservation has not been to save United States exchange. We have been conserving gasoline because if we give it to the pleasure driver we go short in the war effort.
The United States furnished a large number of tankers to the British government and Canada furnished its share, a fair number of our Norwegian flag tankers. The United States is getting a number of its tankers back; we are not getting any of ours back. At the moment the situation in Canada is no better, because we have no more new tanker space; our stocks to-day are lower than they have ever been since the war started.
But we have the Montreal pipeline coming into operation, which will help somewhat, and we know that as soon as the situation in the United States is squared away they will give

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