June 4, 1942 (19th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. MITCHELL: (Minister of Labour)


1. Yes, controller of loading operations at the port of Halifax, N.S.
2. Vincent C. MacDonald.
3. Indicated in detail in order in council P.C. 3511, of April 30, 1942, copy attached.
4. Experience as arbitrator for the port of Halifax under the Department of Labour. He

also made a complete investigation of shiploading conditions at Halifax at the request of the Minister of Labour.
5. Dalhousie university, dean of the faculty of law; salary not known.
6. $300 per month for period May 1 to August 31, 1942, and at such salary thereafter as the governor in council may fix.
7. Actual travelling expenses when absent from place of residence in connection with his work as controller.
8. No.
9. Appointed because of constant demands that loading operations should be speeded up. In particular, the reasons for the appointment were not those implied in question 9 (a), (b) and (c). Investigation revealed (1) the need of greater effort to regularize the volume of ocean traffic in order to secure better adjustment of the demand for and supply of longshore labour, (2) insufficient advance notice of ship arrivals to permit securing the numbers and categories of workers required in time, (3) lack of a proper system of call and hiring, (4) insufficient supply of longshore labour at various times, (5) various defects in working practices, (6) lack of coordination of the loading and unloading operations throughout the port as a whole, (7) priority of union members over non-union employees in employment.
10. The controller is concerned with the loading and unloading of ships and not with the direction of traffic.
11. None. His duties are not concerned with shipbuilding and ship repairs.

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