November 7, 1941 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Richard Burpee Hanson (Leader of the Official Opposition)

National Government

Mr. HANSON (York-Sunbury):

I agree that there was a saving, but it was brought about by the conscientious people of this country rather than by those who were thoughtless, and I am not going to characterize them in any other way.
I should like to throw out this suggestion to the minister for his consideration when he comes to deal with this question of rationing. I suggest that those who are careful to keep their consumption of gasoline as far as possible under the limit might be given credit for being so careful, so that, if an emergency should arise during a succeeding month, they might be able to take advantage of what they had saved previously. What I mean is that a credit created by a non-user in this way might be stored up, to be used by that person in case of an emergency, so that the gasoline represented by the coupons not used would not be wiped off the slate at the end of the month. It may not be possible to adopt that suggestion, though I do not see why it should not; but I commend it to the minister and his advisers when they come to consider this rationing system.

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