June 8, 1942 (19th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Lyon Mackenzie King (Prime Minister; Secretary of State for External Affairs; President of the Privy Council)


Right Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister):

Mr. Speaker, to-day having been set apart as the day for the official celebration of the birthday of His Majesty the King, I feel sure that hon. members would welcome an opportunity to extend their greetings and good wishes to His Majesty in the form of a resolution of the House of Commons. I have prepared a resolution and have shown it to my hon. friend the leader of the opposition (Mr. Hanson), who has kindly consented to second it as worded. I would therefore move, seconded by Mr. Hanson: That, on this, the occasion of the official celebration in Canada of the birthday of His Majesty, King George VI, a humble address be sent to His Majesty in the following words:
"To the King's Most Excellent Majesty:
Most Gracious Sovereign:
We, the members of the House of Commons of Canada, in parliament assembled, desire respectfully to extend our loyal and heartfelt greetings to Your Majesty on this day set apart for the official celebration in Canada of Your Majesty's birthday.

At this time when, throughout the world, freedom itself is at stake. Your Majesty's calm courage, steadfast faith and active service have been an inspiration to your own peoples and to those of other nations joined in the common struggle.
It is our united prayer that, throughout these days of supreme trial, Divine Providence may continue to protect and guide Your Majesty, and that until the day of ultimate triumph and for many years thereafter, you may be given the strength to bear the great burdens which war has already created and may continue to impose.
With one voice we join to-day, as never before, in the words:
God save our gracious King,
Long live our noble King,
God save the King:
Send him victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us:
God save the King."
I would suggest that this resolution might be supported by the singing of the national anthem.

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