June 24, 1942 (19th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. POWER: (Associate Minister of National Defence; Minister of National Defence for Air; Minister of National Defence for Air and Associate Minister of National Defence)


1. Recruiting centres in the province of Quebec are located in Montreal and Quebec city, and the enlistments from these two centres as at June 3, 1942, totalled 12,513 (including 352 Women's Division).
2. Where an officer or airman or airwoman does not indicate in his application or attestation papers that he is of French-Canadian origin the following points are taken into consideration in making the assessment:
(i) If he or she has a French-Canadian name as determined by a French-Canadian clerk.
(ii) If he or she completes in French the necessary information on an attestation paper printed in French.
(iii) If he or she makes the declaration on the attestation paper that he or she speaks French fluently and/or speaks very little or no English.
(iv) If he or she was born of French-Canadian parents in any part of Canada which is populated by French Canadians (Quebec, Gravelbourg, Sask., St. Boniface, Man., etc.).
(v) If the mother is definitely French Canadian, and the father is of French-Canadian extraction (even though the name may be "MacKinnon"),-especially if living in the eastern townships of Quebec.
Subject to the foregoing assessment the total enlistments indicated in 1 above are divided (a) 5,110, (b) 7,403 (including 867 U.S. citizens).
3. (a) French, 1,041; other than French, ?,231 (incl. 807 UJS. citizens), (b) French,
2.402; other than French. 3.305. (c) French,
1,582; other than French, 600. French. 85 (airwomen); other than French, 267 (airwomen).

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