June 1, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Hon. CLIFFORD SIFTON (Minister of the Interior) : (Minister of the Interior; Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs)


1. Yes.
2. From the boards of trade of Edmonton, Winnipeg and London ; the legislative assembly of the Northwest Territories ; the

town councils of Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg ; and the municipality of Springfield, Manitoba.
3. They recommend the Edmonton route on account of the advantages which would accrue to Canada by its adoption.
4. A small body of Northwest Mounted Tolice, in command of Inspector J. D. Moodie, was detailed to test the route in the year 1897. His report is contained in the annual report of the Northwest Mounted Police for 1898. A grant of $15,000 was voted by parliament during the session of 1898 toward the construction of a trail from Edmonton towards the Yukon Territory, which was expended by the government of the Northwest Territories.
5. No pamphlet was issued especially dealing with the Edmonton route. A pamphlet entitled ' The Klondike Official Guide ' was prepared by Wm. Ogilvie, D.L.S., and published in 1898 by authority of the Department of the Interior. It contains a description of the various routes to the Yukon, and, among others, gives some description of the Edmonton route.
6. The government neither advised nor discouraged travel by the Edmonton route. The information at the disposal of the government was placed before the public, so that1 travellers might judge for themselves.
Mr. LEE URGE Y-by Mr. Hackett-asked :
1. How many men were employed in carrying the mails by the iceboats between Capes Traverse and Tormentine during the winter of 1904 ?
2. What are the names and respective post office addresses of the men so employed ?
3. What was the amount ef wages paid to each, and were they paid by the day or by the trip ?
4. Who had the contract for carrying the mails between the shore and the iceboats at Cape Traverse during ,the winter of 1904 ; also between the iceboats and the shore ?
5. How was said contractor employed, by so much per diem or by the round trip ?
6. If by the day, how much was paid ? If by the trip, the cost of same ?
7. What was the total 'amount paid to the contractor for said services ?
S. When did this service commence, and on what date did it cease ; and on how many days were the mails carried by the capes ?
9. On how many days did the steamships ' Stanley ' and ' Minto ' fail in crossing between Georgetown and Pictou during the winter of 1904, and what were the dates of same ?
10. While mails were carried by the capes, on how many days did the boats fail in crossing ?

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